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hey i just want to know if there are any J-pop fans out there. If so tell me wot artists you like and how much it cost to buy a CD.

here is a j-pop fan....
if you ask me for cd's. .....errrrr.............^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

i rather get my songs through another kind of media^^^^
Vx Tao Ren xV
I'm a fan too! ^_^

...mainly Utada Hikaru and BoA but some others too..

Err.. when I actually bother to buy CDs it for like $30 (plus shipping sometimes x_X)...
whee love j-pop.i love lots of bands and singers such as day after tommorow,ELT,and cant forget my new fav Rie fu and etc.I get my music from various places wink.gif
I listen to tons of J-Pop.

Where do I buy it?

. . . who says I buy? tongue.gif
^ ditto to that.

asian kung-fu generation, shimokawa mikuni, kimeru, utada hikaru, masataka fujishige, fureai, tenipuri music, cool joke....they all rock my socks off cool.gif
RoyxRiza BigFan
i like retro 80s j-rock pop >W<
so does ne 1 know wot sites to buy these from?(or to download)
I BUY my music at Kinokuniya. If you have one near you, you can order about any cd. The import price for cds are cheaper than for books so it isn't to bad. They do run about 25-35 dollars a piece. Just because that is the Yen price. And if you go there often you can ask for a music members card. (acutally they should just give you one) For every $10 you spend you get a stamp. the first $200 you get 20% off a cd. the next $200 (so $400 so far) you get one cd (up to 3000 yen) for free. and the next $200 (so $600) you get another cd (up to 3000 yen) for free! I have gotten many many cds for free this way! laugh.gif And after you fill up the card the next 10 cds are 20% off!

All I know you should never really complain about the price of a DVD. (in America at least) I recently saw a Japanese DVD for the yen price of 12,500!!! that is about $125.00!!!!! and that was only for 101 minutes!! So.. yeah, don't complain about the price of things, the Japanese have it much worse....
I have a large collection of Asian Pop (Korean, Japanese, etc.) mp3s. The most I have are from (in no particular order):

- L'Arc~en~Ciel
- Asian Kung-Fu Generation
- Utada Hikaru
- BoA
- Ayumi Hamasaki
- m-flo
- Maaya Sakamoto
- Sowelu
Omakase Shimasu
QUOTE(AoiSora @ Nov 11 2004, 03:14 AM)
I BUY my music at Kinokuniya.  If you have one near you, you can order about any cd.

I've never ordered Japanese merchandise from the internet before, but ah, we got most of our cds from an anime-convention. It seemed more like a flee-market to me though. Japanese had gathered all their old junk to sell to anyone interested. biggrin.gif Cheap, but it's a way.

Oh and I usually grab AMVs (with J-pop music) from And I got my FMA related goodies from this site. biggrin.gif

smile.gif It's safe to say I'm a fan. Bands and solo-singers I enjoy listening to frequently:
- Siam Shade
- Gackt
- Gravitation (aka Iceman, Kotani Kinya)
- Weiss
- Dragon Ash
- D.N. Angel OP
- Yakitate!! Japan ED
Kinokuniya is your Local Japanese Bookstore. I didn't know they did online orders. But if you order it though the store, you don't have to pay shipping and handleing, just import tax. Which when you see how much shipping can be is not as bad.
Omakase Shimasu
Ugh, don't I know it. One time I paid more for my shipping fee than the product itself. >__>
I suppose it would be safe to say that I like J-pop in general too biggrin.gif . Well most anime seems to have that kind of music. I've usually referred to that as "anime music" . Certain people know then what I'm talking about. But then some have been like "huh" and yeah.. maybe it's better to talk about J-pop then. Right?
So I guess my favourites would be

Megumi Hayashibara
Mikuni Shimakawa
Yuki Kajirua
Kageyama Hironobu
Folder 5 (and various other in One Piece)
Digimon(all seasons)
certain Rurouni Kenshin endings
most from D.N Angel... especially THE opening
same for Yami no Matsuei

Hopefully I remembered all smile.gif .
Omakase Shimasu
Wha!! I forgot Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yami no Matsuei!! Especially YnM's Eden and Uhhh... blink.gif I forgot the name.. Forever? Timeless? T_T I can't remember...
ya i thought that the music from anime was J-pop at first but then i found out that it was not.....
But since were on the subject of anime music biggrin.gif I like>>>>>
Inuyasha(ending of most of them)
Rave Master("Rave-olution")
Parts of digimon
And i cant remember but i think Dargon drive i aint seen it for a while.
Most of the Gundam series(Specially Gundam Wing and Gundam Seed)

O And J/W is HI HI PUFFY AMI YUMI considered J-pop (i think so but not sure)
Huh? Music from anime isn't J-pop? Then what is it?*
*Being confused*(again)... I thought that most anime music was J-pop. Not all though... but anyway...
Omakase Shimasu
Oh well, I'm still going to refer to them as J-pop. They sound like normal J-pop songs to me, so... biggrin.gif
Exactly.... they sound(well what I've listed anyway) pop and are Japanese(although not all sing in Japanese.. but well..) so... I guess I'll also refer to them as J-pop(because then certain people would more likely know what I'm talking about) until I know better. What is the definition for J-pop anyway?
ya im gonna refer them as J-pop as well cause lookat the end of inyasha, or GhostIn the shell (yoko kanno i belive) and i do believe yoko is a j-pop(do kill me if im wrong unsure.gif )
No, no, nobody must kill you wink.gif . But well... you did say that certain anime music wasn't J-pop.... so I wonder why????
Omakase Shimasu
J-pop is Japanese pop. biggrin.gif Simple as pie.

Hmmm... maybe some songs aren't J-pop but J-rock? blink.gif
Well in that case most anime songs are J-pop. And yeah of course then some J-rock... I don't know exactly where the line goes, but whatever. I mustn't bother myself too much about that now biggrin.gif . I like both anyway biggrin.gif... but I guess I prefer pop.
I listen to BoA, MOVE, Ayumi, Dragon Ash... yeah...

Uhhhhm... I've only bought BoA & Move... I buy them at the local stores, duh... or sometimes at the trainstations...

The neat thing Japanese trainstations is that it has shops in everyone, loaded with everything you can dare to dream of... except for pink winged dragons, no...
does ne 1 here know where i can listen to the anime themes if so post the website
Omakase Shimasu
Sorry, haven't been pying attention: what anime themes are you referring to? smile.gif
pretty much these 1s

Inuyasha(ending of most of them)
Rave Master("Rave-olution")
Omakase Shimasu
Aaaah~.... Sorry, I don't know about those: I do have ED/OPs for DBZ, Ranma, D.N.Angel, Weiss Kreuz and countless others but no Inu Yasha or Rave Master. biggrin.gif;;

My advice would be googling or using Torrents or Kazaa (/eMule) or something like that. happy.gif
Ayumi Hamasaki is good stuff.
ok thanx Omakase Shimasu ill try that
Omakase Shimasu
No thanks! biggrin.gif

@Haroken: Ayumi? That sounds familiar but I can't remember what songs she did... blink.gif Initial D Battle Stage suddenly comes to mind...
QUOTE(Animeluva13 @ Nov 16 2004, 03:04 PM)
does ne 1 here know where i can listen to the anime themes if so post the website

try there.
Ayumi did Dearest for inuyasha 3rd ending.That's the only anime iI can remember that has a song of her's.I heard Ayumi is getting pretty old also?
It'll be a while before Ayumi Hamasaki gets old, I think. Her age, at any rate. Her voice sounds a little too forced most of the time for my tastes, and it seems to be that most of her sounds practically sound the same, or too similar. *shrugs*
I believe Ayumi is 26.Is that considered young?I dun know really.I think its kinda old and young or in the middle.
*shudder*I despise J-Pop. Maybe a cultural thing or maybe too much anime openings and ending.
Xio Xian
i like some of it. like the songs on z.o.e. but if you have ever been to and seen yatta and/or annoying asians, u will find it stupid
Been listening to TM Revolution and Porno Graffiti. I actually prefer them to Asian KungFu Generation.

Also listened to SMAP and personally I think they're the Japanese version of boybands. ph34r.gif Or at least they sound like it.
Carnal Malefactor
Most of those J-Pop idol girls are best left seen and not heard... Absolutely gorgeous women making absolutely dreadful music.
I worship Utada Hikaru...I also listen to L'arc en Ciel and Dir en Grey
Megumi Hayashibara, The Round Table,The Pillows,L'Arc~En~Ciel,Yellow Generation,Ayumi Hamasaki,Boa,and dream are the most frequent bands I listen to. I think Megumi Hayashibara has one of the most cutest voices ohmy.gif (on the downside I can't really buy the music since I'm always short on money ack being a 13 year old Otaku has alot of downsides dumb parents tongue.gif
If J-Pop then BZ!!!
QUOTE(FukusukeXAntlee @ Nov 19 2004, 08:22 PM)
I believe Ayumi is 26.Is that considered young?

Well, for someone with that much success who writes all her songs and composes a lot of it, I guess it is! laugh.gif (Rock on, Ayu!)

Also, "Depend on You" was the opening song for "Thousand Arms", supposedly some video game...
Lady Battousai
-Ayumi Hamasaki
-Asian-Kungfu Generation < their songs are very unique

- BoA all the way!!!!!
Doesn't BoA really belong to KPop? Or does she have an equal amount of songs for both languages?

BoA's songs and voice I like, but I don't quite like her for some reason. sad.gif

Speaking of BoA, her English is horrid. >_<
yah...yah it is...but her english is better than my korean, so i gotta give her some credit... happy.gif;;

i lurve porno graffitti, do as infinity, tamaki nami, garnet crow, kuraki mai, and aiuchi rina. laugh.gif they're my favorites... i also like kotoko, kiroro, bump of chicken, hamasaki ayumi, and judy and mary... utada hikaru's good too, she's got some awesome remixes. i looove remixes. that i think about it, i guess there's really not a lot of Jpop i *don't* like... O_o

and uh...i don't usually buy...i get'unofficial channels'... ufufufufu.... ph34r.gif
gravitation has the best j-pop songs i've ever listened to. they're awesome. i got them off this site but i'm not sure if this forum allows the post of direct download link sites.
Guest_Roy's Fire
Any Anime music...?
I'm an InuYasha fan to the max and from the first 8 songs I don't like Dearest that much. I like the FMA songs (Ready Steady Go, Melissa, Rewrite) Yeah Rave-oultion rocks! Hmm any more... I love Wolf's Rain Stray and Gravity. I don't really watch the show but I like Ghost in The Shell's opening. Yoko Kanno is the best! happy.gif Simple and Clean is so cool, especially the Techo Remix. Oh so the artists? Yoko Kanno, L'arc-en-Ciel, Utada Hikaru, Do As Infinty, V6, Namie Amuro. I like Ayumi Hamsaki's Evolution but that isn't anime... Kung-Fu-Generation is good (Rewrite is awsome) I'm going to get some more of their songs... Yay! Oh how can I forget! The Pillows! Yes, Ride On Shooting Star is so cool! biggrin.gif I just get the songs from the anime. Go to an anime lyrics site and see the other songs from the same anime. happy.gif
Utada hikaru is the best XD
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