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okay, it seems that, while in the anime, Edo has had a birthday (even tho he hasn't yet in the manga...), no specific date was given... in fact, while birthdays, bloodtypes, and chinese zodiac signs are usually important fatcoids to asian cultures, and are almost always put out in official chara bios, the HagaRen characters seem to have been overlooked in such personal areas... so i decided to have a go at it myself, and see what you guys think. this was actually started in another thread, but i decided to stop spamming off-topic in there and make this its own thread, because i find astology fascinating. a little creepy sometimes, but very interesting nonetheless.

and so, taking what i recall from the astrology classes i took in high school, coupled with this awesome book i'm going to steal from my roommate that analyzes your specific birthdate, let's see if we can't agree on what day to celebrate character birthdays until Arakawa-sensei tells us officially what they are...

and when and if she does...let's see how i did! XD

the topic that started this was about Roy, so i'll put up my interp of his birthday first:

we all kind of agreed that Roy fit characteristics of both scorpio and sagittarius, so since they overlap, i thought he was probably born on the cusp of the two... characteristics of the signs are:

Scorpio Traits:..................................Sagittarius Traits:

Determined and forceful..................Optimistic and freedom-loving
Emotional and intuitive.................. Jovial and good-humored
Powerful and passionate.................Honest and straightforward
Exciting and magnetic.....................Intellectual and philosophical

....................................Downfalls of:

Jealous and resentful.....................Blindly optimistic and careless
Compulsive and obsessive..............Irresponsible and superficial
Secretive and obstinate.................Tactless and restless

EDIT: I found these as well... These also fit the characters quite well...
(Roy gets two sets of these because he's a cusp and emulates two signs * is scorpio, # is sag)

* Truth
* Hidden Causes
* Being involved
* Work That is Meaningful
* Being Persuasive

# Traveling
# getting to the heart of the matter
# Freedom
# Laws and meanings
# the general 'feel' of things

* Being Given Only Surface data
* Taken Advantage of
* Demeaning Jobs
* Shallow Relationships

# Off the wall theories
# being tied down domestically
# Being constrained
# cooling your heels
# bothered with details

he definitely is more scorpio than sagittarius, but there's some sag in there, too...

here's an irony for you... a sag/scorpio is a water sign... how can roy be a water sign?? O_o anyway...

i think roy's b-day is november 19th.

my rommate's birthday book says...

"Filled with revolutionary spirit, those born on november 19th generally build from a starting point of change. Reformers, they must carefully craft something new to take the place of the old, and furthermore administer to it. Thus they are an interesting blend of radical and conservative, anarchy and establishment.

November 19th people are often taken up with the consolidation or administration of power, whether it be in their family, social group or career. They are extremely serious about how that power should be delegated and toward what ends.

Those born on the 19th of the month are ruled by the number 1 and by the sun. ...there will be a strong manifestation of dynamic, creative, or potentially destructive energy in their lives, as well a a tendency to be ambitious, and...aggressibvely (even ruthlessly) oriented toward success. ...tend to dislike restraint and enjoy being first in most matters."

it also scolds them for being overly confident and says they should learn the vlaue of silence and still their rebelliousness.

sounds like Roy to me...what do you guys think?
We'll make a list of the characters you put up, so it'll be easier to follow!

We assume Roy is 29 in 1914, right? So he's born in 1885.

Roy Mustang

November 19, 1885.
Chinese Zodiac: Rooster

People born in the year of the rooster usually are good looking and like to show themselves off. Instead of being idle, they always appear to be decent and shrewd in public, even the most timid one of them.

They are shrewd and earnest in fulfilling their duties, talented in doing organizational work, and frank. They are also bold enough to
point out and criticize other people's unhealthy activities.

In addition, they are excellent actors.

All people born in the year of the rooster have a good chance to achieve fame because of their competence in the work. They excel in winning their superiors' appreciation by wisdom and high efficiency.

In a word, people born in the year of the rooster, are usually bloated with pride and are sure to leave a deep impression on others, whether one of respect or one of disgust.

WOOD ROOSTER - 1885, 1945, 2005

No matter how well meaning his intentions may be, prescribing unrelieved clockwork and regimentation may drive his subordinates crazy.

Wood makes him progress-oriented, and when Wood is matched with his virtuous qualities of honesty and integrity, he will excel in his performance and his charts and graphs will amaze everyone.
Open-minded, fair and sociable, he can give unselfishly of himself to the welfare of others. He will seek to contribute to or improve existing social conditions. Desirous of congeniality, he will seek close association with the people he works with and will have excellent record of reliability.
Very nice, tokage and Ninie. biggrin.gif
awesome, Ninie! i wasn't expecting a chinese zodiac accomplice! XD that's so awesome, i'm a rooster too! *clings to Roy* we match! XD XD XD

okay, Edo's was a little more difficult to pin... Since in the anime, Edo's birthday was in wintertime, and matched Elysia's, there were more specifics. Gracia was 5 months pregnant in October, so carried to term 4 months later would put Elysia and Edo's birthday somewhere mid-February-ish... So in consulting the book, I thought February 13th was most like Edo, even tho he doesn't really fit a typical Aquarius profile...

Aquarian Traits

Friendly and humanitarian
Honest and loyal
Original and inventive
Independent and intellectual

Downfalls of...

Intractable and contrary
Perverse and unpredictable
Unemotional and detached

EDIT: likes and dislikes

* Fighting for Causes
* Dreaming and Planning for the Future
* Thinking of the Past
* Good Companions
* Having Fun

* Full of Air Promises
* Excessive Loneliness
* The Ordinary
* Imitations
* Idealistic

O_o Edo's not perverse... Tho he is rather unpredictable... meh, i guess he's a closet Aquarius... anyway...even so, I think Feb 13th would be Edo and Elysia's Birthday:

"The energetic {oh Lord yes...} individuals born on February 13th are usually up for anything stimulating...within reason. They seek out exciting events and themselves enjoy being in the spotlight. In fact, many born on this day qualify as outright exhibitionists. Volatile individuals, those born on this day find it difficult to keep secrets or contain their thoughts for very long. Indeed, their frankness and emotional spontaneity can land them in plenty of trouble.

Their rational side is actually quite well-developed, and their minds facile, but sometimes there is an apparent split between their brain and their body, their head and their heart. Thus they can be quite disconnected, failing to apply the brakes to their feelings...

February 13th people have to locate and remian in touch with their center, and perhaps dig deeper into their complex personalities if they wish to move along in their personal development."

it says those born on the 13th of the month are ruled by the number 4 and the planet uranus, which is both erratic and explosive {sounds like Edo to me...}. the number 4 traditionally represents rebellion {yup, sounds like Edo} idiosyncratic belifs, and a desire to change the rules. "Such characteristics are heightened in February 13th people because explosive Uranus {i'm sorry, that just sounds so wrong... unsure.gif } also governs their sign of Aquarius. They must, therefore, control their temper, and resist violent impulses {not gonna happen}."

It also says that Feb 13th people are accident-prone...which seems appropriate...

so...thoughts? >_< i'm afraid to think how this will affect Elysia later in her life...if she and Edo share a birthday...
Hum, interesting! Then, we have Ed:

Edward Elric

Febuary, 13, 1899
Aquarius (The best sign of the zodiac biggrin.gif )
And boar.

The boar 'adult' personality didn't really fit, so I looked at the child personality. He is, after, still a child, right?

The Boar child will be self- reliant, sociable and easy to deal with. Dependable and determined, he will lead in school activities and acquire prestige by his perseverance and dedication. This youngster will be courageous in the face of great odds and he will not whimper or complain., As a matter of fact, he will be endowed with a remarkably strong body and can withstand a good deal of pain and suffering without crying.

He will punish himself with remorse and guilt instead of blaming anyone else.

The Boar child will put all his strength, conviction and dedication behind anything he undertakes.

Whatever he does, you will find this child constantly looking for more ways to work off his huge supply of energy. Wherever he is, you will find a lot of togetherness. He loves to seal relationships with a special glue of his own. In him, you will see unselfishness and a truly great passion for living.

As an adult:

Honest as these persons are, they usually achieve success by hard work rather than by cheating or stealing.

They have a strong passion and good energy and patience for their work. But sometimes their excessive energy will become the bane of reprobation. When they fail to distinguish the harm in some of the fun they enjoy, they may be easily used by evil people and sink into vice.

They will be hard-working all their lives, sparing no effort in doing everything. Though too much energy will eventually cost them, they can have smooth sailing all the same with the help of their pleasant character.

They say he's patient... Well, Ed isn't patient with others coughroycough, but with his work... First to find the stone

Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

he seems really patient. Most people would have abandonned after all those years.

Well, he doesn't fit as well as Roy, but Ed is rather... unique, so, it's hard to place him well!
I dunno about that, it seems like just about all that fits for Edward. happy.gif
i agree, that seems pretty accurate. once he grows up a little more, i bet that will be right on the nose.

*is still beside herself that she and roy have the same chinese zodiac* who should we do next?
Hum, Riza? I think she's 25 in 1914, born in 1889. That would make her an Ox, and that fits very well, I think.

People born in the year of the ox are steady, plain and quiet. They arrange things systematically and they are patient and tireless.

Because people born in the year of the ox are reliable and steady, they are trusted by their superiors or persons in authority.Where there is responsibility, you will always find them.

Their dauntless character and logical way of thinking is covered up by their plain appearance. Their intelligence and nimbleness are covered up by their reticence and restrained manner. Although they may be introverted by nature, when an opportunity is presented they can become quite dignified and eloquent speakers. They face danger fearlessly, and betray no fear in face of threats. They have a natural and intense trust in themselves. All of these features help them to put everything into order in times of trouble.

People born in the year of the ox do things in an orderly way. They follow settled rules, respect traditional concepts, and always do things the way other people want them to. So people can foresee what they will do the next. They believe that only those who have a down to earth style of work may never be defeated.

But people born in the year of the ox depend on their own tenacious will and active spirit of devotion. They never believe in chance, keep their words, and once a word is spoken will not take it back even when pulled by a team of four horses (what is said cannot be unsaid). They take an indifferent attitude towards common biases. They will do their jobs with single-hearted devotion, and never give up when something is half-way done.

If you are lucky enough to marry a woman born in the year of the ox, you will find that she is a serious person. She will iron your clothing like your mother once did, never forgetting to fold the newspaper on your desk, and will make you delicious breakfasts. She will be very neat and always punctual. After your marriage you will never lack clean clothing, you will never wear stockings with holes in them, and you will never have to eat burnt food. Thus she will be an ideal wife. ( tongue.gif Lucky Roy)

People born in the year of the ox are very patient. But they can be horrible if they lose their tempers. At such times they will lose their senses and attack those who hurt them like angry bulls. The only way to cool the anger of a person such as this is to stand away from him and let him cool down gradually. But there is no need to worry, they will not get into a fight unless they are driven beyond the limits of forbearance.

Their words are the rules of their family. They know how to give an order and how to make others follow their order. They hope other people carry out their orders firmly and adhere to their principles on key matters. Although they do not easily become excited, they love their wives and children and they are willing to do anything for them.

About Earth Oxen:

Although he may not be sensitive or very emotional by nature, he is capable of sincere and lasting affection and will be loyal and steadfast to his loved ones and his principles.

Oh, and, just for fun:

Excellent union. Very successful team. Will have no difficulty in communicating with each other. Will find love and happiness together.

@Tokage: Have you ever gone to ? I think the person who made that site has edward's date of birth, but then again I'm not sure. And you think Edward is a Aquarius? Cool! I'm an Aquarius! AQUARIANS UNITE! laugh.gif It's funny actually, cause almost all the people that I care about most in my life are born in Feburaury too. My sis is on groundhogs day, my bf is on the 5th, I'm on the 9th, and Edward ( I'm hoping biggrin.gif ) is on the 13th!

As for helping out with the dates, I'm not as smart as you and Ninie laugh.gif , so I'm not that much help. Sorry.
Hmmm... I'm an aquarius too... Yay Edo-kun, we have something in common!!! (Besides both being short, smart, oldest sibling... I'm stopping don't worry. biggrin.gif)
actually, i think edo is more of an aries personality, but since his DOB was narrowed down to jan or feb because of when it happened in the anime, i had no choice but to find an aquarian date that suited him... the aquarian of the group i think is more riza's dept, to be honest... i think she's a capricorn/aquarius cusp... and i will write why tomorrow, because it's like 4am and i have to yeah. but i think she's more aquarian than edo. dern bones anyway...putting edo's birthday where it doesn't belong... ;p

PS: hex, that site shows edo's bday as being in october...but unless arakawa-sensei released something i don't know about, that can't be right... where the heck does it snow in october?

and ninie, nice profile for riza's chinese zodiac. XD hurray for oxen and rooster union! XD
I haven't read it all... but now I understand why Roy day is November 19th.

... that's close to my own birthday! =O

And actually, Sagittarius is a firesign. Scorpio is water, yes.
By the way~.

I'm a Sagittarius and thus a fire sign, and I share a lot of Roy traits.

Hold on while I look up the whole border of Scorpio/Sag thing...
Ah. It would be more logical if it were November 22 or 23. =D
QUOTE(hagane_no_tokage @ Dec 29 2004, 02:40 AM)

PS: hex, that site shows edo's bday as being in october...but unless arakawa-sensei released something i don't know about, that can't be right...  where the heck does it snow in october?

Actually, where I live, *cough* North Dakota *cough*, it snows in October. That's probably because the state is up north aways biggrin.gif . I LOVE SNOW! *runs outside and makes snow angels laugh.gif *
*bows to hex*. athousand apologies, heh, i didn't mean to dis north dakota. happy.gif;; i live in VA and we're lucky if we get snow by january... it's just that central city and the surrounding areas struck me as having...a mid-latitude, you know? 'central'? didn't strike me as a terrible northern city, and remember they didn't have to head too far south to get to dublith (what the heck is the official spelling??) to see izumi...? *shrug*

october 11th would make him a...libra....

"Diplomaitic and urbane
Romantic and charming
Easygoing and sociable
Idealistic and peaceable"

uhm... edo is definitely not a libra... heh heh...'diplomatic' is definitely NOT a word comes to mind when edo's name is

drats, i have to go to work, but i'll be back later this evening and go into all the rest of what's been asked...and put up a birthday for riza. biggrin.gif thanks for reading, everyone! eee, people are indulging my weird astrology hobbies! XD
@Tokage: *bows back* Don't be sorry, I didn't feel offended at all biggrin.gif . You have a point with the zodiac description. Edward is positivily not a Libra, and if he is, he's way out of character then laugh.gif .

Hex-Sama: *throws a script at Edward* What's wrong with you? Play your character according to your zodiac sign! Your a Libra! FOCUS! mad.gif

Edward: I would like to debate this issue with you in my office and tell you my opinion on how "In character" I'm acting. *wink wink* wink.gif

Hex-Sama: ... THAT'S WONDERFUL! Now, just keep acting like that! *grabs a megaphone* Everyone get to your positions, we're going to be filming again! And... ACTION!

Edward: huh.gif
BOL@hex...dude, that's great. XD okay, after much deliberation, i have decided that riza is definitely an aquarian...and her birthday seems to be not too far before Edo's... tell me what you think:

i already mentioned aquarius traits for Edo's profile, so i really feel no need to retype we'll go straight to the birthday... February 5th (hurray! two hagaren birthdays in one month! *dances*)

"Those born onf February 5th lend fluency and grace to most any endeavor. They have a convincing manner that, in a quiet way, announces that they mean business {uh...yeah... *eyes pistol*}. Perhaps less eloquent with words than with deeds, February 5th people have a reassuring physical presence that suggests they can be relied on in a pinch. Those born on this day that do have verbal gifts often speak in a rather terse and direct manner, yet their speech has a compelling charm and imaginativeness.

"February 5th people are insightful in their analyses of the current situation. Not everyone will agree with them, by any means, since their opinionated views tend to arouse opposition, and their sellf-assured and somewhat breezy presentation can ruffle feathers. Most often those born on this day only give their listeners one chance to understand. If they are misunderstood, they may not bother to clarify or explain.

"Highly evolved February 5th people have a sophisticated poise, which can be very reassuring indeed, especially in difficult situations in which they are called upon to take the lead. However, this sense of confidence can sometimes arouse irritation, particularly if they adopt a condescending attitude {...she doesn't have to worry about that...}.

"February 5th people are many-faceted individuals, who show a great deal, but also hold a lot back. They can be very protective to those dear to them {uhhh...yeah...} but they themselves can use the backing and protection of more powerful individuals or organizations. Most often February 5th people can be found working for groups and organizations, and contributing a great deal of energy to family and friends."

i found these to be very fitting:





heh...Roy better watch out...Riza wears the pants in this relationship i'd say...

The February 5th meditation mantra was also ironically appropriate to her situation...

"Getting a fire started can be much easier than extinguishing it..."

O_o is that a hentai allusion?

anyway... i think it's pretty appropriate and accurate for her...what do you guys think?

Ninie... let's do Aru next. Cancer the Crab comes to mind for Aru... so what's his Chinese animal, in your expert opinion? XD
Queen of the dammed
Oh my... they really are acurate... biggrin.gif
@Tokage: Riza fits that description very well biggrin.gif , and that "Getting a fire started can be much easier then extinguishing it" comment... *blinks a few times* blink.gif I don't get it.

Roy: *comes up to Hex-Sama* Let me explain, *clears his throat* you see... When a man and a woman like each other a lot-

Hex-Sama: *covers her ears* No! I was just kidding! I know what it means!

Roy: You poor thing sad.gif . Your in denile. You must let me explain it to you biggrin.gif . *grabs some dolls* Now, watch very carefully, because I'm only going to do this once.

Hex-Sama: *covers her eyes* Your not my Sex Ed. teacher for crying out loud! And your a grown man, put those dolls away!

Roy: ohmy.gif ... *throws the dolls to the ground* FINE mad.gif ! *storms off and pouts* dry.gif
*tokage pounces roy* ROYYYYY, we have the same chinese zodiac sign! *squeee, un-pounces and dusts him off* oh, and if you want to give hex a proper explanation, you really need to give a live demonstration... *big grin* here, let me help... wub.gif

*cough* erhem...i mean uh... yes... well... *sweatdrop* anyway...

hex, have i mentioned that you crack me up? XD

working on my little new years roiai, so i'll put aru's birthday up in a bit when i'm finished. happy.gif
...scary. o_O;; And the Chinese Zodiac is actually quite accurate when one thinks about it...well, just keep up the good work. XD Should be interesting trying to find everyone's birthdays.

Still, I don't quite understand how you can pinpoint the exact date. Oo;; Mind explaining? ^^;;
@Tokage: ohmy.gif *covers her eyes* AH! IT BURNS! Hey, you and Roy have the same chinese zodiac sign, and it's the rooster? Go have your own private "demonstration" in the chicken pen laugh.gif !... I'm getting out of here before you guys get serious! *bolts off*

Roy: Wait sad.gif ! I have one question!

Hex-Sama: *stops* WHAT?! dry.gif

Roy: How do you like your eggs in the morning biggrin.gif ?

Hex-Sama: huh.gif ... Unfertilized tongue.gif ! *sprints off*
QUOTE(DNAzne @ Dec 30 2004, 11:29 PM)
...scary. o_O;; And the Chinese Zodiac is actually quite accurate when one thinks about it...well, just keep up the good work. XD Should be interesting trying to find everyone's birthdays.

Still, I don't quite understand how you can pinpoint the exact date. Oo;; Mind explaining? ^^;;

i have a book that gives an in-depth profile of traits common to people born on specific dates... every single person i have ever recited it for has been frighteningly i thought it would be fun to use it to find a birthdate that fit the hagaren characters. XD since there are no official birthdays made public yet.

and hex, you are so hilarious! XD XD XD

*drags roy off to the chicken pen, and riza follows with weapons of mass destruction*
Queen of the dammed
*Sits 100000000km from the chicken pen with a powerful telescope* I think this would be a good show.... XDDD Just curious, I wonder who belongs to the year of Snake in FMA??
tokage and Ninie do make an interesting pair. Keep up the work.
Oh, I'm so sorry, tokage! I had no Internet for a few days... I'm not home, but I'll come back the 2nd or 3th.

So, Roy Nov. 19, Ed Feb. 13, and Riza Feb. 5. Sorry, my memory is sometimes... well, crappy.

Okay, I'll go look for Al's chinese zodiac. Born in 1900... He should be a mouse...

EDIT: Okay, I got it!

People born in the year of the mouse share some of the characteristics of a mouse. They are optimistic,cheerful, do not fall into low spirits no matter how hard the circumstances,and will fight for their lives. At the same time, they are sensitive like a mouse, and have good intuition and imagination, but they are not good at logically drawing their own conclusions.

People born in the year of the mouse are usually optimistic, cheerful and easy to get along with. Generally speaking, people born in the year of the mouse are easy to get along with. You can find them in circles of close friends and they are usually very friendly.

People born in the year of the mouse treasure their relationships with friends and relatives. Sometimes you will find that they connect their lives closely to those of others. This is because once they like somebody, they can't bear to leave them.

They will let friends or relatives live in their homes, but they can always find something for them to do. They even let lazy-bones and beggars
(And cats)move in and they provide work for them to do in their houses.

People born in the year of the mouse are able to keep secrets, but they enjoy finding out the secrets of other people.

People born in the year of the mouse can succeed in everything because they are as clever as mice. They are able to overcome all kinds of difficulties, and face dangers fearlessly. Because of their cool and quick-witted minds, their keen insight and deep understanding of life, defeats in life sharpen their minds and make them out of ordinary.

Among the "twelve animals," the mouse is the most sentimental. So he is not only attached to his children but also to the elder members of his family. Children born in the year of the mouse are considerate towards their parents, trust their parents and forgive any mistakes of their parents.
(Like with Hohenheim...)

And he is a metal mouse! biggrin.gif (1840, 1900, 1960)

So, who's next? biggrin.gif
QUOTE(hagane_no_tokage @ Dec 31 2004, 12:02 AM)
every single person i have ever recited it for has been frighteningly accurate...

Horribly frighteningly accurate. blink.gif
awwww, aru the metal mouse! chuuu... XD so cute. and no worries, ninie i've been kinda busy, too... *pet* it's no problem, this isn't homework. XD

okay, as for our favorite rodent's actual birthday...i think aru is a crabby mouse... meaning a cancer sign... here's why:

Cancer Traits

Emotional and loving
Intuitive and imaginative
Shrewd and cautious
Protective and sympathetic

Downfalls of...

Changeable and moody
Overemotional and touchy
Clinging and unable to let go

* Hobbies
* Romance
* Children
* Home and Country
* Parties

* Aggravating situations
* Failure
* Opposition
* Being told what to do
* Advice (good or bad)

so, that in mind, i see aru's birthday as being July 3rd.

"Many born on this day see themselves as upholders of the rights of the common man. True champions of the strangest and most wayward individuals (*coughcoughEDO!cough*), they themselves may be just as likely to be of conservative appearance (unless they happen to be souls bound to ginormous empty suits of armor) and habits.

Many July 3 people seem archly cynical. Yet on closer examination, one finds that their cynicism is a facade sent up to hide a marked sensitivity; thus they build a protective shell (armor?) around themselves. Those born on this day are not only interested in strange people, but in the peculiar traits of normal people as well, and with unerring accuracy assess the eccentricities of the creature known as a human being.

July 3 people tend to be highly philosophical...surveying [life] as a judge might from his bench. They can also wield the gavel well, putting an end to extraneous, discursive or pretentious talk with quick dispatch. Friends and family of July 3 people may find them alternately amusing and imposing, but perhaps take them less than seriously. THis can hurt July 3 people who who need the support of others but but are often afraid to make a direct appeal for it. Sometimes they can go along for years hoping to find someone who really appreciates their thinking."

seems pretty good... so what have we got so far...?

Riza Day: February 5th
Edo Day: February 13th
Aru Day: July 3rd
Roy Day: November 19th

how about Winry next? Winry seems like an Aries. let's see what the book says... XD
O.O thats so freaky
where the heck does it snow in october?

Melbourne, Australia. Mt Bulla. Year 9 camp. This is really strange! >.< AHHH we frikkin froze!

Al is most defenitly a mouse *nod nod*

Its weird how accurate these things are. Not just for characters but IRL too. I'm Tarus/Rabbit and very tarus-rabbity. Lots of people I know fit theirs too.
okay, i would have to say i believe Winry is definitely an Aries...

Aries Traits

Adventurous and energetic
Pioneering and courageous
Enthusiastic and confident
Dynamic and quick-witted

Downfalls of...

Selfish and quick-tempered
Impulsive and impatient
Foolhardy and daredevil


* Action
* Coming in first
* Challenges
* Championing Causes
* Spontaneity


* Waiting Around
* Admitting Failure
* No opposition
* Tyranny
* Other peoples' advice

and so...we have Winry day on April Fool's Day...April 1st.


technically skillful



"Those born on April 1st are straightforward, self-disciplined, thoughtful and hardworking people. Even as children they manifest a serious, conscientious attitude toward daily life, shouldering many responsibilities that other children would find a burden (like...the death of their parents...? T__T). As they grow, they invariably develop into reliable figures whose friends and family can depend on year in and year out.

The subtleties of technique can become a mania for April 1st people. They are interested in mastering every aspect of what they do; to ask others for help would only be an embarrassment for them. Super-capable, they usually learn their craft on their own, outside of school. Able to learn from experience and observe the methods of those they admire, they soon develop a style which is uniquely their own. Often those born on this day have a passion for history, for studying how things were done before and why they did or did not succeed. It is not their own success that concerns them, rather the success of their projects and endeavors.

The drive is very strong in April 1st people to bring matters of concern to a satisfactory conclusion. Thus they will finish a project no matter how much energy is required or how great the sacrifice. The only recreation attractive to these disciplined individuals is often a hobby, which they pursue with such zeal that others may mistake it for work."

Winry to a tee, don't you think? XD Ninie, if she and Edo are the same age, that would make her a boar as well, right? i guess there's no need to post the same info twice unless there are differences somehwere...?

and i suppose i was thinking northern hemisphere... i forgot that oz's seasons are reversed from mine here in the states... apologies for the broad and biased assumption. *bows*
Ok these predictions are VERY ACCURATE. 0__________0 I'm almost scared that sounds about right for Winry.
heh...maybe i should start calling myself the astrology alchemist... i'll transmute your future with my tarot cards.... muhuhahahaahah!!!
Panzer Dragoon
blink.gif Scary, very scary. sad.gif I was hoping Al was a Scorpio like me. We sorta have the same personality. I'm a poisonous horse, a scorpio and a horse! huh.gif A mouse huh? I bet he feels like one.
QUOTE(hagane_no_tokage @ Jan 1 2005, 12:32 PM)
heh...maybe i should start calling myself the astrology alchemist...  i'll transmute your future with my tarot cards....  muhuhahahaahah!!!

@Tokage: *bows* Yes, the astrology alchemist biggrin.gif . It fits you well. So does Fanfiction master laugh.gif .

To those of you who haven't read the stories that Tokage has kindly posted on this site, I strongly advice you to read them smile.gif . You won't regret it biggrin.gif .
*blush* you're too kind, hex... happy.gif heh, despite what they say, i say flattery will get you places... ^o^ ohohoho!

i'm so glad you enjoy my stories. it's so much more rewarding to write when you know people enjoy reading them as much as you enjoy writing them. XD i love the roy/riza pairing, and i'm tossing around some ideas for another oneshot or three...but i'm gonna get some more work done on shinkume before i embark on another oneshot.

in any case...back on-topic... since we've done profiles for the main protagonists, i figured i'd branch off with roy's subordinates...and since Hughes was the highest ranking subordinate...where better to start?

Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

i think our beloved Maes Hughes is a taurus. here's why:

Taurus Traits

Patient and reliable
Warmhearted and loving
Persistent and determined
Placid and security loving

Downfalls of...

Jealous and possessive
Resentful and inflexible
Self-indulgent and greedy

* Stability
* Being Attracted
* Things Natural
* Time to Ponder
* Comfort and Pleasure

* Disruption
* Being pushed too hard
* Synthetic or "man made" things
* Being rushed
* Being indoors

some of the darker traits of the taurus don't quite seem to fit with Hughes's goofy loveable personality, but we really didn't get to see much of a darker side of him, so i had to go with the positive traits...and Taurus just seemed to fit him best. i would surely belive he's possessive...and prolly a little know? happy.gif

so, that in mind...i see Maes Hughes's birthday as April 30th.

"April 30th people are dominating personalities, but often have a desire to give up positions of responsibilities and retire to a life of gracious ease. In discharging their professional responsibilities, they live by the book... Though they make exacting bosses and managers {or military officers}, they are good enough to hold themselves to the same standards. Because, for many born on this day, duty is a god...

Probably the greatest need if April 30 people in an authoritative position is to be loved and respected by those working under them. As colleagues, they both enjoy and thrive on the warmth of comradeship. In return, they tend to be highly protective toward their staff or fellow workers {or superior officers... XD}...

The need for April 30 people for affection from family and friends is also great. Children soon learn how to get what they want from an April 30 parent. who may seem intractible but in reality is putty in the hands of a cleverly manipulative son or daughter. Those born on this day are particularly vulnerable to the charms of a child of the opposite sex {'wanna see a picture of my daughter Elycia????? She's 3 today!!!!!!!!' XD}.

...those born on this day admire grace and cleverness, even when they see that a subtle argument is being used to turn them around. The nurturing qualities of this day tend to be very great {you think?? O_o}, but April 30 parents must avoid smothering their children with too much (well-meant) attention."

XD another dead ringer, i'd say. ^___^ ninie, what do you say? what animal is our dear Maes? wub.gif
I've just come back! happy.gif I'll look for Maes.

It's great for Winry! biggrin.gif

EDIT: Okay, this was hard... He could be born in 1882, so he would be a horse. That would make him 32 in 1914... Too old? It's the only one around 30 I found that could fit...

People born in the year of the horse are sanguine, sharp-minded, dress fashionably, gifted with a silver tongue, and have acute insight.

They are vigorous and energetic. Their most striking point lies in their strong self-confidence, gentleness, and the ability to act as agents in financial transactions.

They like to be engaged in intellectual activities and sports, and people can see this from their skillful actions, graceful posture, and eagerness while speaking. They react quickly and can decide promptly and opportunely. A person born in the year of the horse is generous, likes to join in fun, and are totally easy going persons. They are flexible, active and intelligent, and can usually control others.

A person born in the year of the horse is always enormously proud of his own success, has many good ideas, and is good at solving knotty problems. He can achieve great success in dealing with chaotic matters.

These people like to be surrounded and served by their relatives and friends. They can channel other people's thinking to their own by using excellent words. And they will not give up until they have poured out all their thoughts, dancing with joy.

However, they are not greedy,selfish, or envious. They will only get angry, but never engage in intrigue or conspiracy when there is trouble on all sides.

They are often engaged in several activities at the same time, and are good at controlling situations. They put their plans into practice without hesitation once they have made up their minds. They either rush about to devote themselves to their careers, or they become extremely fatigued, and lie down.

They are always active in stirring up situations, and can bring about sunshine in winter.

They also usually have a large circle of acquaintances and friends, and make new friends every day.

They like to make their marks in the world, and often take the lead when there is nobody else to take responsibility for a decision.

And his bithdate is per-fect! biggrin.gif This is going so well!
Omakase Shimasu
I was just reading the scanlations (T.T) and I just had to comment on Hughes' date of birth.

Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

But the sign you already have fits so good already, so... biggrin.gif;;

(Btb, kudos to you guys for digging up the info about them! wink.gif)
QUOTE(Omakase Shimasu @ Jan 2 2005, 06:02 PM)
I was just reading the scanlations (T.T) and I just had to comment on Hughes' date of birth.

Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
Scrutinizing his stone... >.> <.< >.> it looks more like 1884 - 1918 to me...

But the sign you already have fits so good already, so... biggrin.gif;;

(Btb, kudos to you guys for digging up the info about them! wink.gif)

Hum... 1884 means Monkey. It fits, too, but I like horse the best.

People born in the year of the monkey can cope with almost any intricacy with a sober mind. Ambitious and knowledgeable as they are, they can achieve great success in whatever career they decide to embrace.

However, they have their weak points, such as a strong sense of superiority, egoism and vanity.
Omakase Shimasu
Strong sense of superiority, egoism and vanity...? biggrin.gif;; I agree, Horse suits him best out of the two. Sorry for the disturbance~
no, we appreciate--*i* do, anyway, i guess it's rude to speak for ninie...--the feedback. happy.gif i personally can't stand it when something i have written up turns out to be inaccurate to cannon universe, so if you ever see anything in a fic or a thought i've put up, please don't hesitate to make me stand corrected. i *hate* having the wrong information. ^___^

okay, next on the ranking ladder behind hughes would be one of my personal favorites: jean havoc. XD i'm torn between two signs tho... a little help?

i think that both gemini and libra seem to fit havoc... which do you think fits better?

Gemini traits

Adaptable and versatile
Communicative and witty
Intellectual and eloquent
Youthful and lively


Nervous and tense
Superficial and inconsistent
Cunning and inquisitive

Libra Traits

Diplomaitic and urbane
Romantic and charming
Easygoing and sociable
Idealistic and peaceable


Indecisive and changeable
Gullible and easily infuenced
Flirtatious and self-indulgent

i'm leaning toward libra, personally...but when in doubt...ask the other fans! XD
Yeah, Kase, I really appreciate it, too. happy.gif

I think Libra fits better for Havoc, too. We'll go with it? For the Chinese... I'm hesitating between Ox, like Hawkeye, and Tiger, one year younger.

I won't write again what I wrote for Riza, so, Tiger:

People born in the year of the tiger have a lively disposition and are forthright and uninhibited in nature. They are broad-minded and quick to action. But there is another aspect to their characters. They are full of suspicion, and sometimes will take hasty action. They never hide their feelings. They are honest, tender, generous and humorous at the same time.

The lives of sentimental people born in the year of the tiger are usually unconventional and unrestrained when they are young. For some of them, this situation never changes. Perhaps this is because they are happy-go-lucky and easy-going people.

People born in the year of the tiger will never give up no matter how frustrated they may become, or how severe are the misfortunes they meet. Even if there is only one spark left, they will try to make it fire their lives. Their spirits never die out, their lives never end.

When they are under pressure, they may want to depend on someone else. But they still give people the impression that they are in control.

He can't bear being ignored or looked down upon. Although he can keep calm on important matters, he will lose his temper in such situations.

It is interesting that the two main features of his character are rashness and hesitation, a pair of contradictions. If he chooses the middle road he may become quite successful.

It also says that while they are passionate and romantic, they may also have problems keeping a steady relationship happy.gif'''

So, what do you think?

EDIT: Hey! Look what I found!

Because 2005 is the year of the rooster, and Roy's a rooster... No, it isn't one of those funny edits. It's just a fan art.
Beautiful fanart. biggrin.gif And I think the description of a tiger that you found for Riza is rather fitting.
Queen of the dammed
Oh my... Roy's making a chicken!!! XDDDD Okay, I know it's a Pheonex, but then... it suits him well! biggrin.gif
@hagane no tokage: I think Libra suits Havoc better too. smile.gif

@Ninie: I think the description of the tiger fits better with Havoc than the ox... That's probably just me though... happy.gif;;

And yes, beautiful fanart! biggrin.gif
Omakase Shimasu
(I'm glad you guys didn't mind my interruption there ^^v)

biggrin.gif And I agree with both the Libra and Tiger! (Hey... Weee~ I'm a Tiger as well~ -^^-)
Wow, you guys do a lot of research! biggrin.gif *reads through the posts with her head all a whirl* Sorry not to contribute anything..
Yeah, I agree that Tiger and Libra suit Havoc biggrin.gif I'm Libra too tongue.gif
I'm a Libra, as well. Yay for inanimate objects in the zodiac! tongue.gif

*looks through everything* Now I have a aching desire to see pictures of Hagaren characters celebrating their birthdays.
i'm so glad you enjoy my stories. it's so much more rewarding to write when you know people enjoy reading them as much as you enjoy writing them. XD i love the roy/riza pairing, and i'm tossing around some ideas for another oneshot or three...but i'm gonna get some more work done on shinkume before i embark on another oneshot.

Tokage you write fics? I must read them 0_0 please tell me what your account is.*searching right now* I think I found it did you write a fanfiction about Riza/Roy and new years? Oh ya good work with the predictions!
Heh, unlike certain people tokage is one productive person.
Queen of the dammed
Hey Tokage... could you find Armstrong's or Pinako's? I'm curious... tongue.gif
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