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Full Version: 2nd Fma Movie Trailer Uploaded
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is it me or are the trailers not working? It doesn't work on quicktime or windows media! It opens up a new window and it's just blank! sad.gif
Omakase Shimasu
It doesn't work for me either, because I'm using a Linux machine. If you're not limited by Linux and are using Windows, maybe the files requires a codec you don't have? biggrin.gif;; <-- Not at all technical...

In any case, you can always try and use BitTorrent to get those trailers, I guess.
That movie trailer was good(I didn't bother with the understanding of the words said, even though they were tranlated by Sycia)

It just left me confused though. Very, very, confused. So confused I'de watch it again if my compu wasn't a piece of junk.

Either way everyone will DEFINATELY be looking forward to this movie.

Theres my two cents.
What's the theme of the movie
Producer Minami: "Simple, pure love"
Paku Romi: "Al has some love-love scenes"
Director Mizushima: "A chance meeting and paradise..?" <-- ???????
Producer Minami: "And it's not with Ed..."
Paku Romi: "Of course, I think it's the brotherly love between Ed and Al.... right..???"
Producer Minami: "... unfortunately...." <-- I really don't know WHAT to make of what he said here... sleep.gif;

hm? I'm kinda confused here. Producer says theme is pure love... Paku says there's love love scenes with al, and she thinks it's with ed, but the producer said that it wasn't with ed.

is it like... saying that al's hơoking up with someone? like maybe that rockbell chick?
Holy crap!? Now there's gunna be two movies I have to see..this one and Advent Children! O___O! *watches the trailors*
it's so cool , but i have a question will the movie continue the story from the tv serial ?
Guest 2
I'm a different preson from the other guest, so in an un unique way, I'm asking this the sequel from episode 51, since episode 51 was like..a cliffhanger? Ok it's the same question as the other guest.
Kou the Lightning Alchemist
I honestly doubt that Winry and Al would hook up, though it's a possibility, but we all know Winry had secret feelings for Ed. soooo i doubt she'd fall for his brother, it'd be too painful. ph34r.gif
Ed is awsome!Thanx!
I just saw the trailer for the first time yesterday, and it was... short. Lol. Didn't really show much at all other than

[spoiler]The fact that Al is in his metal suit again, and Ed with that new masked dude... using Alchemy? Which means it's in his own world again. Maybe it's a flashback =p[/spoiler]
Go FMA! yay! biggrin.gif
I dont see how it's possible that this movie will be post-51...
given the circumstances in that episode............
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