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News from Japan

鋼の錬金術師: シャンバラを征く者
Fullmetal Alchemist movie: Conqueror of Shambala

During the Fullmetal Alchemist Festival: Tales of Another (more...), the trailer for the upcoming Fullmetal Alchemist movie: Conqueror of Shambala was shown, followed by a short question and answer session with a couple of the production crew. This trailer hasn't been put up on the official movie site yet, but I suppose it will be soon.

The trailer:
Starts off in a factory-sort of place where a block of concrete / rock / metal is transmuted from a part of a pipe and dropped down below. It falls just before a mysterious figure who was doing something to what looked like Al's armor body from the anime series. Then we see the figure wearing a mask of some sort (somehow I am reminded of a cliche character type unique to the Gundam series at this point). Al (in his armor body form) turns and next is a short clip of Ed (with his automail right arm, wearing his usual red coat) running and shouting, "This is OUR world!" (これが俺たちの世界だ!). I don't remember the rest of the trailer at the moment.

IPB Image
Above is an extract of the Fullmetal Alchemist Festival: Tales of Another official pamphlet sold today. It mentions something about the movie based mostly on a man-made castle floating in the sea, and a new masked character (we still don't know if he's ally or enemy).

The staff interview:
The staff first confirmed that Shambala = Paradise. Other than that, I have a feeling those interviewed weren't exactly serious about what they were saying; they mentioned they were still doing the storyboard at this point in time. When asked about what sort of content the movie would consist of, they vaguely answered 'love-love' (?) and did make a very strange comment about Ed having less appearances in the movie (again, they seemed to be half-joking). What disturbed me the most is that they said the voice of Edward Elric might be changed (the whole stadium was freaking out, including me). I would like to believe that they said that to create more hype... but.... Oddly enough Paku Romi was still voicing Edward Elric in the trailer mentioned above.

Last note:
-_-; The trailer was and still is mess'ing with my head. There are a trillion and 6 million questions zooming through my mind at the moment I'm getting a headache.

A trip down to the Fullmetal Alchemist Festival event.
Hagane no Renkinjutsu-shi Festival Tales of Another, Official Pamphlet


which one of the figures set you got? ^^
Ooh! can't wait for the trailer:D... sounds kind of freaky though, and it didn't say really anything to me tongue.gif
Thank you for the info! I'll be checking the website daily until I see that odd trailer blink.gif

Conquerer of Paradise, ka? Interesting
"love-love"? biggrin.gif
I wonder how he got his automail back. I suppose that that means the movie may not be completely about Ed getting back to his world? Since automail is only available in his world. o_o

'love-love'? I like that. I like that alot.. >D
Can't wait to see the trailer ! Hopely the movie is even cooler then the serie (is that possible? huh.gif) !
sounds frecky yet cool hope the movie comes out soon smile.gif
QUOTE(Maxiemonster @ Dec 26 2004, 02:42 PM)
Can't wait to see the trailer ! Hopely the movie is even cooler then the serie (is that possible?  huh.gif) !

it is possible...
Wtf is BONES smoking? Shambala = a Cultural representation of a paradise... >_<
Roy Mustang
Excelent Info!

Well, it's suposed that in the Hagaren Movie Homepage Yyou can find the Trailer, but it's just a preview of the Anime...
agree, the trailer doesn't really show anything..
This sounds kind of stupid, to be honest. I was REALLY hoping for a continuation of the series, but from the sounds of it this is taking place in the same way the DBZ movies did, in a makes-no-sense mishmash of the anime timeline.
who knows, BONES may surprise us tongue.gif but we can't really come to any conclusions until we watch it. i just wish it'd come out sooner, ahh. anyone know how soon we sub-watchers will be able to see it? dec 2005? dry.gif
Well the staff did say the movie would wrap everything up, but the trailer's just so.... o_O????? I'm wondering if they just did that trailer to tease the audience because it doesn't sound as if they had the story all down yet.

And make sure Paku Romi plays Ed. >_< I can't imagine watching Ed with another voice argh,

Rolf: I managed to get all 3 figures
Roy Mustang
You're right...the first time you se FMA (If wou are a fansub watcher), you are amazed by the childish voice in such big body, but you get acusstomed to it...It also makes you remember that they are just kids, it brough you to the reality...they are facing to their destiny and they haven't grown yet...
I wasn't very surprised by the choice of Ed's voice when I first saw the series (Alphonse's one surprised me more, but nevermind).

It's just that Paku Romi's voice IS Ed. I mean this is the voice that has charmed people all across Japan (direct fanbase for the movie) for a year already as Edward Elric. Why would anyone want to hear him speaking in a totally different voice? I really don't see a reason to change the cast member of such an important character. Plus Paku Romi WANTS to do Edward Elric in the movie (she was saying that during the event) so there's not a chance she will refuse the roll.

>_< I was screaming along with the whole crowd when the staff revealed Ed's voice MIGHT be someone else's. GRRRR(*&!(%!

P.S: I have heard an official drama CD that was made before the anime, with another voice-actress as Edward (all cast was different). It was... painful. Not to say the voice acting was bad, but like I said, Paku Romi's voice IS Ed.
Omakase Shimasu
Edward with another voice actor...

O.o Freaky, since I was checking ANN Encyclopedia's voice actor list of the FMA Movie and they had two voice actors behind Ed's name. Romi Paku and a man I haven't heard of before... Maybe Edward grows up somewhere at the end and Romi's voice is too feminine...?

T.T I don't really like what they're implying here...
*Freaks out worse than Ed when called chibi, turns into Godzilla and stomps down BONES*

Grraaaaah NOOOOOOO~! Paku Romi IS Ed!!)(*&($!&

Kaseshi-chan: Perhaps if you could give me the link to that credit list~???
Blue pats poor Sycia's head (It'll be ok!!!)

We'll if the rumor is true (that some portion will be 2 years in the future) It may be possible that his voice has gotten deeper....but yea Seeing current age Ed w/ a different voice would be too much. dry.gif
ahh , oops that person above was me (random people mustn't go around patting heads...hehe)

Other thing to add: From watching the trailer were you able to tell if the Ed shown was the older version somehow brought back to the FMA world? Apparently Al seemed to be in his metal maybe he was only able to bring Ed back if things went back to the way it was when the series started (If that's so, then that would really really suck for them wouldn't it?

I want to see the trailer so badly!!!!!
Paku Romi not Ed? *Screams in horror* That's impossible nobody is ed except Paku Romi. 0________0 why won't they put the trailer up on site already?!!!
They are messing with our minds; that's the only explanation. I don't think BONES would be dumb enough to change Ed's voice. As for the movie trailer, I don't know... I'm now kind of scared to watch it... They must not have the whole story written yet. And these are the makers of FMA, I don't think they would disappoint us fans. No matter how high my expectations were, they were always able to surprise me. Have confidence in their talents. They know what they're doing.
Oh Great Telepika, thank you for pulling everybody back down to Earth with your wise words~ *bows*
Why thank you Ailuro. cool.gif *Bows in return*
blueices: lol, I tend to get pat on the head a lot in real life~ I don't know if Ed and Al were back in their world, be alchemy was DEFINITELY being used there. Also, I'm not sure if that was really Al's in that armor (because he didn't speak), but it DID move so someone's inside...

Fresh Coffee: It'll be put up soon, I think. Unless Bones made that trailer specifically to mess with the heads of the 30,000 people who went for the event~

telepika: I would like to think that way, but there's always this small chance that they've got a reason to change his voice~
telepika : Bones are the makers of FMA the anime. The original FMA has always been the manga, created by Arakawa Hiromu. So to claim they are the makers of FMA ( ala the only FMA ) is a bit misleading... Yes, I'm being picky tongue.gif
Maybe it was Al, inside the armor. Since he has a body he can wear it, yet there would be no reason for him to do that, at least that's what I think fromt he information given..

Nevermind.. ignore me and my pointless musings.. tongue.gif
QUOTE(Ailuro @ Dec 28 2004, 06:32 PM)
Maybe it was Al, inside the armor. Since he has a body he can wear it, yet there would be no reason for him to do that, at least that's what I think fromt he information given..

Well the armor had those 'eyes' with it~ (those lil light-like stuff)
Oh.. nevermind then. huh.gif
^^; It's most likely Al trapped in that armor again, but until I hear the voice for confirmation, I dare not assume~
I'd wonder how he'd get back in the suit. Ed wouldn't do it again, I'm pretty sure he's learned his lesson and wouldn't want to put Al through that again..
Yeah... the trailer is x_X
Oh hell... Please don't change Ed's VA Studio BONES!!!! I'm BEGGING you!!!!!!!!!!! ;_____________;

...Oh, and write the damn movie before you make a trailer!!! >_<
Let's just pray they were just kidding with us~
Omakase Shimasu
Hmmm, weird beyond words. blink.gif I just revisited the ANNN Encyclopedia and they've removed the second voice actor behind Edward's name... Time to rejoice or...? ph34r.gif I don't know what to think anymore.
Hmmm, there was a different voice actress for Ed when the first drama was made way back before the anime~ maybe they meant that person instead~ ^^
Omakase Shimasu
Yeah, maybe I was just being paranoid for nothing. I surely hope so, because I don't want anybody doing Ed's voice except for Paku Romi (or is that the other way around...? ^^;;)! T.T She's soooo~ good.

O_O Can it be that it was just a nightmare? Is it really over? Is Romi Paku forever Ed's VA?!


*dances* X3
thant's true there used to be some other perso doing him but is not there anymore. and i've just visied the official movie page. do you know how the file with the trailer is named?? teaser. that makes sense does't it biggrin.gif
from what i'm hearing(reading) from the seems that this movie will be set b4 the last few episodes or may not even follow the story lines at all.... i'd compare it to the cowboy bebop, naruto and Dragonball Z or even the pokemon movies ph34r.gif . This happens in alot in animes so i won't be suprized if it has nothing to do with the story line in FMA that we all seen so far.
Queen of the dammed
I shall cry if it does not continue from the end of the Anime....
QUOTE(Queen of the dammed @ Dec 30 2004, 11:46 PM)
I shall cry if it does not continue from the end of the Anime....

actually, i think i would DIE if it wasn't a continuation.
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