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~ Server Upgrade For Our Site ~

In order to facilitate a growing number of visitors and content, we have moved to an improved server which should help the growth process. While completely unrelated, useful for anyone out there who uses a wireless network!
~ Site Downtime & New Wallpapers ~

Several users have brought it to our attention that often times the site would not load, due to DNS issues. We have resolved this error, and you might have experienced difficulties for the past 24 hours due to this resolution. Since you've all been great loyal visitors, I whipped up two new wallpapers for your enjoyment, both are at a high res 1600x1200, which can scale down to almost any resolution smile.gif

To get them, here are the following links:

Edward Solo:

Edward and Alphonse:
wow! very well done, where did you find these pictures, bryant? X3
featured in the november issue of newtype jpn. isnt alphonse a cutie biggrin.gif i cant help but think kittens and things when i look at him lol.
X3 looks I have to buy this volume, too XD
and yeah, Al is cutie ~
biggrin.gif both are H-O-T-T HOTT!!!!!!!!
Omakase Shimasu
bryantq you're too nice. 'm gonna steal these wallpapers if you don't mind. XD While Al's a cutie, Ed's still a shortie. *_* Can't help but love 'em both.
Side by side, Ed looks REALLY short.
Omakase Shimasu
He does, doesn't he? Hmm, somehow it looks surreal. >__> As if Ed's image's been tempered with. (although we all know that isn't so ^ ^;;)
Nice work on the wallpapers, bryantq! biggrin.gif
Lady Battousai
Their very lovely. Believe me.
~ Manga, Preview, Audio Downloads Glitch On Our Site Fixed ~

Many users have been reporting that they are recieving a "Connection Timed Out" error when attempting to download the media files from this site! We have determined the cause and have fixed the issue.

Enjoy your downloads. Should you experience any other issues, please post a message in our technical support forums OR email us using the contact link at the topright of the page.
hooray, im saved
i am so happy
When are there going to be some more of your great scanlations??? =[
Guest isn't the one doing the scanlations, they help distribute them. Currently Evil-Genius is scanlating the manga. Because they have finished volume 8, and there are only 8 volumes out so far, we'll just have to wait till the next volume comes out in Japan.
Awwww, i still dont know how to download the episodes ><"
~ Fullmetal Alchemist Audio Downloads On Our Site: Suspended Until Further Notice ~

I have been recently informed that FUNimation has requested that we remove the audio downloads from our website. While I have not actually been able to read the letter they sent to my residence (currently out of town), I have taken the audio downloads down. We hope that you were able to enjoy them while we were able to host them.

We are hoping that this request from FUNimation means that we'll soon be able to purchase the OST and Opening and Ending songs in US Retail stores. To refresh some people's memories, FUNimation announced that their special edition DVD 01 will have the OST as a bonus..

We will keep you updated as to the situation as soon as I get back home to read the papers thoroughly.
o_O Wow okay.... didn't know they monitored this site....
They do, i try to keep a close touch with them in terms of releases and etc. I was just recently informed about their little legal letter at home ohmy.gif

I wont be back to my residence until the weekend, so hopefully its nothing entirely too pressing.
Yeeowch~ *hopes for the best...*
blink.gif they what?! but how could they!? if they want you to take off all the music then dose that mean you guys wont host the soundtrack with Roy's Seiyuu?!?!

*snaps fingers* i was really looking foward to that cd too. mad.gif
i don't think that's fair, they should let the ones they don't have the right to still be hosted! like roy's seiyuu CD! *gets a picket line going*
Does that mean posting links to where to get the OSTs /Chara Singles is not allowed anymore to post?
Darn it. I waited all this time for Dec. 15 to get Roy's seiyuu CD and I see this.

Please do get it resolved, if you can. sad.gif

~ Latest update on site updates ~

Sorry for the lack of content updates, we're working hard on bringing to you new videos, new game reviews, new magazine scans and much much more! Keep tuned to the site for these updates.

With the start of the new year, we're going to be adding lots of exciting content to the site, and we've resumed doing episode previews (above) that match the Cartoon Network air schedule. So visit the site weekly to get your preview videos and pictures of the upcoming episode!

Also, Square Enix has launched their official USA site for the PS2 Game Broken Angel, which can be found here:
How often do new chapters come out?
Yes. Do get it resolved. This is one of my favorite FMA sites!
~ New Sister Hosted Site For Our Board: Edward Elric Fanlisting (This info is no longer applicable. Sorry!! ^^) ~

In a continued commitment to promote and embrace the Fullmetal Alchemist community, the staff here at would like to welcome the latest addition to our hosted community. titled "Just a Child" is an edward elric fanlisting created by Asuki (of and hosted by PhoenixNetworks. We hope you welcome this fanlisting with open arms.

We are very pleased to be able to bring this to the community, and are always open to suggestions of new projects. If you feel that your website or project would be of benefit to the community and are seeking a home, feel free to contact us at
Thanks for letting us know about this beauthyfull site, i just join.
hey I've joined, the layout was made magnificently! thanks for the link happy.gif
what's that site about? i just joined and got accepted but i really agree that the web's design is great ^^ Go Edward-san!!!!
This. fanlisting. is. ADORABLE!!! happy.gif Objective number one for today: join the Just A Child fanlisting...
Hurrah, I joined *feels proud*.

What a wonderful site, visually and the basic idea.
I joined.

GO EDWARD-SAMA! XD (I call him sama... SO STOP MOCKING ME!!!)
SWEET! I love Edward, I'm joining right now!
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