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Full Version: The Shadow War
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Hi..its a fic I've had in my head a while. I dont think I've posted it here so here goes.

The Shadow War
By Haroken


1100 years earlier: Humanity won the war with the Kagi, shadow demons, banishing them to the Dark Continent of the east. 600 years earlier: The Great Kingdom of Aleysia made allies with former enemies, the kingdoms of Vale and Laurice, forming the Aleysian Alliance. After the alliance was made, few kingdoms dared go to war with any of them, and a great peace was attained. This war, in which the alliance was attained, would be later known as the War of the Alliance. 450 years earlier: the Aleysian Alliance came to the aid of a smaller country being attacked by Gelian pirates, Sentia. Sentia soon after became a part of the Aleysian alliance. Since Sentia entered the alliance, war has been thought of as a thing of the past. The only problem that ever arises is the nation of Gelia and their plundering ways.

The present:…

Chapter 1: The Kingdom of Aleysia

The sun was rising, and the birds were chirping. A new day had begun. As the sun rose, its light began to show itself to the world, awakening the sleeping, and rejuvenating the tired. The light now shone on the great kingdom of Aleysia, a peacekeeper of the world. Aleysia had long been a peaceful nation, keeping war out of it and its allies’ territories for almost 500 years. But, soon everything will change… Inside the Aleysian castle, King Aeson, of the Pailin royal family, had just awoken. Arising from his bed, Aeson got himself dressed, and alerted the sentries outside his door of his awakening.
“Heh, it seems my wife Rebecca has already gotten out of bed. She’ll yell at me again for sleeping in for sure, ha ha.”
Aeson went to his balcony, slowly pulling the curtains aside, as to adjust to the bright light of the star, warming their home. Taking a good look at the greatness of his kingdom, Aeson let out a small sigh of relief.
“Another beautiful day. May the gods let it remain that way…”
Taking a quick stretch, he looked down to the parade grounds where he caught sight of several companies of the Aleysian army being drilled by a Sgt. Murphy. The soldiers did not seem too happy…
“Hehe, that old bag will never let it easy on those new recruits will he? Ha ha.”
“No, but that’s just a personality trait. I think it can be fixed.” A voice chuckled.
Aeson turned around to find the High Commander of his army, General Maxwell Ryker, standing in full armor, with his VERY large broadsword, the Immortal, given to him by the King, who had used the same style sword when he had battled to protect his land. Ryker was a strong, loyal, yet friendly man who was 6’1’’ with dark brown hair that was long and let down to his shoulders. He was brawny and muscular, green-eyed, and wise from the experience of his many battles. Throughout his many battles, he had never found the need to visit an infirmary, which granted him the same moniker as his weapon, “The Immortal.” He is about 37 years old
“Good Morning, your highness.” Ryker said, kneeling to his King.
“And to you as well, Ryker. Please, stand. In this room we are equals, ha ha.” The King replied with a handshake to the rising General.
“Another beautiful day, General.” The King of Aleysia said, staring out into the world.
“Aye. It is.”
“So, how goes the Order of the Paladin? You are the Head of my personal elite, you know?”
“The Order is in fine shape. We will always be at your side, my Lord!”
“That’s good to hear my friend.” Letting out a sigh, the King once again looked at his kingdom. “You know, it’s a shame I can’t see this forever…”
“Wha-What do you mean my lord!? Are you ill!? Is something troubling you!?”
“No, no, no! Nothing of the sort! Calm down, Ryker. I only meant, that I am getting old. I won’t be able to protect this land forever. Someone must take my place. Which means, that my daughter Rosa will need to find a husband soon…or geez, at least a boyfriend!”
“No offense King Aeson, but is this really a laughing matter? This topic includes the future of Aleysia. Although you are right, she is quite picky.”
“Of course, you are right my old friend…. But we will need a new protector…soon.”
“Why is that,” Ryker said startled. “You feel something bad will happen?”
“I just got a feeling, that’s all, a little shiver running down my spine… So, how’s the army doing? I heard you gave an inspection the other day?”
“Hmph. This generation isn’t much for making a decent army. Especially with the long reign of peace we have had. Sure, every now and again we get problems with the Gelian pirates, but its nothing we can’t handle.”
“Are you saying that there is no one at all that has any chance in our army!?”
“I didn’t say that…there are a few. In the 14th company, there is a special squad…”
“Hmm?” the King said, with a puzzled look. “How so?”
“Well, I came down a month or two ago, and saw that some of the soldiers didn’t well, ‘fit in.’ So I threw all those people into one squadron. Squadron Pariah”
“So…what is so special about them?”
“Well, most of them aren’t going to become outstanding soldiers, but they can follow orders, but two in particular are quite amazing…”
“….” A silence swept the room, as a gentle breeze floated through the air.
“And they would be….”
“Oh yes! Sorry. Privates Silas Rhaduum and Terias Lein.”
“Why are they so special?”
“Well, Terias is amazingly strong, and a good fighter, however, he is as dumb as a brick. He has always been seen as the strongest which may pose some rage problems. Silas is the surprising one. To be blunt, he has 5 dominant traits. 1) He is extremely loyal to Aleysia and the royal family. 2) He is very intelligent/logical. 3) He is an EXCEPTIONAL swordsman. I have never seen anything like it really. 4) He’s the clumsiest guy I’ve ever met in all of my life, And 5) he has a knack for inventing, but unfortunately this trait has gotten him into a bit of trouble in town…”
“Eh? How so?”
“Well, He made an automatic slingshot, and used it to shoot apples at targets, but it got out of hand and he accidentally shot a few people! Ha ha ha!”
“Uh, back on topic please?” Aeson said, giving Ryker a stare.
“He he. Right…Anyway, he is smart but seems to have nearly no common sense at all. It seems to be these things which alienate him from everyone.”
“Well, to be perfectly Frank, he has few friends. You see, he was an orphan for as far back as he can remember. At that young an age, he didn’t learn, well, the social graces. It is this which alienates him, for he didn’t exactly learn how to make friends.”
“An orphan you say? Not many of them nowadays in Aleysia.”
“Yes, it seems he was raised by a Light Mage.”
“Ugh, mages. I can’t believe there are people that still believe in this kind of thing.”
“Don’t say that in Sentia, or you might lose a valuable ally!”
“Hardy har har, Ryker. Anyway, you were saying?”
“Oh yes, It is his lack of friends that drives his determination to be the best he can be. He has to prove to the friends he has that he is something to be proud of.”
“What kind of job experience did the two of them have?”
“Well sire, Silas has made himself known as quite the blacksmith. This is where he puts his inventive side to work. Terias, well, he worked as a bodyguard.”
“So, those are the best two out there?” The King pondered.
“Indeed, sire.”
“Right… Why don’t you go down to the parade field and check up on the soldiers, Ryker?”
“Of course. Your highness.” Ryker said, putting his arm across his chest in salute. He then left to join the army.
“Sigh…” The King closed his curtains and went to inner rooms of the castle to do his duties as King.


“You filthy maggots! I want to see some real push-ups! 1,2,1,2,1,2 MOVE IT!”
Out on the parade field, Sgt. Murphy was drilling the month old “new” recruits. The soldiers did as they were ordered, but weren’t too fond of it.
“Alright, that’s enough.” Murphy called. “Time for some ‘fencing’ practice. First up, Privates Lein and Shargas!”
As the two soldiers began to duel, a private in the crowd began to mutter to himself.
“Damn, this is so boring…” Silas Rhaduum had been doing the same routine for over a month and was getting al little tired. He was about 5’11’’ and 155 pounds. He has blue eyes and blackish hair that was slightly long but somewhat spiked. He is about 20 years old. “If I were to go against Terias I’d kick his sorry ass.”
“RHADUUM!!!!” Murphy shouted.
“Wha?” Silas, said in bewilderment.
“PAY ATTENTION! You know what? You’re up. Duel with Private Lein here.
As Silas walked over, happy that he could finally get a chance to show his stuff, Murphy whispered to Lein, “Kick his ass. I can’t stand this kid. ‘Incapacitate him’ and you’ll be very happy.”
“No problem, Sgt.” Terias replied with a malicious glint in his eyes.
“Silas drew his sword, not the army issue. A finely crafted sword, it was very strong, made of an extremely rare metal that was nearly unbreakable. It seemed to be made just for him. He named it Deimos, after seeing the name in a dream.
“Alright my Deimos, lets show him how to use a sword.” Silas said, pumping himself up.
“Ready…GO!” Murphy shouted, dropping his hand, as to start the duel.
“Bring it on…” whispered Silas.
“HAHAHA! You’re mine small fry!” Terias shouted. Making a thrust to Silas’ right side, he found it deflected. “Grr…” He attacked again on the right side. Again, deflected. “Stupid…” He went for the left side, and found himself back 10 feet. “Wha, what happened!?”
“Simple. You went for my left side, I parried, and pushed you back.” Silas said with a smirk.
“WHAT!? You can’t beat me, you’re nothing but a small wuss!”
“Heh, you can’t beat what you can’t touch, idiot.”
“HOW DARE YOU!?” Terias attacked in a wild rage, again being thrown several feet back. Sgt. Murphy stared, amazed at Silas’ ability.
“No, no way. He’s incredible. Eh?” Staring at Silas’ Sword, he found a loophole. “Hold it Stop the duel!”
“Huh?” Silas said, angered that he couldn’t strut his stuff.
“Let me see your sword Private Rhaduum.”
“But its mine…”
“…Fine, sir.” Silas said with a sarcastic twist, handing over the sword. Murphy looked it over, marveling at the craftsmanship.
“You know Silas, this sword is definitely not army issue.”
“No kidding. Its mine.”
“Well, Section 13, Article 5, Paragraph 3, Point A. of the Aleysian army guidelines says that a soldier of the Aleysian Army cannot use his own weapon unless it is allowed by the king. Did you get permission from the king?”
“Well, sorta…I guess…maybe…”
“Sorta? SORTA!? Either you did or you didn’t, and I think you didn’t! Most can’t do this unless they have some form of rank. Therefore, that is breaking the rules! Because of this and your clean record, instead of giving you a demerit, I’ll just confiscate this sword…”
“Then you had to get permission. Who’d you get it from, then? From whom? FROM WHOM!?”
“From me.”
Murphy turned around to find that he was staring face to face with General Ryker, and he didn’t look too happy.
“That’s, General Ryker. Sgt. Murphy.”
“Of course, Gen, General Ryker!”
‘Now, give Private Rhaduum back his sword.”
“Certainly…” Murphy handed over the sword with a great deal of reluctance. Silas smiled and looked over to the General.
“Okay. I’m calling it a day for you guys.” Ryker said, making the crowd very happy. “Go have a fun afternoon.” The crowd ran off, including a scared Murphy, except for Silas who remained to speak with Ryker.
“Uh, General Ryker sir?”
“Yes, Private Rhaduum?”
“Why did you help me? I didn’t ask for permission…”
“Still, you are excellent with this sword. You need to be able use it.” Ryker smiled. Just curious, but how did you get your hands on this magnificent blade?”
“Well, Sir, to be honest, I found it.”
“Private Rhaduum! Did you steal this sword? That’s a felony!”
“No! I told you, I found it. I’ve had it ever since I can remember. It wasn’t until I was older that I could really use it though. I practiced a lot.”
“I can tell. But, this metal…what is it?”
“I call it, ‘Aleysium,’ after the city. I discovered it in my workshop. I’m a blacksmith. I reforged the sword and made it better, and it is as you see it now. The Deimos!”
“I know. But still… it’s quite good. You could become an incredible soldier. In fact, I have a mission I’m planning on, which will include a lot of the members of your Squadron. Alright!?”
“Okay.” Silas said, thinking of what the mission could be.
“Go on home or whatever it is you do for fun. I’ll get you when I need you.” Silas wandered off, leaving Ryker alone in the middle of the parade grounds. “You’re gonna be one hell of a soldier, kid.” He said, as he walked off toward the castle, to prepare the upcoming mission.

Chapter 2: Debriefing

One week has passed since the “Sgt. Murphy incident.” Silas began to train harder with Deimos, to be the best he could.
“YAH!” he said, practicing a vertical sweep outside his home. “If General Ryker, one of the greatest soldiers to ever live, says I can be good, then I WILL be good.” After practicing a few more hours, Silas began to grow tired. “What time is it? 1400? Guess I better get to the castle. The meeting Ryker was talking about is today.” Grabbing his uniform, he rushed off to the castle.
Half an hour later, Silas entered the castle gates. “Ah, its good to be alive! Now where to meet Ryker?” He said. “…Damn! Can’t remember…oh well. I’ll just head to the parade grounds. Someone’s bound to know.”
As he walked through the castle courtyards, he began to take in how big Castle Aleysia really was. It was an architectural milestone, with arches, towers, and spires; it was one of the best defensive structures made as well. As he was walking he stopped to smell the flowers. As he bent down, he saw something that caught his eye. “Who is that hottie?” As he peeked through the bushes, he saw a young woman watering a garden. “She’s uber-hot!” As he moved in for a closer look, he found her to be even more appealing. He finally struck up the nerve to talk to her. “Hey babe. Are you from the Stars…because you look out of this world!”
As the woman turned around, Silas jumped back in fright. “Pri-Princess Rosa! Oh I’m so sorry! (You idiot!)” Princess Rosa was about 19 years old, and about 5’5’’. She had light brown hair and a fair complexion. She has…good assets (hehe) and her weight is undisclosed… as if you wouldn’t be able to guess.
“YOU BETTER BE!” Rosa screamed, slapping him across the face. “Who the hell are you?”
“My name’s Silas Rhaduum. I’m in the army.”
“That’s just great. Really I mean it. Now buzz off.”
“Oh come on. How can you say no to this hot bod?” Silas said, flexing his muscles.
“Simple. First I open my mouth, breathe in air, move my vocal chords, and say the letters, N and O together, making the word, NO. Amazing isn’t it?”
“Funny. Really. You should make a career out of it.” Silas whispered sarcastically.
“What was that!?”
“Nothing. But why do you seem to dislike me so much? We haven’t even met!”
“Its not you, well, maybe, yeah it sort of is. But I’m waiting for Terias Lein. He’s such a hunk!”
“Blech.” Silas said, disgusted at another person marveling at his rival. “Anyway, you ARE the princess. You have any idea where Ryker is having a meeting?”
“YOU know General Ryker?”
“Well yeah, Princess, I AM in the army.”
“Well, I heard he was meeting in the Assembly hall inside the Western wing of the castle.” She said, hoping to get rid of him.
“THANKS! Oh, you’re my new hero! Now I won’t get yelled at! I could hug you!”
“Hug me, and I will bitchslap you straight to Vale…”
“Of course, Princess.” He said, bowing. “Wow, she’s cute. I wish she’d be my damsel in distress.” He muttered.
“What was that little remark?” Rosa questioned, becoming furious.
“Uh, nothing. Bye!” Silas squeaked running off to the assembly hall. “Why the hell did I day that out loud?” He thought to himself.
“Little lecher…but he was sorta cute…WHAT AM I THINKING” Rosa said, smacking herself. “He’s nothing to Terias. Wherever you are Terias, Here I come!”


“Men, you are Squadron Pariah, the outcast squad of the Aleysian army. I think it is time you prove your worth.”
General Ryker had begun his debriefing on the upcoming mission.
“Now, this isn’t exactly a hard mission, but it must be done, nonetheless. So, here’s what we’ll do, Fir-” ‘Open, SLAM run, squeak, sit.’
“THE HELL WAS THAT!?” Ryker boomed.
“That would be Rhaduum…of course, Sir.” A man in the front said.
“Rhaduum. Thank you for joining us. I was about to debrief the men that could arrive, ON TIME, QUIETLY!” Ryker yelled.
“Uh, sorry. It won’t happen again, Sir.” Rhaduum said apologetically.
“You’re right, it won’t! Anyway, We have been asked by a Laurician colony near the Epsan Sea for protection. The mission is to halt the advances of Gelian pirates.”
“Uh, sir I have a question..” A man said.
“Please hold all questions till the end.”
“Oh, sorry sir.”
“No problem. Anyway, this colony was set up as a resource camp for salt, fish, your average sea resources. It would seem that Gelian pirates have been a problem for them. They want us to help them take care of it. According to our information, the Gelians will move out to the colony today. It takes them 5 to get there. It takes us 3 to get there, so we will leave tomorrow. We will be using a new ship from the Aleysian fleet as we hope to keep this a completely nautical battle, as not to damage the colony. With the new “cannons,” the engineering team has come up with; we hope to stop them before they ever reach shore. The group will be split into platoons. The platoon leaders will be Private Rhaduum, and myself”
“RHADUUM! ARE YOU NUTS!?” several men of the group shouted.
“Hey, I can do just fine! I’ll kick your asses!” Rhaduum shouted. “Let me show you something about leadership, why I-”
“QUIET! First, off, YOU WILL ADDRESS ME AS GENERAL, PRIVATES! 2nd of all, hold all questions till the end.” Ryker said, aggravated. “This will be your first real mission. Lets not botch this up before we even leave! Now you may ask questions.”
“Uh sir, I’m not questioning your judgment, but why Rhaduum!?” Asked Terias, quite angry at the situation.
“Well, I think he can make a good officer, so I’m testing him. Would you like to command a platoon soldier?”
“Well, yes actually.”
“So. You want to be put under pressure at all times, be responsible for the lives of the men in your squad and be blamed for everything that goes wrong?”
“...It doesn’t matter, I’d kick ass anyway. All I’m saying is that Rhaduum isn’t fit to lead ANYONE.”
Silas slid down his chair. “Maybe they’re right. Maybe I’m not cut out to be a soldier. I seem to screw everything up…” he thought to himself.
“Rhaduum is a leader in this mission because he has shown more promise and improvement than anyone in the squadron. Every challenge we’ve had, he’s met. Can you say the same?”
The squadron went silent, because they knew their answer. Silas slid back up his chair, now proud of himself yet again.
“Thank you for your understanding. Anything else?” Ryker asked.
“Yeah. Sir, why are we doing his, if it’s a colony of Laurice?” Rhaduum asked.
“A valid question. You see, we are much farther north than Laurice, which makes it faster and easier for us to assist the colony. In addition, Laurice is part of the Aleysian alliance. They have helped us in the past, and we have helped them. We are just doing a neighborly deed…is that all? Good. Meet me at the docks tomorrow at 0600. Bring only what you think you will need for the mission. Dismissed!”
Leaving the room, Silas was excited at the prospect of being a platoon leader. “I’ll show them all, I’ll be the best platoon leader they’ve seen since Ryker!…What the hell am I saying? I sound like a 10 year old. Jesus, I need a girlfriend…” Walking out of the building, Silas walked home to get a good night’s sleep so he would be ready for the next day’s mission.

CHAPTER 3: Setting Sail

Waking to a bright and warm day, Silas hopped out of bed, to a beautiful morning. “Hopefully the mission will be as easy as getting to the castle every morning.” He said, hoping not to botch up the mission. Putting on his uniform and grabbing his armor and Deimos, he hopped upon his horse, and rode off to the castle.
Upon arriving he took his courtyard shortcut to the docks again, in hopes of seeing Rosa. “Damn. Doesn’t look likes she’s here.” Silas sighed.
“Doesn’t look like who’s here?” Rosa said, walking outside from the castle. “Oh. It’s you. NOW what do you want?”
“To see your smiling face, darling.” He said, putting on a charming smile.
“…Don’t push it buddy. You’re harassing royalty…” she said, making one of those evil woman squinty eye looks (you know what I’m talking about…Basically a Mondracon look)
“Of course. But you know, as I’m in the army, its my duty to protect you. I swore an oath to protect you and the royal family, and I mean to keep it.”
“Maybe so, but that DOESN’T mean you can go and start hitting on me. Got it? Cause if you try this again, you’ll get a bitchslap across the face, AGAIN.”
“Well, at least its from a pretty girl,” he said, tapping her on the rear. SLAP. He started running as he could toward the docks to get away from the princess’ wrath.
“GET BACK HERE YOU PERVERT! I’M NOT DONE WITH YOU!” Unfortunately, he was long gone. “Perv…Geez. Men are such losers…” With that, she headed back inside.


Silas soon reached the dock where he found the rest of Squadron Pariah. He soon caught sight of his friend, Byron.
“Hey Byron. Any news yet?” Silas asked.
“Nope. Hell, Ryker isn’t even here yet.” Byron sighed.
“What!? You’ve got to be kidding me? Its 0630. He’s never late-“
“And I wasn’t!” Ryker said, atop a giant ship sailing into the harbor. “I was busy getting our ship.”
The ship was huge. With a row of mounted cannons and both the port and starboard sides, it could take down any ship in the Aleysian fleet. A mainsail, staysail, and a 3rd sail- the farsail, would make it faster than any ship ever imagined with the already made additions of the jib and flying jib.
“She’s a spectacular ship!” Rhaduum said. “Its amazing, what craftsmanship! I still can’t believe she has FIVE sails. Wow. What’s her name?”
“Well. I have decided that since she is so fast, she will be called the Soulcatcher. Now, get your asses on board men, we have a job to do.” Ryker said, waving them on.
So the squadron got on the ship and set sail, into their first mission.

Chapter 4: Pirates of the Carib…wait. Epsan Sea.

3 days later, the Soulcatcher had finally arrived into the Epsan Sea. The crew was glad to have finally made it for they were getting quite bored.
“Its about time. I thought this ship was fast!?” Terias complained.
“We made it 12 hours ahead of schedule, Lein. I’d say that’s pretty damn fast.” Ryker said.
“So…uh, what do we do now General Ryker?” Silas asked. “Do we meet up with the Laurician colony? Or do we just sit here?”
“We do our job, Rhaduum.”
Several hours passed and the Soulcatcher aimlessly sailed about. The crew was getting restless, but Ryker kept a cheery disposition.
“Damnit, when are we going to do something!? Its so boring.” Terias complained again.
“As much as I hate to say it, I have to agree with Terias, this is totally pointless, General.” Rhaduum chimed in.
“You know, as infamous as the Gelian pirates are, they always seem to act so stupidly in actual combat…” Ryker said flatly.
“Huh?” Rhaduum answered.
“Well look for yourselves. 10 O’clock high, 3 Gelian ships. Floating right out in the open. Idiots. Pirates never were the best tacticians…”
“What?” The crew looked over to port, and sure enough, 3 ships were sitting in the water.
“Lets do our job soldiers. Open the sails! Helmsman, full speed ahead! Okay soldiers, here’ the plan. Rhaduum, Byron, and several others will remain here, while the rest and I board an opposing ship. I’m sure these cannons’ll take out some of those ships, eh? Now lets go!” Ryker said, inspiring the men.
The ship blasted through the water, sneaking up on one of the ships, using the port cannons, one of the boats was immediately sunk.
“Ha! One down, 2 to go!” Rhaduum shouted.
“Don’t get cocky yet, Silas.” Ryker warned. “We still have 2 ships remaining. When they’re gone, we can celebrate.”
“As they approached the second ship, the began to take heavy cannon fire. Using the ship’s speed to their advantage they began to dodge then cannons, although it couldn’t be kept up for long.
“Alright we can’t out maneuver ‘em anymore. Time to blow stuff up. Starboard cannons! Full row! FIRE!” Ryker screamed.
A barrage of cannonfire swept the sea, crashing into the opposing ship, sinking its body into the bottom of the sea. The crew ran about, checking to make sure no men had escaped into the water, and were trying to board the Soulcatcher.
“All clear sir! One ship to go!” A soldier shouted.
“Okay. Helmsman, take us to the last ship, we’re gonna board the bastard!”
Doing as he was instructed, the helmsman steered them to the last ship. They got within boarding distance, and a large group of soldiers jumped to the opposing ship.
“Alright Silas. You’re in charge of the Soulcatcher. Protect her well.”
“Wait, why don’t we use the cannons again?” Rhaduum asked.
“Heh, well, it seems we’ve run out of ammo. To make this puppy go faster, we didn’t bring much ammo. Honestly, I didn’t think we’d need it. But hey, we’ve got em by the tail. Good luck, Silas!”
Silas gave the General a salute as he watched him join the foray on the opposing ship.
“Well, SIR, what do we do now?” A soldier asked Silas.
“Well, hmm…Helmsman, steer out a bit, lets do some scouting. How about that?”
“Aye sir.” The helmsman said, taking them out a bit.
As they watched the fighting, a man in the crow’s nest shouted, “ENEMY APPROACHING! 1 O’clock!”
“The crew rushed to see, and they were terrified. “Wha, what the hell is that thing!?” a soldier shouted.
The ship was twice the size of the already huge Soulcatcher. They could tell from their location that it had double, if not triple their own firepower. “Well… This isn’t good.” Rhaduum sighed.
The mystery ship began to turn headed toward Ryker and co. “Hey, if we don’t stop that thing, then the others are dead!”
“Yeah, but how!? Rhaduum, you’re in charge, what do we do!?”
Rhaduum, thought as hard as he could, thinking out plans in his mind. “I’ve got it! Helmsman, full speed ahead. GO STRAIGHT AT THE FIRST SHIP!”
“THE HELL? What are you trying to do? Kill us!?” The helmsman shouted.
“Do it, or you will be charged with insubordination. And we all know Ryker doesn’t like that sort of thing.”
“Of course sir.” The ship immediately changed course.
“Men, throw off everything we don’t need, so that we can gain speed. We have to get to them before that warship!”
The crew began to chuck off pieces of equipment that weren’t needed. Soon they began to get faster than the warship. As they approached the smaller ship, they saw that the warship had begun preparing its cannons.
“Oh, shit. Alright, men, gather some lines to throw to our comrades on the other ship, now!” The men did as Rhaduum asked, and prepared to help the fellow soldiers. Soon enough, the smaller ship noticed that the Soulcatcher was about to crash into it.
“The hell are they doing?” Ryker thought to himself as he gave the finishing blow to a pirate. As he looked around he saw the giant war ship.
“Oh dear God…”
As Ryker thought about what was happening, he realized Silas’ plan. “GENIUS! MEN TO THE PORT SIDE!” As they were about to crash, the smaller ship turned to starboard as the Soulcatcher turned to starboard as well, in order to prevent a crash. The Pariah squad threw out the ropes, rescuing their men.
“Well that was pointless.” Terias said, getting on board. “You let them get away.”
“No I didn’t…watch.” Rhaduum smiled.
As the crew looked at the ships, they saw Rhaduum’s plan in action. By acting as if they were going to crash into the smaller Gelian ship, they had forced the other ship to turn as well. Unfortunately for the other ship, they had turned directly into the warship! Both ships collided, exploding into the sea due to the large amount of “black powder” on board the warship.
“My god, we won. WE WON!” The crew began to shout and celebrate. Ryker called Silas over to talk.
“Well. You surprised even me out there Rhaduum. I’m proud. Heh, I told you, you were going to make one hell of a soldier. I won’t be surprised if Pariah gets more missions now…although, you did forget to address me as General when you called out to me, but I think I can let it slip this time.” Ryker smiled.
“Thank you, sir!” Rhaduum said, not believing his ears. “Think we can leave now?
“Yep. Helmsman! Set for home!”
“Yes sir!”
The crew soon headed home, for a well-deserved rest

Chapter 5: The Sword of Aleysia

Back in Aleysia, the Pariah were commended for their job well done, and even Laurice sent their thanks. The crew were given more missions, and continuously showed excellence in the field. Silas soon became a Lance Corporal, the first Pariah to gain rank. They became an unstoppable force, stopping Gelians and thieves everywhere. Some believed they should change their squadron name to “Titan,” but the soldiers wanted to keep their name, to show everyone what hard work can really do.

Soon enough, Silas finally received a leave for a month. He decided to take his time, walking and absorbing the beauty that was the Aleysian Castle. “Wow, its even prettier when you have rank! HAHAH!”

“Wow its true. Rank does bring ego.” Rosa said, walking up beside Silas.
“Well, hello Princess. Wonderful weather, eh?”
“Yeah. I guess so. Although it’s a bit chilly.”
“I can’t see how you’re cold, you look like you have enough insulation… Oops.”
“WHAT DID YOU SAY!? C’MERE, YOU!” Rosa said, chasing after a laughing Silas.
“Geez, and I thought she was warming up to me!” Silas chuckled.
Silas soon outran the angry princess and stopped to catch a breather. “Whoo. For a princess, she is FAST. Eh?”
“Well, well, well. If it isn’t mister Lance Corporal Rhaduum.” A voice said.
Looking up, Rhaduum saw Terias standing above him with a smirk on his face. “Oh, its you. What the hell do you want?”
“Oh, nothing. Just to see you writhing in pain at my hand.”
“Fat chance, Terias. You can’t even touch me,” Rhaduum said, catching a punch from Terias. “You see, with all these missions, and a few specials you haven’t gone on, I’ve gotten stronger. You are no match for me, slowpoke.”
“Ergh…well, we’ll see about that in the future…”
“But seriously, you didn’t come here to punch me Terias. What do you want?”
“It would seem that the King requests your presence. He wishes for you to meet him in the throne room.”
“The King? The hell does he want?”
“Hell if I know, just go, assface.”
“Keep it up, and I’ll get you for disrespecting an officer.”
“…ugh.” Terias walked on with a little extra stamp in his foot, which was a great delight to Silas.
“Now, what does the King want?”
Hurrying to the King, Silas soon found himself in the throne room. “What do you wish of me, Sire?” Silas said, kneeling.
“Arise, arise, I hate this silly custom of kneeling, I don’t like to be worshipped.”
“Sorry, but I can’t do that. I am an officer in your army, and I will forever serve you sir.”
“Well then, I thank you. Now down to business. I hear you are quite the blacksmith. Is this true?”
“Well, it is true that I am a blacksmith, sir.”
“Do you have any samples, Lance Corporal Rhaduum?”
“Just Deimos, my sword. Here have a look,” Rhaduum said, handing King Aeson the sword.
“My, my, my! Excellent craftsmanship! You will be fine.” Aeson said, handing the sword back.
“Fine for what, sir?” Silas asked as he put his sword back in the scabbard.
“My sword is not in good shape. It has been passed down through the royal family for many generations. I wish for you to reforge the sword.”
“Well, uh, whoa. This is quite the honor! I will do my best, King Aeson!”
“I’m sure you will. Now take it and forge it into the greatest weapon this kingdom has seen. You have 1 extra month of leave to do this. Make me happy, Silas.” He said, handing the royal sword over.
“Whoa, its heavy!” Rhaduum said, trying to get a good grip on the sword.
“Well, it is large. Weight generally does come with size. Now, get to work! Make me a sword to be proud of!”
“Of course!” Rhaduum, said with a salute. He then left, heading for home to reforge the sword. Unfortunately, none of them would expect what was to come…

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