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a while back, quistis and i wound up spamming the heck out of a thread chatting about how much we liked to sing. quistis offered up a file, a sample of herself singing, and i, for one, was quite impressed! XD she had quite a lovely voice! so, not to be outdone (^__^) i decided to post one of my own...and poor elderberry's thread wound up going almost completely off-topic... (*bows* sorry, EB! *sweatdrop*)

so anyway...quis and i thought it would be fun to start up a karaoke thread for other karaoke fiends to offer up their voices in song for the enjoyment of everyone. we invite anybody to post their karaoke files here... you can get an Angelfire/Lycos Blog and host 20MB worth of files, with a whole Gig of bandwidth, so plenty of room to do a karaoke rotation. ^__^

okay, i'll start. here is a TV size version of the first hagaren ending theme, 'kesenai tsumi', sung by yours truly. laugh.gif i hope you enjoy it! you can download it from my blog:

Tokage's Blog - Kesenai Tsumi

we'd love to hear what some of the rest of you have to offer! i collect karaoke files, i have a library of over 200 of them on my hard drive, so if you are looking for a song you can't find, just ask me, i may be able to upload it for you. hope we get some participation! if you've got a mic, record something and toss it on up in this thread! we wanna hear you sing!!! XD
Finally, the birth of the karaoke thread! Which reminds me that I should take down that other attachment, in case it's taking up bandwidth or something (yes, I know nothing about such things).

If you haven't downloaded tokage, do it now, kids. biggrin.gif

Without further ado, here's my rendition of "I Will." Cut rather short though.

Hey, kids! Download here!
What is wrong with you people?? Where are the 2005 awards for these two posts?

@Tokage: Simply awesome, I serisouly wouldn't know if I were listening to the original or not! Cannot wait for more.

@Quistis: You really do have a beautiful voice, lets see if anyone else can top you girls.

(I will be very impressed if someone male trys this out.)
a while back, quistis and i wound up spamming the heck out of a thread chatting about how much we liked to sing. quistis offered up a file, a sample of herself singing, and i, for one, was quite impressed! XD she had quite a lovely voice! so, not to be outdone (^__^) i decided to post one of my own...and poor elderberry's thread wound up going almost completely off-topic... (*bows* sorry, EB! *sweatdrop*)

AHA!! I've caught you referring to me as "EB" again, tokage-san! XD

*bows back and smiles sweetly* No need to worry about "spamming" the other thread- it was a rather fun group effort- with me included, too~ laugh.gif (If anyone wants to see, visit the Hagaren Music Board- there's like 8+ pages of random stuff besides the karaoke tangent...)

I agree with Goldfish-san! Both quistis-san and tokage-san hit all the notes perfectly, and sounded pretty professional for a simple computer microphone recording! laugh.gif (Note that I have almost no idea how the music industry functions, so anyone more knowlegable than me is welcome to come thwack me with a hammer~ happy.gif)

I'm planning of trying a soprano I version of 'Undo' as soon as I can get a hold of a computer microphone. I'm also thinking of trying 'Kesenai Tsumi ~raw "breath" version~' and 'Itoshisa to Setsunasa to Kokoro Tsuyosa to' from the Street Fighter II Movie...rolleyes.gif

Also, has a lot or karaoke mp3s for various anime and video games, so try looking there too...(As far as I can tell, there's no Hagaren ones there, so this shouldn't be breaking the download post rule...I hope...happy.gif)
omg, If I ever sing in public and get arrested for assault, I would deserve it...
Aww, I'm sure that's not true, destroyer-san! I think I disrupt more random people than everyone else here combined just by practicing evil laughs alone~ laugh.gif (Ohohohohohoho~~)

Also, according to someone's translation of Kitade Nana's profile on her website, she says she has a bad habit of singing loudly in public and disurbing people or something...happy.gif
I wait anxiously for your turn EKE! (undo, great song) wink.gif
Yay! EKE's going to share! I can't wait to hear your version of "UNDO". biggrin.gif
ph34r.gif It's like a cult....
Haha, I just knew this was going to happen. laugh.gif

(I was going to post earlier, "Just wait until some of the more sarcastic members like Gashole-san or What, no Bacon?-san get a hold of this thread and the digital tomatoes start flying in random directions...XD")
aaa~, mou, EKE! i wrote that out before you told me to call you EKE! T___T hidoi...don't make fun of me...


oh, god...if bacon gets ahold of this thread... ahahah, that could get interesting... *attempts to hid thread*

na, EKE, do you suppose you could share your raw breath version of kesenai tsumi? i've been looking for the mp3 everywhere but i can't seem to get my paws on it! ~_~
I do believe I could help you out in that department tokage, Go ahead and PM me.
yay! XD
WOW!!!!!! i forgot who is singing this........

i downloaded two mp3s which were sung karaoke by a girl.. and its voice is sooo nice as if it was the one who is singing in the original ops and ends of FMA... i think it was you, Quistis!! you got a wonderful voice!!!!!!!-.-
Haha, depends on what song it was. I think tokage is the one who sounds like the original, because, apparently, I don't sound like Sowelu at all. laugh.gif
DarkWater Alchemist
OMG! You girls can sing ! Wowie, really good ! *applaudes* You could both do good in some Idols program... no, wait, I hate Idols. Forget what I said >_<

I love to sing, but I can't... my voice is rather low, but I keep singing mezzo sopranos - sopranos...when I hope no one hears me biggrin.gif At the moment, I don't even have a voice, I'm really hoarse (iz that right?) for three days already. *coughs a while*

I'll spare you guys, I don't even know how to capture my horrible voice, except with my camera that's been sent back for reparations. Oh, and I can't sing in Japanese either tongue.gif

Karaoke is fun, with friends smile.gif Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody is a must ^^
yes, bohemian rhapsody is a classic. laugh.gif that's best in the car with all the windows down. ironically Darkwater,, both my sister and i passed the auditions at ASUA for otaku idol, otakon maybe you'll see us there! biggrin.gif heh, but i know what you mean... american idol makes me nauseous... but otaku idol might be entertaining. happy.gif

my blog is being an ass and won't let me upload anything right maybe i'll try again tomorrow... *scowl-suru*
Wow, they do auditions? They really do take it seriously. biggrin.gif

Maybe I should post another recording soon or something, just to keep this thread alive.
yah, they did it randomly by email entires last year, and i guess too many of the random selectees sucked or for this year's contest they held auditions.

*flail-suru* qui~~~~s, i want an attachment option! T__T my blog hates me!
It'll be all right. Maybe it might work again tomorrow? sad.gif
*kicks angelfire*
Which one are you thinking of putting up next?
we can put up kiseki...and i wanted to put up one of the duets with my sister... *thinks* tenkyuu or raspberry heaven?
Sounds tasty... tongue.gif
Raspberry Heaven. biggrin.gif
That sounds.. rather fun actually. Karaoke, hm.. never really seriously tried karaoke before. ^^;

*le gaspe* Karaoke has my name in it. xD
Exactly, deshi! That's why you must try your hand as well! laugh.gif
*flail-suru* qui~~~s, angelfire still hates me! T_________T
Ahh, time to post more karaoke stuff. Here's this week's "Kiseki no Umi" bundle:

tokage - Kiseki no Umi

As for mine, it kind of disappeared. At least edsgirl heard it. If you really really want to hear mine, just er, PM me or something. Add me to your MSN or AIM. Whichever way you want.

We would like some comments. Feel free to criticize/bash/praise/plot murder.
Wow!! you two are really good! Nice job Divas!! tongue.gif
It seems that Angelfire will not cooperate. Until further notice, there will be a small halt in the karaoke thread (at least, not much stuff coming from tokage and me). If you know of a good file-hosting site, please inform one of us.

But you kids can feel free to submit your stuff. biggrin.gif
eyyyyy. Nice stuff u two *dances*
yay! quis, i figured it out...maybe each attachment can't be bigger than 2MB or so... once i split the larger mp3 in twain it worked. laugh.gif

all right, kiddies, here is a rendition of "raspberry heaven" from azumanga daioh, as sung by my little sister and i. hope you enjoy. it's split for size constrictions, sorry for the inconvenience... happy.gif;;
Ohh, excellent! But they have to split up? Hmm, I'll have to edit my recordings, if I ever figure out how to.
i can sing motherland (if i start really low....if i start higher and drop the chorus by an octave, it's easier) but i neither have a microphone nor want to subject your poor ears to my singing. mellow.gif
Subject our ears to your singing, please! ohmy.gif I am eager to hear. But yes, get a microphone first. biggrin.gif
*demands to be subjected to ninja's singing!* XD

and yes, it seems larger files cannot be uploaded, so i had to split my mp3 in half. you can download some nice freeware at it's actually shareware, so it can get persnickity, but it's decent stuff, that's what i use to edit my files.
I love to sing! It helps me relax alot. wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
post something! biggrin.gif we'd love to hear you! XD
WOW...i love singing too...i'll try to post something next
good job guys..
*pulls out a cross and startes waving it*
The power of Christ compells you! The power of....RUN AWAY!!!!
Wa...I haven't been here a while...I STILL DON'T HAVE A STUPID MICROPHONE!! >o<||

tokage-san, your version of 'Kiseki no Umi' was beautiful...I tend to try to imitate the original singer as much as I can, but I really like the way you added your own singing style into the melody-ishy...happy.gif

Right...we've started midterms this week...I think I actually passed the Chemistry one I took today...(sorry for going off topic...)

Um...if anyone wants to record a karaoke version of 'Asu e no Basho', I did have romanized lyrics posted in the music section...happy.gif

Uwaah! There's an attachment button now! I'll remember to try that once I can go buy a darn microphone and record something...

Oh, and edward4ever-san, welcome to the forum! Your avatar is so adorable! (<--MAJOR Ed fan~ laugh.gif )
@ edward4ever: welcome to the forums! we hope to 'hear' from you soon!

@ LMD huh.gif ???

@ EKE: thank you! laugh.gif i like to emulate the original singer without copying completely, so i usually throw some unique little kage-isms into my work. ^__^

i've been toying with asu e no bashou myself... i would need to transpose the track, tho, it's a trifle too low for me... sleep.gif i can sing alto, but paku-sensei's got low range on me. u__u

and one of these days, i WILL get around to putting up a translation of that song... *flails*
Haha, that reminds me that I still have to crop and attach my version of "Kiseki no Umi." laugh.gif I'm so lazy . . .
^Yes you do.
<- Agrees with EKE. I also notice kage-isms.
I would complement you and all tokage, but you already knew I was going it, so it's pointless now.
QUOTE(Quistis88 @ Jan 24 2005, 11:23 PM)
Haha, that reminds me that I still have to crop and attach my version of "Kiseki no Umi."  laugh.gif  I'm so lazy . . .

want me to do it, quis? you posted mine, it's only fair for me to reciprocate. laugh.gif touka koukan?

QUOTE(Goldfish @ Jan 24 2005, 11:23 PM)
^Yes you do.
<- Agrees with EKE. I also notice kage-isms.
I would complement you and all tokage, but you already knew I was going it, so it's pointless now.

LOL! thank you, goldfish. biggrin.gif your comments have always been some of the most encouraging. <3 XD
QUOTE(hagane_no_tokage @ Jan 24 2005, 09:52 PM)
want me to do it, quis?  you posted mine, it's only fair for me to reciprocate.  laugh.gif  touka koukan?

Ohh, you could, only . . . you don't have my revised version. laugh.gif
oh. this is true... lemme check freewebs...i can't remember what day i made that account... O_o

EDIT: nope. not yet. *snaps fingers* rats. sorry!! T___T
DarkWater Alchemist
*kicks windows media player*

It won't play your last two songs, tokage sad.gif

Maybe I should open them with realplayer... somehow.
I got my voice back, but I still can't sing tongue.gif
it won't play them? they're normal mp3's... O_o maybe try winamp?
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