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Full Version: Which Homunculus Has The Best Powers?
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Definitely Envy in the manga, with turning into animals and such. But since this is a poll about their powers in the ANIME, I'd have to say Sloth. She's one of my favorite characters and I think her powers are the best in the anime. It's pretty easy to kill people with her power, as she could drown them with a giant tidal wave or something.
Sloth from the anime has an amazing power, much more dangerous and difficult to fight than it sounds.
And I like Envy's shapeshifting too...although I personally wouldn't want to be able to do that XP
I'd love to be a shapeshifter, honestly. Envy's powers would be so very convenient if they were possible in the real world. So out of the homunculi I'd say his ability is best.
Totally Greed. I mean, his ultimate shield is pretty awesome. It can stand almost anything (aside from Ed). He's almost invincible.
Let me think about this... Well, shape-shifting would be fun, but I can see it getting kind of boring after a while. And Pride's controlling of shadows is really badass, but I honestly can't think of many good uses for it in the long run. I find the other ones kind of stupid, so I guess it's down to Wrath and Greed.

Wrath's ultimate eye would be SO useful. And Greed's ultimate shield would be awesome too, 'cause I could just jump off of buildings all the time and not worry about breaking my legs. That'd be pretty sweet xD

Although now that I think about it, Greed's shield isn't just for defense. He also uses it for unarmed attacks. I guess you can't beat that... I suppose I'd go with Greed then! biggrin.gif
Lightning Flame Alchemist
GREED FTW XDD the ultimate shield biggrin.gif safety is number one remember XD
Greed. Gotta love that Ultimate Shield.
A Pierrot's Aria
I'd definitely have to say Greed, as well. Not only because he's my favourite Homunculus (Greed!Ling, that is), but who couldn't put an ultimate shield to good use? biggrin.gif
I always found Envy's power super cool. It can definitely come in handy when you're trying to gain information and you can totally scare people with it! Heh heh...
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