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.hack is also cool but i like the anime more but the game is tre cool

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I've got the game for PS2 though I kept dying in it. Haven't really gotten the hang of it yet. As for the Anime...I understand that it's quite popular but I've never seen it before.
i've never heard of this's popular?
QUOTE(water_alchemist @ Jan 1 2005, 09:10 PM)
i've never heard of this's popular?

The Anime is but I don't know about the game...
I find everything to do with .hack to be repetative. I played the game, it took me over 90 hrs to finish it. Phew wacko.gif . I kinda got bored of it after a while though cause it was really really really repetative. As for the anime, it was pretty popular but there was a surprising lack of action for an anime based on an RPG. Al it was was characters talking and talking and talking.
well the talking was cause the animes are the background info for the games. the games themselves were ok. i own em all, but i only played them till i beat them, unlike most of my games which i keep playing over and over.
i didn't like .hack//sign or what it was was bit confusing...but .hack//Dusk was very good ohmy.gif
The game was really good it shined alot more insight about the story of the .hack world and was pretty much confusing if you didn't watch the series before playing the games. Even if you don't have any insight about .hack its actually very enjoyable its too bad there won't be anything more about .hack
I think the .hack series are awesome, but confusing if you start watching in the middle. I also tried .hack//Infection for PS2, but still haven't finished yet. happy.gif
Hell Alchemist
Hack is god anime but it Drama sad.gif
QUOTE(Hell Alchemist @ Jan 6 2005, 01:29 PM)
Hack is god anime but it Drama sad.gif

I think what he meant was that it has drama in it
like for example in .hack 4 you got to kill mia... while she fought along side of you for the first 3 games... and so on.
But the .hack games are awsome beat all 4.
Black Rose
I've never played it before but it looks awesome what's it like?
.hack is coll but thinking about whats going on in that game is confusing
Black Rose
is it true it has a special collectors movie on it?
it's a sweet game I've beaten all 4 and I've watched some of the anime
Black Rose
I rented it out not too long ago, and got addicted to it, I almost got in trouble because I wouldn't give it back wink.gif
it took me two days to find outbreak!^^ my fav. character's mistral!^^
I loved the original anime. Don't know how much I like the newer one, except that I didn't like the books. I love Black Rose. She rocks.
Black Rose
Yeah Black Rose and Mia are my fav characters
(BTW I called myself Black Rose before I knew the game existed)
Has anyone seen the new trailer for .hack//GU yet?

US .hack website
JP .hack//GU website
Click on Promotional to see the trailer. Available 18-27 May.

I am soo excited! It looks really good. Too bad they didn't include any of the gameplay parts (just the movie clips).

When I first saw the trailer I got goosebumps when "Kite" shows up. Here was something familiar and yet, not. Really makes me wonder what is going on, but makes me more excited! *chuckle* Although I will get/play this game when it comes out, but I will certainly get it now that there is some connection to the series I like. Is that really Kite or an AI? So excited!

Also did you notice that the chara we are following through the trailer first fights Kite with a type of twin blades, then swtiches to a sword (heavyblade?). Maybe this new game offers multiclassing.

But I do have one disappointment. I was really hoping for on online version of The World, an MMORPG. It didn't have to follow the .hack storyline of viruses, etc, but I was really hoping for one. But.. since it is popular enough to have another game(s) then maybe! *cross fingers*

IPB ImageIPB Image
Azura Elric
blink.gif whoa...That looks awesome! I hope the game won't be so dragging like the 4 part .Hack. The game was good, but it didn't motivate me enough. *hasen't played 4 yet*
*chuckle* I understand. I'm still on the 3rd volume. Right now, I'm playing it mostly for the video clips. I love the story and development, but sometimes the time between events when you are leveling up took a while (especially when you've already competed all the little mini quests). *sigh*

Here is a bit of an article from RGP Fan about GU:

.hack//G.U. is actually planned to be not one game, but three. However, unlike the previous four .hack games, these three "G.U." games will be their own game. Matsuyama commented that the previous four games were different only in regards to the plotline, but shared basically the same graphics, environments, music, etc. However, the G.U. titles will each have their own environments, new characters for each game, and new music. In other words, each game will truly be a separate game, not three parts to the same game (as many fans found to be the case of INFECTION through QUARANTINE). We were also told that the first part of the three-part G.U. series is already larger than the four previous games combined, which should allow for a longer and more enjoyable game experience.

I'm wondering how the game will be different. They had some time to improve and listen to players comments on the game play, so I wonder how that will change.

Also, The first game is longer than the other four volumes and each game after will be different? That's good news for fans who buy as soon as they come out. Luckly, I bought all four volumes at the same time, so I didn't have to wait for each volume to come out.

Matsuyama estimated that the game's development has been going on for some time, as it is now about 60 percent completed. Though no dates are confirmed, we were told that the first of the three .hack//G.U. games will be released in Japan in the first half of 2006, and shortly thereafter in the United States.

So, maybe in another year we'll have it! smile.gif Can't wait!

BTW, is it the res on the trailer low or is Kite turning virus green in parts while he is fighting? blink.gif
First the series, .hack//SIGN I think is great. The games take forever, it taken me over 70 hours to beat the first three and half of the forth. Personally I like going around and just wandering. I think it's worth the $16(Gamestop). I like watching the DVDs that came with the game. You can really get into the games at times. .hack//G.U. looks great!! I can't wait to play it.
I haven't play any of the games, but i plant to.
silver bg
QUOTE(zarpia @ May 22 2005, 09:40 PM)
I haven't play any of the games, but i plant to.

do you mean plan? yes, i have beaten all games the anime,favorite .hack//sign. rolleyes.gif
i've played the first one
i got really far( for only playing it for five days)
than had to give it back to the rental place
then when i whanted to rent it again, my brother got ahold of my memory card and deleted everything mad.gif
Yeah, I helped my friend beat the first one and I got somewhat through the second. Then I had to give it back to the rental place...But I do like the anime too!
Go, Tsukasa!!!
Blade Alchemist
I beat the first and second and was actually playing Mutation not too long ago. I find the game fun and story interesting.
.hack//Sign was soooo boring always fell asleep while watching it. .hack//Dusk was good the first time watching it after that it was annoying.
hey, does anyone have the second one cause i need it badly.................happy.gif
ive beaten all of the game(and it was hard!)ive watched all of the OVA(who watched .hack//GIFT?ohh its sooo lol!!>_<)and got confused(just a little).the game was great!oh BTW did u guys know that .hack//online has just(well this is old news for me^^)been announced to be realesed here and japan!you can create your own charaters and what class theyre going to be in!its just like the anime(and the anime charaters join your party when your off-line! cool.gif and when you first log in your send to a room where you could form a party!^^its soo cool!cant wait!>_<oh you could even create your own field and doungeon! blink.gif its soo cool!
i finished parts 1-3 and will soon start 4 but up until this point the game for me has been really fun

but im one of those gamers who love spending hours on end in a dungen exploring. i've seen the anime and i have to say

that it was really confuseing the whole way thru. but like the game i loved it.
Kitty Alchemist
I played the new dothack game and I think it cool and it different than the other dothack game. Have anyone played? What do you think about it?

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I haven't played it, but the unique thing that i know is that Kite is the new enemy and his name is Dretch, also the main character is named Haseo and the story ocurs in the year 2017
I like the game and the anime (Only Hack//Sign), for me the game is excellent, there are two anime's: Hack//Sign and Hack: Leyend of Twilight, the first one is good, but the second one is not of my tastes.
thegame is divided in four parts and the first and the third one are the best biggrin.gif
Kitty Alchemist
Yeah, they all call him Tri-Edge but when you fight against him, it will say Kite name.

I got Haseo's second form, which make Haseo to use Heavy Blade and Twins Blade weapon. And I beat the game after a second trys, the final boss was a little hard.
Silver Wolf
I haven't play it but I want to.
If only I have a Ps2. sad.gif
I got upsessed with this game and got import vol 2 now =P.
Kitty Alchemist
wow lucky you. I want to play vol. 2. It's a good game. I got the special edition for vol. 1. It came with a Haseo action figure and an disc that show what occured in the previous .hack series
^^ Yep I can't wait till january 17ths or around that date since Vol 3 comes out and I will be waiting impatiently tongue.gif

There are also some really big spoilers that are awesome but I won't say it smile.gif
Kitty Alchemist
Who your favorite character?
I like Haseo and Kuhn.
Haseo is a cool character but he can be mean sometime.
Kuhn is funny because he always chasing after women.
Haseo tongue.gif
And Azure Kite
Kitty Alchemist
Azure Kite is awsome too. I die when I first fought him but the second time I beat him.
I heard on part 2 you go against the Azure sky and the Azure Sea. Is that true?
I don't think so because if you want a spoiler PM and I'll try to explain everything tongue.gif
Kitty Alchemist
Alright. smile.gif
Synth Alchemist
I don't like the gameplay unsure.gif
Kitty Alchemist
The game play is a little different but I still like it.
I just got this game for christmas! It's fun! It's alot easer than Kingdom Hearts (which is the game Im usally playing). Which is good because really hard games drive me crazy.
Both are good XD

But it depends on you really since everybody has their likes and dislikes.
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