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Celestial Shadow
QUOTE(foolmetal alchemist @ Jun 28 2005, 02:28 PM)
Then why does she call me san if I'm a guy?

-Chan is normally used for girls you're familar with. Kun is it's counterpart.

-San is more like Mr or Miss.

-Sama is lord or lady, depending on if you're a guy or a girl.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong happy.gif;;
-san is the most common one you'll hear. it's something you tack onto the name of someone you don't know particularly well (in school, work, etc), someone you've just met, a stranger, a friend's parent, whatever. it's just a more polite way of addressing someone your age, older than you, or superior to you in rank.

-kun is slightly lower in politeness, and i pretty much described it earlier. for people our age, we'd use it to address classmates and people our age or younger, and for teachers and older people, they can use it to address younger people.

-chan is a cutesy little addition to a person's name, so it's not really the counterpart of -kun. females usually use it, and add it onto the names of friends they're really familiar with or little kids. i think gangster's use -chin sometimes with their buddies's names, which is even cuter (i don't quite get that). it's basically like a nickname. it's basically <name>-chan or <shortened name>-chan. ie, one of my good friends is named Yusuke, and i could call him Yusuke-chan or Yuu-chan (i choose the latter wink.gif). it'd be a little odd if i called him that without being a close friend of his.

-sama is used for people very much superior to you that you have to be extra-polite to, and/or people you respect a lot. so like royalty, idols, etc.

on the politeness scale, sama > san > kun > chan.

honorifics thread
I have heard -rin before as well ^^; what the heck does that mean? I have only seen it like once and have no idea what it is. Is it more of a slang? And if possible, someone get this topic back on track!
Celestial Shadow
I was completely wrong happy.gif; Oh well, I only assumed that from fansubs and Japanese translators.
Oh my...I...I don't deserve such an exuberant amount of awards...ohmy.gif 'Kun' is fine. happy.gif;;

@Slash-kun: 'Rin' is supposedly like a female form of 'chan.' Apparently, one of those things you only know if you're a native speaker, according to Bling-hime. happy.gif;;
ohmy.gif That is odd, because in Bleach, Toshi-rin is a guy XD

God damnit, I am still off topic *starts beating himself*
Riza Babe
Heres a Hot Gimmick Award smile.gif
IPB Image
ohmy.gif I am so honored to recibe(sp?) this award *cries*
Thanks Riza, that's why you are my GOD!!
Riza Babe
Lol, Im Satan's god! biggrin.gif
ph34r.gif I just thought that we need more awards unsure.gif and was remained of when I was Satan, momo was noe..or was slash that one?? and riza was god

I'm not good at making/giving awards, but I know members here will suggest/give some...

Maybe the 2005 can be change to 2006 XD
I have something planned already....

Safe to say I've been planning this since the start of October (see my blog).
Yes, I knew you would...
I think mine is kinda very diffrent from this one.
Man, I wish I'd known you guys had done this before...
Actually, now that it's 2006, I guess I will close this one so that it will be pseudo-archived. smile.gif
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