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Full Version: The 90's! What Was The Best Of 90s?
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alchemistgirl zero
<Edited to add "what was the best of 90's?" to the thread title to better describe the discussion content of the thread. 03/28/07 ~Tombow>

I love the 90s so much, but 'I love the 90s' is kinda bad. They left a lot of things out! I know there's a 'Part Deux' coming out, but why wait until then? C'mon! Who remembers things about the 90's?

For example: I remember Power Rangers. I loved that show. Life was not worth living if I couldn't see the movie. I had a crush on the guy who played the Green/White Ranger as a kid. wub.gif
In 1994 it was all about Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, and Dragon Ball.
Third Eye Blink, Nirvana, Green Day, GNR. Eminem, Linkin Park. I think Matrix was sometime in the 90's. Trigun and Bebop. Metal Gear Solid. FF7, FF8. For Starters.
Two words for all old-school RPGers: Chrono Trigger (1995)
true..many shows that kids watched were left out....Eminem was big in the 90's...ahh yes and remember how popular Pokemon was?
I graduated high school!

What you don't remember that?
@Definingmind: What platform was it for?
@Slash: Super Nintendo; or as we all to refer to as, the SNES. They did re-release it on the Playstation in a double pack called Final Fantasy Chronciles (it was packed with Final Fantasy IV as well).
Black Rose
Iremember when ff7 came out that is like the best ff game ever!!!!!
best of 90s=Slam Dunk!!!!!
Le Monkey
best of the 90's = my little sis woz born wub.gif

That is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet...

Everybody say awwwwwwwwwwww!


xxx laugh.gif
Le Monkey
Leave me alone, and stop hitting me!!! sad.gif
alchemistgirl zero
best of 90s = game stations

Ps1, Sega Genesis,. Sega Saturn...HUZZAH! I had 'em all and the killer games. Let's not forget Mortal Kombat! I loved Mortal Komnbat to death! Even my Dad let me see both of the movies and I was abot...I think 8. happy.gif Yay, violence!
Micahel Jackson mollestation trial. Was OJ in the 90's? Harry Potter. Simpsons. Futurama came in the late 90's, same with Family Guy. Twisted Mtal, Tekken. South Park. That's all I can think of at the moment.
The 90s had Mortal Kombat and the beginning of the end for Arcade games. But what I remember the most about the 90s is one awesome RPG game that every hardcore RPG gamer must have played.

That's right. I'm talking about Phantasy Star IV.
alchemistgirl zero
The Simpsons!!! I forgot about that! Let's not forget Digimon and Fox Kids Network along with Eeeek! The Cat and The Terrible Thunder Lizards. biggrin.gif Oh yeah! And Saturday Night Live with Chris Farley and Life with Louie! happy.gif
Twisted Metal, OJ Simpson Trial, Michael Jackson Trials, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Did Cobain die in the 90's or early 2000's? Doctor Seuss died, Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto, Bane Ramsey was murdered (wonder who did it...), Futurama, Family Guy, Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinski, Green Day. Some other Bad Things: Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, N*Sync, Boy Bands in general, Britney Spears, Chistina Augulaira (can't spell), Mandy Moore. Scary Movie came out in the 90's right? Trigun, Bebop, Gundams, Yu Yu (I think), Yugioh. Tekken, Xmen, Spiderman, and Batman cartoons. That is all for now.
Le Monkey

wo blink.gif
alchemistgirl zero
Let's not forget wearing those Air Jordans, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live and the Super Mario Brothers movie! laugh.gif
Spice Girls
Boy Bands
Melrose Place
Saved By The Bell
Loads of Nickelodeon Shows
Batman (movies and cartoon series)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dawson's Creek
Trenchcoats (Matrix inspired or otherwise)
Birth of DVDs
Furby's (who really wanted those scary things???!!!) dry.gif
Can't think of more typical things right now....

As for anime:
Americanized (butchered) Anime Dubs: Sailormoon, Dragonball Z, CCS, Gundam, Pokemon, Digimon, etc. (Cowboy Bebop's dub was actually rather good so I won't include it here)

Popular Anime (subbed/or nonbutchered by censorship):
NGE, Lain, Bebop, GiTS, Akira (popular when released on DVD anywho), Trigun, RK, and many many more....
You could say the 90's was when the amount of american licensing of anime truly exploded
alchemistgirl zero
Hey! I had a Furby! Let's not forget the Internet and computers! I remember the first day we got the Internet at our house and there was about 10 websites you could go to and that was it. biggrin.gif It was awesome. I also remember Gigapets and Chiapets and Digimon and those our little electronic toys made by Hasbro and Bradley that had these little 8-bit figures kicking ass.
Oh yeah! Goths and Punks too! Let's not forget the birth of Toonami and Cartoon Network! happy.gif
Le Monkey
that was such a mommentus day in history,
alchemistgirl zero
Indeed. Including the day the day the Digimon movie came out. Life was not worth living when I was 12 if I couldn't see that movie. I saw it twice. Was LOTR out in the late 90's or is that early 00's? Not sure, but that movie rocked. happy.gif
Le Monkey
cant remember probubbly l8 00s
alchemistgirl zero
Too bad. We could've included Legolas fangirls in this conversation then. *waves up flag of Legolas fangirlness* Yay, elves! happy.gif
QUOTE(alchemistgirl zero @ Jan 10 2005, 09:57 AM)
Was LOTR out in the late 90's or is that early 00's? Not sure, but that movie rocked. happy.gif

Fellowship came out in '01, Two Towers in '02, and King in '03. BUT we could cheat and use the excuse that they were making the movie in '99 (which I think they were actually filming late that year but I'm not sure). I say we cheat and use it anyway *waves her Legolas flag too*

And Furbies...oh god Furbies. I had one. The batteries stayed in it for all of 6 hours and I got sick of it always going "WACHOO!!!!". That was the most annoying ball of fuzz when you actually had one but the commercials made it look so cute.

And is it a sad thing if I want to go out and get a new Tamagotchi? They've released new ones now.
Le Monkey
dont forgett mortal kombatt
90s = Windows 95!!!!! lol
The 90s had the rise of anime which soon took over the world by storm..1998 Cowboy Bebop WOOT!
also internet got way popular in the mid 90s!
alchemistgirl zero
@AliCat: That movie changed my life. From now on, my friend and I argue
no longer about who's cuter at school, but if Legolas is really
a woman and if Arwin is really a man. happy.gif I don't know why, but
it came up.

What about Star Wars Episode 1? My Dad dragged me along to see AT 4 O' CLOCK IN THE MORNING since he worked for Lego at the time and everyone that worked in his department got to see it earlier than the public. He yanked me along because he didn't want to looks strange among the guys half his age.

chibi-Zero: huh.gif Shouldn't I be in school?
Dad: Star Wars can teach you plently about life! Such as why the dark side of the
force is SO much better than the light side!

My Dad did the same thing to me when we went to go see ALL OF THE BATMAN MOVIES!!! dry.gif
I was BORN!! ohmy.gif
QUOTE(Cloud28 @ Jan 15 2005, 09:47 AM)
90s = Windows 95!!!!! lol

Oh God....I used to administer a network with a bunch of Win 95 boxes. What a nightmare sad.gif
They should have had Pokemon on the VH1 "I love the 90's" but they are doing another "I love the 90's" so mabey they will have this stuff on it.
Le Monkey
alchemistgirl zero
The problem with "I love the 80s/70s/90s" is that they only do certain things, and most of them aren't important! They didn't even do ADULT SWIM!!! Adult Swim on Cartoon Network revolutionaized America thinking that cartoons are just made for children by showing cartoons made for teens and adults. dry.gif
as for your cracked out theory about adult swim... news flash adult swim didn't exist until at least 1999. the majority of americans still think cartoons are for kids. the reason why animation has grown is cause from gen x on people never fully grew up.

oh and for the record.... complaining about the documentary quality of VH1 is like complaining about how your neon can't blow a m5 off the line... you can turn lemons into lemonade, but you can't get caviar from shit
LOL@HITOKIRI well said! I know about everything that they document in the series, maybe some of yall aren't old to remember the more important events of the 90's. tongue.gif
she does make a very good point. aren't the majority of you only like 15ish? so that would have made you 5 in 1990.

ok here's a widely known fact... kids don't know crap. you were too young to truly understand the 90s. i grew in the 80s but i can't say i really know anything about it; i wasn't old enough to understand yuppism, i never went to the coke parties, i have no idea why people thought big hair was cool, etc.

you see, to truly understand a decade you have to have lived though it and have had it affect you in some way other than the crap that tv tells you or tries to sell to you. the gulf war, east coast vs west coast, NWA, the death of kurt, starbucks professors, the death of easy e.... these events are what i remember about the 90s not crap about cartoons or any of that. honestly in the end who cares about pokemon and all of that?!

history is defined by IMPORTANT events not cheesy fads... like i doubt any of you kiddies know who debbie gibson is or what a snap bracelet is... but they were HUGE for a while in the 80s.
QUOTE(hitokiri @ Jan 19 2005, 01:23 PM)

history is defined by IMPORTANT events not cheesy fads... like i doubt any of you kiddies know who debbie gibson is or what a snap bracelet is... but they were HUGE for a while in the 80s.

Hey, I remember Debbie Gibson and snap bracelets!

VH1 is all about nostalgic pop culture fads and not real events just as Hitokiri has said, who is now officially in his Son of a Bitch Mode I believe.

The Gulf War was a big part of the early 90's. I believe it was the first war that really called on the reserve troops as well as regular troops. It was a strange thing at the time as people were just going away to war who you'd know and see around. Suddenly they're gone to war - weren't they supposed to only do one weekend a month and two weeks a year? Now it's become a normal operation, but still difficult on people and businesses.

There are a ton of other parts of the 90's out there that are completely missed by VH1 I'm sure.
Yeah, I don't remember them touching on Desert Storm any. My stepfather served in Kuwait and is now leaving for Iraq Today! He was in the Marines Corps, but he is in the National Guard now. And your right Arche, what happened to the whole one weekend a month deal? I guess it doesn't involve having to serve time over seas.

@ Arche : I think he's awakened his dark side on the young teeny boppers here!
ok so how about this... why don't we people who are old enough, list important events from the 90s that we remember?

proliferation of the cell phone: anyone who has never actually seen a brand new brick phone or gotten "the top of the line" pager wouldn't understand

the internet boom: i miss my days of college day trading.... sad.gif

the colossal failures of daddy Bush (aka the depression of the 90s)

rodney king, the white guy would got hit with the brick and the LA riots

OJ stabbin' people and his infamous 35 mph car chase to his momma's house (one of my personal favs by the way)

i could go on for a while but i'll leave more so others can list things as well

ps i'm not so much unleashing my dark side. it more that i have come to the conclusion that i can no longer just sit back and occasionally help/chide these noobs into enlightment. the time for diplomacy has ended.... its now time to start donkey punching the ignorance straight out of the back of their heads...w laugh.gif
ps i'm not so much unleashing my dark side. it more that i have come to the conclusion that i can no longer just sit back and occasionally help/chide these noobs into enlightment. the time for diplomacy has ended.... its now time to start donkey punching the ignorance straight out of the back of their heads...w 

Yes, uber Son of a Bitch Mode

Clinton's sex trials

War in Yugoslavia

John Glenn went back to space again

Mother Theresa died

Oklahoma City Bombing

Home PC boom

Dot Coms
alchemistgirl zero
@Hitokiri: mad.gif
If life gives you lemons, throw those lemons back at life and tell it to make IT'S DAMN LEMONADE!!!!!!!!!!
Actually, Hitokiri is a good example of what the 90's were about - being a Son of a Bitch tongue.gif

So, I list Hitokiri as a "best of the 90's" section.
QUOTE(arche @ Jan 19 2005, 07:26 PM)
Actually, Hitokiri is a good example of what the 90's were about - being a Son of a Bitch tongue.gif

no that's the 80's, the 90's were about being a lazy overqualified for my crappy job at starbucks son of a bitch laugh.gif
alchemistgirl zero
Well, you're being a son of a bitch over a message board, over the internet, which didn't come out until the 90s! happy.gif
Everything works out.
Starbuck's? So you're one of those conformers who like to take small sips and sit in the patio chairs and try to look cool? Totally hot. I pass by them quite often when I go to the local music store and Coldstone's.
wrong there were message boards back in the 80s too, the first BBS's and other more archiac institutional networks.

actually i gulp down coffee by the pot, and i detest outdoor seating. outdoor seating in NYC is the dumbest idea ever... oh look honey lets sit outside and have all our food and drinks taste like smog...
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