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Full Version: Worst/ Strangest Holiday/ Christmas Gift Ever
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My worst gift ever would be an excuse. An excuse that explains why that person doesn't have the gift for me.
*hides under bed* Clothes and girly crap! *hisses*
*coughs* the worsdt gift i got was gum i couldn't chew because i have braces mad.gif they decide hey lets make his teeth worst well flip them *claps hands and air shoot at them cutting them all apart* laugh.gif *walks away from the massacre*
getting pants are probably the worst thing you can ever get. not only do they not fit, but they are probably wayyy out of style. i'd rahter just have ppl give me money and i go buy them myselves >.< (or a jamba juice gift card is nice :])
i was given a book for a 7 year old when i was 13
i got a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards once. I threw them away though. tongue.gif
well, a jeans i dont like!
I got a pair of kcaky shorts dry.gif . I hate shorts!!!! mad.gif
Le Monkey
I got given a barbie.. in febuary... as a late bday prezzie..

i have to agree with le monkey, geting a barbie would suck
Art of Misconception
Well, it's actually ironic. The worst Christmas gift I ever recieved was a box of second-hand clothes from my male cousin. My grandma has this strange way of commenting on the way I dress and yet, she expects to go out with male clothes.

But I'll say, even when I ask for nothing, I'm still let down.
My Alchemist Romance
I once got a Tarantulla. A real tarantulla. I was this close to passing out.

Yeah, my cousin did it '
My grandmother got me a shower curtain with a matching soap dish and toothbrush holder.... I don't even have my own bathroom....and they all had snowmen on them.
Riza Babe
oO I Hate spiders lol
my worst present ever was a tiny tiny bouncy ball. It was stupid, but I said "thank you."
when i was 12 my aunt got me a barbie car ..... and i was forced to pretend i was thankful, i gave it to my little sister as soon as i returned home...
THE wrost CB gift I EVER got was when my aunt brought me a barbie doll, 1 year AGOAND I WAS ABOUT LIKE 13
...shoe cleaner...
i got a sweater that saids "i love u" which was really weird since i had a picture of a bear on there too dry.gif
Molecular Alchemist
After explaining to my mother and everyone else that i REFUSE to sew...I got a sewing machine, some pillowcases to cross-stitch, and some crap to this day, the sewing machine is STILL in it's box, and none of the other stuff is done (that was like..over 6 years ago) sad.gif IT WAS THE 90'S...WHAT TEENAGE GIRL SEWS?!!?! i'm a scientist, for pete's sake....
Sharingan Serpent
The worst present I got was a ironing board cover which my mom got me this year...I keep telling her that I will never use it...she doesn't believe and yet it is in my cupboard gathering dust and catching cobwebs and being used as a home for anything else that fits in that category... dry.gif
This says alot.*

*I didn't get shit literaly but I got tons of crap like a 10 minute DVD about some Lord of the Rings Book ends.It sucked.
My Aunt gave me a "Winnnie The Pooh " Doll.
I pretented to like it but as soon i got home, i tried flushing it down the toilet smile.gif
Sin Of Envy
....Pink Miniskirt....
Grand Arcanum
when i was 17 my aunt bought me this huge megablocks dragon castle set thing. i would've gotten a kick out of it if it was a lego set to build but it was this plastic play set. i pretended to like it, returned it and got $70 of TRU store credit. i bought a PS2 game and some other stuff.
mine has to be clothing that doesnt fit or in an ugly color... i always think: what were they thinking when they bought this for me?
i dont receive things for christmas anymore. its usually just money....
I already posted my worst gift (which was from my grandmother.)

She struck again when she got my father (her son) a father's day gift because she's special like that. She got him a soap despenser, a portable cork board/white board and a copy of my grandfather's autopsy.

But hey for Christmas this year she got me a thing of flowers...and gave my sis 5 bucks for her college fund.
My grandma thinks that I am a girly girl so she once gave me Barbie's Little Pet Shop with some cat food to include that probably came from when she was wrapping it...I had to pretend to play with it so she wouldn't feel bad.

That and I got a pack of oversized tampons...and I hadn't even gotten my period when I was ten...who sends a ten year old a pack of MEDIUM ABSORBANCE TAMPONS? blink.gif
^For a eleven year old kid, you're pretty vexatious, aren't ya?
I got a very itchy sweater 4 christmas smile.gif
Molecular Alchemist
I gave my lil sister coal for christmas one year....but then she got me a really cool present and i felt bad and tried to find the box....but she found it first. yeah...i got in trouble christmas morning ph34r.gif

Once, my grandmother knitted me a sweater with a BIG freaking horsehead and flower on the back...i mean, it wa HUGE...and my mom made me wear it to school sad.gif she helped kill what little hope i had at fitting into my new school too *sigh*
Last year, I got a box, an empty box from my cousin. I asked her if something was supposed to be in it...she said no.
QUOTE(Hollow Souled Alchemist @ Aug 20 2006, 08:13 AM) [snapback]434923[/snapback]

Last year, I got a box, an empty box from my cousin. I asked her if something was supposed to be in it...she said no.
that must suck
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