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Yu-Gi-Oh! (遊☆戯☆王 Yūgiō?, lit. "Game King" or "King Of Games") the 1998 series. is the title of the first anime series based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. aired on TV Asahi from April 4, 1998 to October 10. It is often referred to as "season 0".
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List of characters

Plot Summary: Game loving Mutou Yugi was given an ancient relic by his grandfather called the Sennen (Thousand-Year) Puzzle. He completed the puzzle and was possessed by the spirit of an ancient Pharaoh. The Pharaoh has no memories of who he is or how he got in the puzzle to begin with. The Pharaoh looks out for Yugi and his friends and Yugi agrees to help the Pharaoh recover his lost memory and help him be put to rest so he can go on to the afterlife and finally leave Yugi's body.

Episodes: 27
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (遊☆戯☆王 デュエルモンスターズ Yūgiō Dyueru Monsutāzu?), is the series that introduced Yu-Gi-Oh! to the Western world. It was produced by NAS, and was first aired on TV Tokyo on April 18, 2000. It was later translated into more than 20 languages, airing in more than 60 countries. The series is mainly based on Yu-Gi-Oh! manga volume 8 and onward, and ended its 224-episode run in Japan on September 29, 2004.
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Plot Summary: 3000 Years ago marked the turning point of an Egyptian Dynasty; the Pharaoh's spirit was sealed inside one of the ancient relics, the Millennium Puzzle, after saving the kingdom from an enemy army. Now, in the present age, the Millennium Puzzle is found by a young boy, Yugi Mutou, who unlocks the spirit of the puzzle and is possessed by the sprit of the old Pharaoh, who lost all of his memories from his old life. As a thank you to the spirit who saved him from bullies and gave him new friends, Yugi decided to help the spirit out and find a way to recover his lost memories and send him to the after life.

Episodes: 224

Genres: action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy
Themes: card games, monsters, magic, multiple personality
Age Rating: PG
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I searched for this topic and didn't find any... although it had been mentioned in other topics wink.gif Just like me starting a topic that has already been discussed, but anyways.. anything about the anime serieses... both Yu-gi-oh! and Yu-gi-oh! Duel Monsters.. or the manga goes here! biggrin.gif
Hmmm.... how should I start (big problem)
Okay after FMA and Digimon Yu-gi-oh! (Duel Monsters) is my favourite anime series. Even though I started watching it without even knowing what it was.. and I was watching dubbed eps, I loved it right from the start wink.gif I don't know what it was, but I loved the feeling in it and also I had a lot of fun laughing at it. Later i appreciated the plot, theme and characters wink.gif I'm happy that I got to see the rest of the series with the original voices though. I felt a bit empty after it ended, but there's still the manga! (okay that ended even before the anime, but I'm not reading scanlations...)

Hmm.. favourite characters: Yugi.. both "Yugis" because I grew to like them as the same person tongue.gif Bakura (well, just Ryo, but I like Yami too wink.gif Kaiba (even though I loathed him at first)

favourite pairings: (yes, just favourite tongue.gif) JouxMai, SetoxKisara, IsisxKaiba, AtemxYugi
Omakase Shimasu
Yay, yay, cheers for you, Kihaku~! biggrin.gif The thread's official!

Um, guess it's my turn to add my own two cents: I've only seen a few episodes and read up to volume 3 of the manga, but I like it. The opening credits were what attracted me to the series, and I mean the original. wink.gif Once the dubs started being aired in the Netherlands I promised myself I'd watch it all. Unfortunately I lost track of everything because of school. >_> And unfortunately I gave up on this series after that. But then a few days ago I caught a marathon of Yu-Gi-Oh!... uh, the series after Battle City and saw commercials for the one and only Movie and just like that my obsession with the fandom had been rekindled, which I'm very grateful for. biggrin.gif

Favorite characters: Yami & Yugi, but I also like Yami Bakura... and Kaiba, Jounouchi, dammit I just like pretty much everybody to a certain degree, so don't mind this list. tongue.gif
(Note: I call Yami-Yugi Yami, Yami-Bakura Bakura and his hikari Ryou)
Favorite couples: Kaiba x Yami, Jounouchi x Yugi, Bakura x Yami

smile.gif Yay~
Ooooh, is this your first thread Kihaku? laugh.gif

Hmmm, Yugi... I stopped watching it after that virtual reality tournament (When the bosses of Kaiba Corp. tried to take over the company) in Kaiba's tournament.
Omakase Shimasu
laugh.gif She meant the first Yu-Gi-Oh! thread, I believe~

So, you're not really a fan? Me neither, but I like it enough to call myself a fan. happy.gif Now I'm curious: Who are your favorites~?
I haven't been much of a fan since the Doom Arc thing started airing, but Malik is my favorite, by a long shot. I also really like Bakura, Yami Malik(artichoke head), Ryou, Kaiba, Jou, and Honda~. Yami and Yugi are ok, but not my favorites.

I can't wait to see the Egypt Arc, though~.
Kase: I obviously always do what you suggest tongue.gif
Hmm.. anyways... Opening credits? I loved the original Japanese ones. I downloaded them and couldn't wait until I got to the "saga" with certain credits while watching the Japanese version...
I really liked the English one too.. how wierd tongue.gif
I have high hope that this will be aired in Finland. I want to laught at the dub wink.gif But instead.. we got Duel Masters tongue.gif which I'll be watching early tomorrow morning, I mean today tongue.gif
Series after Battle City.. you mean the virtual reality one? The Noa saga.. or something..?

telepika: Yay, you posted here too! No, this isn't my first thread, but my second(I didn't say it was my first, did I wink.gif ) tongue.gif the first is the anime(and manga) pairings tongue.gif I'm very reluctant about starting new threads, because I'm afraid people won't post.. or something tongue.gif
Ooh the virtual reality part was great! (but there wasn't a tournament...) I just love virtual reality.. and then came Battle City wink.gif That was really good too.. but I guess if you got tired of the card game. Still you got to have some favourites, right?

EDIT: sorry icanflyouch, you posted in between... You mean that you haven't liked the Doom arc that much? But you liked it up to that?
my brother stopped watching Yu-gi-oh! when I started watching the Doom arc.. Those were Japanese subs though because the dub hadn't aired yet.
he likes the dub more, but says that Yu-gi-oh! became "bad" when Malik left tongue.gif
I was so hyped when I started watching the Egypt arc wink.gif It's prob. one of the best wink.gif

Again Kase surprised me wink.gif I though you were a fan.. (at least a little bit)
I watch Yugioh whenever it is new. I like Bakura (the evil one) and Marik a lot. Raphael is pretty cool, at least better than Valon and that gay looking guy. Pegasus was pretty cool and eccentric. His eye is so awesome. Duke is OK. Mai is a tuff chick, better than Tea, that clutzy anime girl cliche. The story is OK, sometimes it can get really corny and cheesey, especially the dialogue. Basically, it's a pretty good show. smile.gif glad to see older people can appreciate it too. I like the dueling, the monsters look so cool.

What is your favorite duel monster/s?
Omakase Shimasu
@Kihaku: It makes me feel very special indeed. wink.gif

Yep, the Japanese opening credits drew me into the whole series. biggrin.gif Too bad they decided to remix the opening with the dub. T__T I had my heart set on seeing and hearing that first opening when it finally aired in the Netherlands. Alas~

Well, I've never watched the English version, but my Brother bought one of the games for his PC and I got to hear their American voices for the first time: ph34r.gif What a shock that was. I couldn't believe how old they sounded! biggrin.gif Maybe I'd get used to it at some point, but since I don't own the DVDs...

It hasn't aired in Finland? That comes as a surprise. blink.gif Um, I wouldn;t know what Duel Monsters is. biggrin.gif;; I've heard about it countless of times, but I didn't understand if it was a part of Yu-Gi-Oh! or not.

Yes! I meant the Noa Saga~ Noa might have the most disturbing voice I've ever heard in my life, but I still love that saga~ Best drawn in my opinion too. wink.gif And Yami got a different voice actor there. Yugi's voice actor did Yami in the first few seasons, but apparently Yugi's role was already much for him to handle. *shrug* I really don't mind, because I kinda like this new voice better. ^^;;

Well, for my standards I'm not a true fan, since I kinda dropped the fandom in the beginning and just now picked up on it again. biggrin.gif;;

@icanflyouch: laugh.gif I knew you'd have Malik as your favorite~!

@.@ How many arcs does this series have anyway?? Egypt arc?

@Slashrose: What a pleasant surprise~ Didn't take you for a fan of this series. biggrin.gif Oh yes, Pegasus~ XD Awesome character, really. I don't understand why many don't like him though. I mean, just look at him! He's got the Eye! And he's a pimp. -^^-

Hmm, my favorite monster would be Dark Magician/Black Magician because of his awesomness and past self. ^^v
@Kihaku I don't like the Doom arc that much, no, it failed to catch my intrest. Though I do like some of the characters, the plot didn't intrest me. Also, my heart aches at the lack of Malik~.

@Omakase Shimasu Malik is teh coolEST kthxbai. XD Yep I actually cosplayed as him once. Sort of... I dressed up as him on the Friday before halloween and paraded around school. XD Oh but his dub voice burns my ears. ;-;

There are quite a few. A lot of those in the anime are anime only, though. The manga goes like "Duelist Kingdom -> Battle City -> Alcatraz (sp?) -> Egypt" I believe, but the anime is "Duelist Kingdom -> RPG -> Battle City -> Noa -> Alcatraz -> Doom (or Doma) -> KC Grand Prix (I believe) -> Egypt". Though there's a high possibility that I'm wrong.
Oh, oh.. I still have to reply even though it's really late... I mean early in the morning..

Slashrose: Yay, you like Yu-gi-oh too wink.gif I also find it an asset when "older" people like this series. I feel like they apprciate it for the right reasons, no the cool card game;) Although the card game is cool too...
yay for Yami Bakura wink.gif his character didn't get enough screen time... There was so much potential...
Gay looking guy? You mean Amelda? (even the name is girly tongue.gif) I thought he was okay, a little stubborn though... goes well with Kaiba tongue.gif
Mai. Yes, Mai is one of the few female characters I actually like. Although her attitude in the Doom saga was well... questionable...
Favourite duel monster? Beta the Magnet Warrior! And Sagi, Clown of Darkness...
I like Beta... and Sagi was the last card that Kaiba used in his duel against Pegasus... I was so touched that I almost cried... and suddenly really liked Kaiba. Sagi is also a card that shouldn't be underestimated...
I have other favs too... Hmm.. like Blue Eyes White Dragon, Red Eyes Black Dragon.. I like dragons wink.gif

Kase: old voices? The characters sounded old? Well Yami Yugi maybe a little... tongue.gif
yeah.. I'm also surprised that Yu-gi-oh! hasn't aired here.. But this is Finland after all tongue.gif
I really liked the Noa saga! wink.gif Another great filler.. And it's a lot about Kaiba.. and his (and Mokuba's) past.. I really liked that! biggrin.gif
Noa is bit disturbed after his voice would have to make up for it tongue.gif
Duel Masters... an obvious Yu-gi-oh! copy.. but I'm giving it a chance.. I've seen half of the first ep (because I slept through my alarm) so I don't know much of it.. a card game with monsters..
ooh I hope you'll go back to the true fan stage wink.gif Of course it might be hard if it's been so long. I'm keeping my thumbs up biggrin.gif

icanflyouch: I loved the Doom arc! For a filler it was really great and it actually fitted the concept of the series really well... So you really love Malik then, don't you? He makes an appearance in the Egypt arc if that makes you feel better. biggrin.gif

kthxbai???? you cosplayed Malik? How adorable! wink.gif Yes, I suppose that's how the "sagas" go. I can't say much about the manga... I haven't even got to vol 7 (stupid slow releases) RPG can be divided into the Virtual reality thing and Dungeon Dice Monsters (oh that's in the manga too)... and Battle City into Battle City and Battle Ship (aka BC finals) Hmm.. otherwise it's like that wink.gif
QUOTE(Omakase Shimasu @ Jan 7 2005, 04:02 PM)
@Slashrose: What a pleasant surprise~ Didn't take you for a fan of this series. biggrin.gif Oh yes, Pegasus~ XD Awesome character, really. I don't understand why many don't like him though. I mean, just look at him! He's got the Eye! And he's a pimp. -^^-

Hmm, my favorite monster would be Dark Magician/Black Magician because of his awesomness and past self. ^^v

Why is that? I like a lot of shows that aren't necessarilly for older people (I'm not even that old). I like Yu*Yu, InuYasha (usually shunned by older viewers), and Teen Titans (if this even counts.) But yeah, I appreciate the fact that there are others here that like Yugioh, I thought I was the only one tongue.gif

I like Dark Magician Girl better. She's so cute and bubbley. I also like Obelisc, he looks so cool. I probably could name a few more but haven't watched Yugioh in quite a while.
Favorite characters: In order...Seto Kaiba, Yami

I got sucked into Yu-Gi-Oh and liking Kaiba bacause of fanfiction. I didn't like the Anime or Manga much so my knowledge is limited to what I read in ff and "Pyramid of Light" movie. Other than that, I love the Duel Monster card game. Did any of you buy the Starter deck?
Vx Tao Ren xV
Oh wow.. I can't believe that I didn't discover this thread sooner..

Anyway, yeah, my favorite character is Kaiba Seto (I have 2 posters of him in my room.. hehe).. he's so misunderstood.. tongue.gif

I've never seen the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series (except for the opening and ending), I really want to see it though.. Yuugi's so much cooler when he tortures people..

Oh! While I have it in my mind, has any of you seen Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX? I gave up on it after the second episode, I personally think it's a waste of diskspace.. (although I'd rather watch that than the Pyramid of Light movie.. that was garbage in my opinion..)
i watch Yu-Gi-Oh too! it's a ver interesting show....i like the torny's..anyone watching the new season?

Favorite Characters: Yami/Yugi <-----these two are really awesome in the show!
Kaiba is pretty cool too...he and his brother share a very simaler bond like ed and al.
@Sevter: I used to play Duel Monsters but it is an expensive hobby and I had no one to play with. I was good at it too. Has anyone ever played Magic the Gathering?
Vx Tao Ren xV
@water_alchemist: I like the tournaments too.. (except for the KC Grand Prix.. did that one have a point? huh.gif ).. the new season as in the DOOM saga? (I think that's what they're up to now)..
The doom saga.... KC grand prix... is this the japanese version?
Vx Tao Ren xV
Yeah.. I don't watch the english version.. sorry if I confused you or anything..
It's cool. Yeah, I gotta watch the American dubs.... So what is this Grand Prix about?
i watch the show if i can i think mako tsunami is the coolest i even made my deck after his but sadly i hardly play anymore sad.gif marik and bakura are cool but i hate joey his hair scares me:ph34r:
Vx Tao Ren xV
@HatoriSoma: Malik and Bakura are awesome.. gotta love the homicidal maniacs laugh.gif

@Slashrose: Err.. I'm not completely sure really.. the whole tournament didn't really have much have a point.. at all. It's probably by far the most pointless filler arc in the series.
sevter: So you didn't watch much of the anime and read the manga then??
Ooh.. I'd want to see the film *sighs*
I liked the game too, but I'd never have anyone to play with and it's expensive too gather the cards..I think. I have one card, Red Eyes Black Dragon, that I got from a magazine though..
I played a demo version of power of chaos too wink.gif

Ren: Ooh. A Kaiba fan? You have posters of him! biggrin.gif I want too ! *jumps up and down* Oh, I understand him quite well, he needs to be an uke tongue.gif
hmm but anyway.. I thought he was a jerk at first, but then I found out more about his life... so sad. It's hard to change into a "nice guy" after that..
I was though shocked when I realised that his character in the manga was evil and twisted tongue.gif Although I think that it makes his character and character development more interesting.

original series.. I didn't really like it that much.. I don't know. But I loved those events in the manga. It was also kind of shocking to see Yugi's evil side tongue.gif he seems so righteous and kind in the second anime series. but the evil side is more intriguing...

GX.. I never got hold of subs.. I'd like to see it for fun, although it's pretty obvious that it's not up to the original. Yu-gi-oh! was good just as it was.. 224 eps tongue.gif

water_alchemist: can't decide between Yami Yugi and Yugi either ? Well I thought they were the same character at first.. so I'd already grown to like them and decided that they'd both together be my fav character.
Yes, I also like Kaiba's relationship with Mokuba wink.gif I thought it was so cute and his devotion.. It really brings the "kind side" out. biggrin.gif

HatoriSoma: you don't like Jou, because of his hair???

hmmm.. KC Grand prix... another one of Kaiba's tournaments that gathered duelists from all over the world (and of all ages). Yugi was seeded and staked his title tongue.gif
I didn't really fancy the series that much, but it was okay and at least it was short.
it just wasn't as good as the other fillers and seemed kind of pointles...
Vx Tao Ren xV
@Kihaku: I never got the subs either, I saw ther RAW versions.. the only thing that caught my interest was that Yuugi was in around 30 seconds of the first episode. He grew! @_@

Yeah, I didn't like the KC Grand Prix.. they tried to make it somewhat interesting by adding some flashbacks about Seto and Kaiba Corporation but it didn't work at all. Plus I got tired of seeing Seto in a white suit after 3 episodes.. @_@.. He needs the trenchcoats!!!

I like Jounouchi's hair. biggrin.gif
Angel of Death
yea the new series and the new beginning just bad .the bad guy have two colour eyes !!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Master Darts, he has two eye colors (yellow, green)

You can have two eye colors in real life. Yuna also has 2 eye colors smile.gif

The Atlantas plot is kinda corny, but at least they did some research on the names. (like orichalcos or however you spell it)
Vx Tao Ren xV
Dartz is an evil, evil man..

Yeah, the plot of DOOM is really corny, but some of the episodes have reeeally good animation and amusing situations

Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

.. so it's still pretty good in it's own right.
QUOTE(Kihaku @ Jan 9 2005, 02:42 AM)
sevter: So you didn't watch much of the anime and read the manga then??
Ooh.. I'd want to see the film *sighs*
I liked the game too, but I'd never have anyone to play with and it's expensive too gather the cards..I think. I have one card, Red Eyes Black Dragon, that I got from a magazine though..
I played a demo version of power of chaos too wink.gif

Yeah, I didn't watch much of the Anime OR the Manga. Fanfiction dragged me into the fandom. tongue.gif The cards are really expensive and I also had no one to play with.

I think that Seto is the most intriguing character in the series. He had such a sad past and we all know that he's a sucker for Mokuba. biggrin.gif I like complex characters, so sue me.
Vx Tao Ren xV
@sevter: Whoo! Me too!! I also somehow really like the fact that they other characters (In the Duel Monsters anime anyway) don't really know about Seto and Mokuba's past other than the "they were adopted" thing... it sort of makes it more interesting for some reason.. ::shrugs::
@Tao Ren: Secretive. Mystery. The two things that will always lure all the girls to the guys. laugh.gif Plus we really love to know how the gang would react to REALLY dicovering Kaiba's past and how Seto would react to them knowing HIS past. It makes it so much more interesting and complex that way...

You could sell tickets to the confrontation rolleyes.gif
Vx Tao Ren xV
QUOTE(sevter @ Jan 8 2005, 11:17 PM)
You could sell tickets to the confrontation  rolleyes.gif

Maybe I'll do just that.. tongue.gif we may need to hire some maintenence people though.. you know there's gonna be some blood sooner or later..

.. Anyway, that's a confrontation I really want to see.. it'd be interesting to see Yuugi-tachi's interaction with Seto afterwards..
@Tao: Hire some medic and we better install some cameras there. When word of it goes out, we don't need to work for the rest of our lives!!! Mwahahahaha!!! Imagine how many people would pay for that video.

Another thing I don't understand is Seto's insistence to keep using Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Yugi kept beating him when he used that anyway...
Vx Tao Ren xV
@sevter: Call me Ren biggrin.gif ..

Yes!!! I'm not alone on this one! I always yell at the screen when he does this. I even went turn by turn looking at what would've happened if he just left all three Blue-Eyes alone.. I bet he'd win a lot more often if he'd just use all three consecutively.. isn't he very analytical about these things? You'd think he'd figure it out by now..
@serter: i think it is because it is his favorite card in the past as in the future. in older episodes it shows him in the past when yami defeated him. It shows that the card he used was blue eyes...and yami used dark magician..

nevermind i missunderstood the question...yea he would win alot if he jst left them alone...
@Ren: I feel weird calling you "person." Your username's chinese right?

I'm not so sure whether he'll win if he used Blue Eyes consecutively. After all, Yugi has the three God Cards. Unfair advantage really. Don't Seto have a more powerful card?

isn't he very analytical about these things? You'd think he'd figure it out by now..

Must be his pride getting in the way of things. He's very attached to his dragons.

@water_alchemist: I understand the logic behind it. Yes, it's his favourite card but when you see him, he seemed to value winning above all else. It doesn't seem that he wouldn't see that if he would just change his tactics instead of using Blue Eyes all the time, maybe he would win.
Vx Tao Ren xV
@water_alcemist: Yeah, but Seto always feels the need to combine all three Blue Eyes instead of using them seperately.. and he always looses when he does that (except for the first time.. only because he was kind of suicidal, but sometimes jumping off a ledge helps)..

@sevter: Yeah, it's from Shaman King..

Well, considering that it's usually down to Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Black Magician (before Yuugi pulls out some miracle ritual card or something), Seto would have a higher chance of winning by not using Polymerization and just using the Blue Eyes consecutively in one turn..

Yeah, but his love for dragons doesn't really say much.. he could have 3 powerful dragons on a field instead of one slightly more powerful but spiffier-looking dragon..
Good god. They should ban this cartoon from after school cartoons and stick batman beyond back in.
QUOTE(Thievesvinegar @ Jan 9 2005, 01:54 PM)
Good god. They should ban this cartoon from after school cartoons and stick batman beyond back in.

Nah. Yu-Gi-Oh's pretty cool. The art needs some work though. I really don't like the art. Plus I've only ever seen the dubber version. Wait till I get my hands on the subs...
Vx Tao Ren xV
My first encounter with the show was the dub.. it's pretty terrible compared to the Japanese version.. I mean, in Japan the show is generally for ages 16+, and the dub is for 6+.. there's pretty much no comparison..
That must be the reason why I dislike Yu-Gi-Oh so much then. I gotta admit, the voices in the dubbed version is horrible. I only like the characters, not the Anime nor the Manga. Don't like the art.

I MUST get my hands on those subs...
QUOTE(Thievesvinegar @ Jan 8 2005, 10:54 PM)
Good god. They should ban this cartoon from after school cartoons and stick batman beyond back in.

Just when I thought this topic actually had some decent conversation. tongue.gif

Ren: hmm I'll just hope for GX subs...
Kaiba and is white suit? Well yeah, it wouldn't really be Kaiba if he didn't have those gravity defying trench coats tongue.gif I liked what he was wearing the Duelist Kingdom saga though... For some reason I really liked to see him in his school uniform tongue.gif I thought it was cute.

sevter: You're right! biggrin.gif I love complex xharacters. Secretive and mysterious guys appeal to girls tongue.gif *points at self* makes me wonder if most of the Kaiba fans are girls.. tongue.gif
Tickets to the confrontation??? blink.gif I don't think it would be that bad...

Hmm.. I actually liked the Doom saga for being corny. I thought that it fitted it real well. And it made me cry.. tongue.gif I was very touched by the whole saga actually.
yeah, there were a few "interesting things"
It was though pretty obvious that
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

Yami Yugi and his horse were great too! biggrin.gif And you got to see a bit of Yami Yuigi's "old character" during his duel with Haga.

You guys do know about the Egypt arc, or??? It reveals quite a lot about Kaiba's obsession with Blue Eyes wink.gif It's really cute wink.gif

it's annoying how the dub is made "for kiddies" So much great things cut out. In Japan I guess it's not that bad for even little kids to watch, but America has different ideas... Anyway.. you'd think that since the main characters are older that it's aimed at an older audience...
Vx Tao Ren xV
You would think, wouldn't you?

I heard that GX is licensed by 4 Kids, so will probably follow the Duel Monsters dub.. ::shudder::.. that show has nothing to do with anything..

@Kihaku: I liked Seto's Duelist Kingdom outfit too.. although some people think he looks like a mechanic huh.gif .. the white gravity-defying trenchcoat outfit will always be my favorite though..

Just out of curiosity, what do you guys think of Anzu/Tea? For me, she's by far my least favorite character, I think someone needs to tape her mouth shut with duct tape.. not to mention she's pretty rude towards Seto..

Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

Heh.. ::points to self:: Rabid fan-girl who loves to rant..
@Ren: yeah, I don't like Tea that much either. She is annoying and is kind of a clutz. I like Seto, Yami, and Yami Bakura the most. All of the aforementioned all have dark side, and that's the way I like them.
Vx Tao Ren xV
@Slashrose: Yeah, the characters with evil personas are interesting.. my favorite is Yami Bakura.. he's so twisted biggrin.gif .. Yami Malik scares me, with those veins popping out of his head (I like Malik better, he's at least relatively sane).. and I'm just not a Yuugi fan at all.. I like the characters that have tortured pasts or questionable sanity laugh.gif
Yami Yugi is kinda twisted though, Ren. He was willing to let Kaiba drop to his doom in Duelist Kingdom. He also used the Seal of Orichalcos against Rafael. I like Yami Maric. He was insane, and that's what made him cool. I like Marik pre-conversion. He was cool before he went all goodie-goodie. Yami Bakura is also just so cool because he is a stealer of souls and seeker of the Millenium items. When will WB start showing new episodes again?
Ren: Oh, if even GX is licensed I probably would have hard time getting the subs tongue.gif
Kaiba looked like a mechanic with his Duelist Kingdom outfit? laugh.gif I bet he'd like to be described as one...
Actually that was my favourite wink.gif (I still like the school uniform a lot though). It doesn't give him such a superior look.

Anzu.... I don't really fancy her that much. She is a pretty useless character and her one sided love for Atem hasn't got much point. Since he probably didn't notice it either (and sees only Yugi tongue.gif)
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

Slashrose: Yeah, Yami Yugi is pretty twisted at times. In the first series before Duelist Kingdom he's pretty insane tongue.gif I suppose Yugi had an effect on him. Still, he's not as righteous as he "pretends" to be. I think it's kind of interesting. The Doom arc showed quite a few sides of him. I was pretty shocked when he used that seal and acted insane when after dueling Haga. I almost thought those times had passed.
Oh.. you don't like Malik after he went all goody-goody? tongue.gif The same as my bro. He was a great Yami Malik/Malik fan too for pretty much the same reasons.. I personally liked the part about Malik. Character changes and developments are what make the series more interesting. wink.gif
What I'm puzzling about is "Is Malik the rightful owner of the Millennium Rod?" The rod indeed released a Yami but it was previously wielded by Seth, Seto's incarnation. Therefore, isn't Seto the rightful owner of the Rod? For that matter, are the Millennium items owned by their "correct" owners? I mean besides Yugi, the rest of the items seemed to have created havoc, released evil Yamis or didn't release Yamis at all. Do the fact that some Millennium item holders doesn't have a Yami mean that they are not the "right" owners?

Is this in the manga/anime? blink.gif
Le Monkey
any one here collect the cards?

Im trying to get rid of mine, they are cluttering my room up, i have far to many good ones to just throw away tho
sevter: I don't think Malik is the rightful ower of the Millenium Rod. Kaiba is. Malik pretty much stole the rod and abused its powers. The rod reacted to Kaiba during his duel with Isis. So I suppose it means he even subconsciously has control over it. Although.... maybe none of the items actually belonged to anyone besides the Pharao, who was meant to collect them. Isis said something about all the events being part of destiny. Pegasus was chosen by the eye and he was meant to create the game....I don't exactly know why it was specifically him.... Apart from that I suppose all the other keepers have a link to the past.
The Yamis.... Yami Bakura and Yami Yugi were the two spirits that were already in the items. The other items didn't have any spirits. Yami Malik was created from Malik's own spite and hatred (okay the Rod might have had something to do with it..)

le monkey: Don't throw your precious cards away!
Omakase Shimasu
@Sevter: I got this information from a site somewhere, but I can't really understand it all, so I don't know if it's any help or not:

Spoiler #13: during the Ruling of Pharoah Akunamon the owners of the Millenium Items were Kepura who owned the Millenium Ring, Akunadin who owned the Millenium Eye, Sekmenton who owned the Millenium Rod, Sehka she owned the Millenium necklace, Shimon who owned the Millenium Key, Atenza who owned the Millenium Scale, and during the Ruling of Pharoah Atemu the owners of the Millenium Items were Mahaado who owned the Millenium Ring, Akunadin who owned the Millenium Eye, Seto who owned the Millenium Rod, Isis she owned the Millenium necklace, Shada who owned the Millenium Key, Karim who owned the Millenium Scale. Both Pharoahs during the time of thier rulings owned the Millenium Puzzle.

Lookie, it's one of the top 20 spoilers~ biggrin.gif
If anyone's interested to know, I use to collect Yu Gi Oh cards before I accidentally left it in my pocket (I'm not allowed to buy booster pack and I had only enough cards for one deck) and it went into the washing machine
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