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Full Version: The Shadow Alchemist Meet Ed And Al
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The Shadow Alchemist conists of three people.Argon,the Bending Alchemist.He can bend any metal inside or outside your body.Malikai,the Sun Alchemsit.He can use the sun's heat to burn you up or in a certain area.Finally the leader of the Shadow Alchemsit,Cioix,the Soul Alchemsit.He can make anything come alive for a given amount of time and he dosen't even have to give anything up.
Sounds Like a dangerious trio...(insert dark battle music here)
They are,Argon is a bit hot headed.Malikai is normal and Cioix is quiet and deadly
I would watch out for the normal one because you know the traits of the other 2, so you never know what the "normal" one might do
True,but don't worry Cioix keeps everyone in order
Shadow the lost brother
I am sorry to intrude on this Story but I am Ken the Shadow Alchemist. I do not mean to sound rude don't get me wrong but I ask you change this name. I'm not going to let my origin my life be overhwhelmed by this. I did not go and search for two of the most powerful stones in the world maybe even more powerful then the Philosiphers stone to let it be over shadowed. In here a citizen i am and i respect that but i ask you do not use this name. and just to say if your wondering I am called the Shadow alchemist cause as you know a shadow is made up of light and dark without one it cannot exist. I hunt the night and Day for The Ebony stone and Crimson stone. the Stones of the Night and Day. As for my powers well i think that should be saved for when it is needed.
Oh,I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.See they are called the Shadow Achemist becuase they stick to the shadows and they are part of an organization called State Destroyers.I understand how you feel and if you want I'll change their title
Shadow the lost brother
Thank you for understanding and I truly appreciate this hey can i join this group cause it sounds like a good group. It would be so cool if i could be the leader save you the name of the story. I could be the leader and we search forthe Ebony and Crimson stones the two stones created in the try to create the Philosiphers stone. But I don't want to sound pushy here anyway what you think it's your story it's your call.
Sounds good to me!Sure why not
Shadow the lost brother
Thanks uhhh??? whats your real name anyway??? Well i'll just call you LifeLess.Anyway if anything i'll try to contact you Via AIM. Believe me you'll know it's. Why. Cause I want to give my profile(For this) Personially so only you know it for know. Giv eit some suspence ha. My whole legacy has been suspence. Anyway till then.
Sorry but info on my real name cannot be given.My aim name is Kmodon666.You may call me Kmodon if you like
Shadow the lost brother
oh aight Kmodon the Lifeless Alchemist I like it. anyway i'm was just going to say sine i don't know when exactly I'll contact you I just wanted to do a little Pre-lude to give you a taste of my writing style,etc. I don't exactly know ages and stuff but i'm guessing Malikai is a girl and the other two are guys. Like I said if I'm wrong you could just change it. Anyway here it is.

Ken: Welcome to the State Destoryers Wasn't what you were expecting huh.
Argon: Expecting. Were in a freakin Desert. without any clue how to get back to civilazationbecause you knocked us out and bought us here.
Ken: Anything else.
Argon:(Why you little.)
Cioix hold him back.
Malikia: Look we came to be alchemist not slaves.
Ken: I know but sometimes you get more then you bargian for. I've had that my whole life and believe me you get used to the pattarn.
Cioix: How old are you.
Ken: What is it your business to know.
Cioix: I'm 17 Argon's 18 and Malikia is 18.
Ken: what are we sharing know. fine i'm 14 and a half.
Argon:Hffff....hffff.....hahahahaha. Run along know to your mommy.
Ken: Maybe if she didn't die of a heartattack I wouldn't be here but that's not the case so sht up and sip it smart ass.
Argon: And if I don't.
Malikia: Argon don't start.
Argon: No you want to threat me and what if I don't.
Ken: I'll shut you up myself buy knocking you out.
Argon: I would like to see that.
Ken knods his head. and within a instant is in his face grabs his face with one hand and bends him backwards slamming him into the ground.
Ken: Hmmmm. Wossy but not knocked out. I would say determination but it just looks like anger.
Cioix: You alright.
Argon:How...did that.
Ken: In my life i've been through things you've never known. This has made my mind more mature then any of yours. Know Argon stand up and get back in line.
Argon get's back up shaken and sets himself.
Malikia: I've heard of state Alchemist but never State destoryers why are we here and not there and what are we even soppuse to do.
Ken: Finally a smart question. Your here because we see potental in all of you. We see things we once were. And until our mission is complete that are the things we need. People who go about there own business knowing they on't have to worry about danger(Looking at Cioix.) People who are everyday citizens that can get there minds into different places(looking at Malikia) And stuck up punks who got the skill but lack the knowledge(looking at Argon).
Malikia: Dn't even think about it Argon.
Ken: As for what we do here let me explain it like this. Have you ever awoke from a dream to be in another one.
Argon: Yeah I had that once. It was so freakin cool.
Ken: Anyway we are looking for a myth's myth.
Ken: Are ou all familar with the Philosiphers stone.
C,A,M: Yeah.
Ken: It is said that when the Philosiphers stone was made it was the third of it's kind. Two were made before in the trail of making it. This stone are the Ebony stone. The stone of the night. And the Crimson stone. The Stone of the day. where they are and who has them no one knows but if fallen into the wrong hand these two stone combined can bring the world down to it's knees. And that's where you come in. You 3 along with me are going to be assigned to this mission. as of right know everyone else is on cover-up. Us 4 are the only ones with access to this information. But first thing first. We go back to HQ and get you your offical Alchemist names.
Argon: What's yours.
Ken turns around.
Ken: Ken the Shadow Alchemist.
Argon:(goes to speak but is cut off.)
Malikia: Not know man. Not know.

There your Pre-Lude. Whacha Think.
I must say it is very good.I origanaly made Malikai a guy but I like the girl one better.Just so you know Cioix is a goth kinda guy.You got Argon down right,lol his hot headness will get him in trouble.Hey if you ever feel like e-mailing me the ideas and so we can discuss I can give you mine
Do you still need charaters for the story? I have one, - Exciles The Angelic Alchemist...
Sure why not the more Alchemist.The more deadly we become!
Shadow the lost brother
damn you slipped under the radar fast anyway sure and thanks biggrin.gif . Anyway sure let me get you e-mail and well chat. anyway i want to see what you got. write the next part so i can get a good idea you know. anyway first things first i'll be happy to get your e-mail address and there we shall discuss story decisions.


And to Haste I dunno i mean It's up to Kmodon bout that but tell me how s/he would fit into this story of the stones so at least if he says yes we will already know.
Shadow the lost brother
so it is said. so it is done. but Kmodon. I ain't figure'in out a why to add him in that's your jobs biggrin.gif . anywaty let just make it like this so we got 5 in all k.
ok my e-mail is,,it maybe awhile before I get the next part up but I'll try to do it
Shadow the lost brother
ok while you there then i guess i'll write the new character in for you and from there we'll talk. Anyway here we go.

Argon: Where the hell is this place anyway.
Cioix: Relax ain't need to worry.
Malikia: yeah just trust him.
Argon: Am I the only one with the problem he's.....
Ken: Smartest move all day to shut-up. And we're here.
(If you've ever played Resident Evil or een the movie it's like a upper ground version of the Hive)
Ken: The 3 of you stay right here. Cioix you in charge take this as your first assignment. If you want walk around and look and ONLY LOOK!.
Cioix: Nice.
Argon: Let's go.
Meanwhile Ken walks in through a plain door semingly a office of some sort.
Utzi: So these are your new recruits.
Ken: Yeah.
Utzi: I swear if it wasn't for the fact you know so much information you wouldn't even be here.
Ken: No if it wasn't for the fact i showed you up for the lazy bastard you are i wouldn't be here.
Utzi: You watch your tongue Child. I'm still your commander And you are expendable. Anyway You are going with a partner to say the least.
Ken: Your fuckin kidding me.
Utzi: What did I tell you about that tongue Child.
Ken: Call me a child one more time and you'll be next seen in a casket.
Utzi: Watch the Tongue. Anyway do to your "Unstable" Mental condition We have assigned you a partner. To keep you in-line.
Ken: This is about the most bull shit I have ever heard mad.gif mad.gif .
(All of a sudden a mysteries force seems to be pulsing through his viens. He hold his arm and looks at Utzi.)
Utzi: Like i said unstable. Anyway meet your new partner he's waiting outside.
Ken walks out.
Exciles: Hi my name is.
Ken: I don't have time I need to get the med. room.
Exciles: But.
Ken:You can stand right there and end it already or come with me and shut-up for know.
Exciles looks at him then follows him.
Ken: Finally.
Exciles: This isn't the Medical room.
Ken: I said Med not Medical.
They both wak in and in here you see a waterfall surronded by the sky(Glass)
Exciles: I see know by Med. You ment....
Ken: Mediatative room.
Exciles: I just wanted to let you know beforehand I know your story. and although we are the same ranking I will follow under you as to say an apprentice.
Ken: Look not know I need to be alone. Go find the others and bring them to the front. Apprentice. Consider this your first assignment.

Ok this is your spot Kmodon. Take it away.
gotcha.Will do,again will take awhile
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