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Queen of the dammed
My Rtpad work: what if Armstrong was a Shingami in Bleach...

Yup, you've hear it, cross overs, here's the challenge:

Think of any anime/manga, and then cross the over with FMA!!!!!!!!! E.g.

Well I was wondering, what would happen if Armstrong was a Shingami in Bleach???
Press this to see the picture
Ichigo: WTF......
Shirei THE HOTTEST THING! xD! ph34r.gif laugh.gif biggrin.gif Armstrong is so funny as crap! xD!

laugh.gif;; Queenie is very strange indeed!

I wrote a FMA and Harry Potter cross over. (I'm not a HP fan but I just wondered how Ed would do at Hogwarts) Here's the link:My fanfic

This is me trying to get YOU, whoever you may be, to read and review my fanfic. SO PLEASE DO!!!!!!
Queen of the dammed
Ed verses Ichigo:

Ichigo: That Shingami's kinda short.....
Ichigo: Okay.... *sweatdrop*
Shinsei Kage
LMAO...Bleach and FMA....just thinking about it makes me laugh. XD
Omakase Shimasu
QUOTE(telepika @ Dec 20 2004, 10:52 AM)
This is me trying to get YOU, whoever you may be, to read and review my fanfic. SO PLEASE DO!!!!!!

I think I read your fic already (with the new DADA teacher who had his eyes set on Ed for some reason, right?), really good! biggrin.gif But I can't remember if I reviewed afterwards... blink.gif I should've because I was disappointed to seee I already reached the end... I wanted more~ I needed more~ You ever going to update?? tongue.gif
Lady Battousai
Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist...they seem like the best of the best anime to me...O_O

NOw Naruto's series is more exciting than ever smile.gif
If I could mix FMA with any type of anime... It would be the following, and this is will include some video games as well:

FMA+InuYasha+Wolf's Rain+Ceres Celestial Legend+Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy X-2+Final Fantasy 7+The Bouncer+Kingdom Hearts+Chrono Cross

Now that... Would be one BIG anime, wouldn't it? laugh.gif
@Kase: You read my fic!!! *Screams in happiness* Wow, the great Kase complimented my fic. Thank you Kase. I was thinking of updating some time soon because of Christmas vacation... but then I had this book to read then I got lazy... I promise I will update soon. laugh.gif
Queen of the dammed
Naruto vs Ed... I wonder who'll win.... ( And I'm wondering which village Ed might come from....)
Rena Elric
well heres mine hop you like it.
@Rena Elric: *rotfl* laugh.gif That crossover is funny, you should do more like that biggrin.gif .
hagane_no_tokage's a thought... if you crossed full metal alchemist with full metal panic...what would you call it...? O___o

full metal...panickmist? full metal alchenic?

*imagines edo in camo with a sniper rifle and dies*
QUOTE(hagane_no_tokage @ Jan 1 2005, 12:48 AM)'s a thought...  if you crossed full metal alchemist with full metal panic...what would you call it...?  O___o

full metal...panickmist?  full metal alchenic?

*imagines edo in camo with a sniper rifle and dies*

Edward in camoflauge with a sniper rifle? *bearly knows a thing about FullMetal Panic* I think Edward would look hot in a military uniform biggrin.gif . I like a man in uniform laugh.gif .

I just know thought of a crossover between FMA and Pokemon, even though I'm sick and tired of Pokemon dry.gif . Imagine Pikachu with an antenne and a braid like Edward *lmao* I'm guessing Roy would be charmander with a black wig and white gloves laugh.gif .
*strikes down the blasphemy with the wrath of the gods*

no. *shakes finger* bad hex. there shall be no roymanders or edkachus. and if i see another fullmetal hakusho fic i'm going to puke. ~____~ whyyyy must people write stories crossing such good with such eeeeevil? do they think it will make the bad oversexed american-liscenced anime better? v__v
*sees thread*

. . . crack is right, kids. Don't be doing too much of that now. It's not good for you. tongue.gif
@Tokage: *shuders* I'm sorry sad.gif . Thinking back on it... It wasn't really that funny unsure.gif . What was I thinking blink.gif ? *raises her right hand* I promise never again to say such a sinful thing again sleep.gif .


Hex-Sama: *shivering with terror* Its a cross between... between...

Edward: What? What is it? huh? HUH?!?! *shakes Hex-Sama violently*

Hex-Sama: AHH! No more please! I'm sorry! *cries* I'll never say it again sad.gif .

Edward: Good mad.gif ... Now... Make me some pie with you? I'm starving biggrin.gif .
tokage:now, edo, be nice... it was an honest mistake...

edo: *stops shaking hex and scowls* but, but...

tokage: *gives edo 'the look'*

edo: oh, fine... *puts hex down* warui na... *folds arms and pouts* edkachu... what was she thinking?

roy: @_@ what about me, huh?? *rips off charmander tail and burns it, stomping on it* Roymander?? T____T gyaaahhh...

tokage: aww, don't be sad, roy... *pounces* i'd still like you with a tail.

roy: __ somehow...this is not very reassuring...

tokage: *hops up and grabs hex by the arm* c'mon, hex, our boys demand pie! XDDD *rushes to kitchen*
@Tokage: I'll try and help, but the only pie I know how to make so far is pumpkin biggrin.gif .

Edward: *bangs his spoon and fork on the table* I don't care what kind of pie it is, just give me some laugh.gif .

Roy: *has a nasty thought at Edward's last comment* biggrin.gif

Edward: *glares at Roy* what? huh.gif

Roy: ... Any kind of pie? *wink wink* wink.gif

Edward: huh? huh.gif *ponders a minute* ... ohmy.gif EW! *covers his ears so he can hear no more of Roy's nasty thoughts*

Roy: laugh.gif *laughing his @$$ off* That's almost as funny as an Edkachu! *points at Edward and laughs more*

Edward: NANI? *tackles Roy* mad.gif

Hex-Sama: *puts in some ear plugs in her ears and continues making pie*
tokage: *huuuuge grin* yay! a bishounen pile! *pounces both roy and edo*
blink.gif Oh poor Edo. *Saves Ed from Tokage* Here Edo-kun, a nice huge platter of strawberry pie. wink.gif

I love Ed.

*Between spoonfuls of pie, Ed gives Telepika a funny look* ED: What was that?

Telepika: Oh, nothing.
Rena Elric
I did anotherone. Its like a sequal to my last one
Shinsei Kage
What about a Naruto and FMA crossover? I think Ed and Naruto could sympathize with each other--they're both short, blonde, and...short and blonde. Yep. Oh, and I just realized that Ed and Temari have the same voice actor! XD

Oh, and is it just me, or does Sasuke look slightly like a younger, spikey-haired Roy? *gets shot*

Hmm..or what about a Slayers and FMA crossover? I wonder if Ed can survive a Dragon Slave... X3
edo? survive a dragon slave? hm... i can't see lina casting that spell of a fellow chibi anyway. XD what's lina, like 3' 9"??? she's so tiny!
Shinsei Kage
I dunno if she's that short...but Gourry's a mountain in comparison. XD With their tempers, I can totally see Lina and Ed getting mad at each other while screaming insults about being a "short little midget" and a "flat-chested witch".

Oh, yeah. I just realized that Lyla and Xelloss have the same hair! But Xelloss' is shinier and more purple. o.o
you know, you're right...

Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
Shinsei Kage
LOL! Only if she wants to feel the wrath of Zelgadis' rude comments, Lina's head-locks, Filia's mace, and Amelia's justice speeches. Gourry seems to be the only one who doesn't bother Xelloss in any way. XD

You know, considering all of that, it would suck being Xelloss--unless you had his powers...

Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

*has images of Xelloss using alchemy* O.o
omigod, that would be terrifying! the spoiler, i meant. jeebus! wouldn't that have put a strain on the poor elric brothers...? >___<

*glomps xelloss*
Shinsei Kage
Woo, if Xelloss had all of his original powers AND could use alchemy...I don't think anyone from FMA would have a chance. XD
wow...that's just scary to think about... >__< even scarier than edo and lina in the same room...
here's my fluffy crossovery type thingy i did awhile back

Harry Potter and Ed. and um yeah.
@Pan_Pan_Chan: Wonderful drawing biggrin.gif . I never thought of that crossover before blink.gif .
This isn't artpad but it's something I did a while ago XD:
weee!! My messy coloring!

**ehe...I haven't been here for a while ^^;

QUOTE(Covah @ Apr 23 2005, 08:35 AM)


That one is awesome. XD
Yaaay, I please mods. laugh.gif

I was also thinking of Al-Zilla, but that's not anime...darn...xE
@nekodesu: Nice Vash/Edward art biggrin.gif . Funny word caption laugh.gif .

@Covah: lmao laugh.gif . That's pretty funny, especially the golden loincloth part cool.gif .
Tobu Ishi
FMA + Princess Bride

We had a big discussion about this a while back, and decided it must be done...but there are so many things you could do with it! General consensus on parts was:



But beyond that, it's very hard to cast, because there are so many possibilities!

One could have Envy cast as the Six-Fingered Man, for the joy of watching Roy confront him ("My name is Roy Mustang. You killed my best friend. Prepare to die."), or you could cast him as Prince Humperdinck for the equally awesome joy of having Ed challenge him to a duel to the pain and him wimping out.

You could cast Greed as Vizzini, but that really works better if you then make at least some of his gang Inigo and Fezzik, which means probably casting Martel as Inigo, which would then make Kimbley the Six-Fingered Man. ("My name is Martel. You betrayed my friends. Prepare to die.")

And what to use for the equivalent to the Dread Pirate Roberts? I am, of course, tempted to make it the Dread Pirate Fullmetal. But maybe I'm just cheesy by nature.

Then, naturally, you could cast Armstrong as the Impressive Clergyman, which would result in him looming over Winry and whoever the heck you cast as Humperdinck (I like the mental image of a very bored and irritated Envy), intoning "MARRIAGE! MARRIAGE IS WHAT BRINGS US TOGETHER TODAY! MARRIAGE, THAT BLESSED UNION, PASSED DOWN IN MY MONASTERY FOR GENERATIONS!"

And then there's the sheer fun of imagining Roy and Ed pushing a flaming Alphonse toward a crowd of screaming, fleeing palace guards, as the armorboy does his best attempt to sound scary. "I am the dread pirate Fullmetal! There will be no survivors! My men are here, and I am here, but soon you will not be here!"

And of course the idea of Winry and Ed navigating the fire swamp is completely rich. You just know Winry would be pounding the brains out of those ROUSes with that branch, nevermind Buttercup's terrified canon behavior. It was, after all, his right shoulder that got attacked. Nobody messes with the automail. know what, I think you get the idea. FMA needs to be crossed over with Princess Bride. Desperately. End of story. <3
heres one i made
@keidensu: Nice one biggrin.gif , pretty funny too laugh.gif .
Arigatou, Hex-sama!
QUOTE(keidensu @ May 8 2005, 01:31 PM)
heres one i made

hahahahahah that is great!! ahahaha
QUOTE(Pan_Pan_Chan @ Apr 17 2005, 01:13 AM)
here's my fluffy crossovery type thingy i did awhile back

Harry Potter and Ed. and um yeah.

jajajjjjjjjjjjjjaaaaaaa they look sooo miserables laugh.gif
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