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Full Version: Mad Pairings!
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*nods in agreement*

Oh well, hope we'll have another incident like this in the future. tongue.gif
Omakase Shimasu
laugh.gif I'll make sure to steer clear from you guys whenever I talk about Archer and Ed from now on so don't count on it. tongue.gif
It doesn't have to be about Archer and Ed... Who knows? XD I should pay extra attention to what you post from now on. tongue.gif
Wahaha. This should prove to be quite amusing. >3
Anything mad goes tongue.gif Hmm... is there anything completely mad?
I don't find ArcherxEd really mad at all... sure it's kind of wierd but....
ph34r.gif Um? *slowly moves away from Kihaku*

*also backs away*
Huh? *is perplexed like usual* What did I do?
Omakase Shimasu
I could see it happening (X3 - gotta love innuendo), but I don't fancy the pairing. What would be mad... um, Archer and Roy-- no, that wouldn't be...

biggrin.gif;; Guess it depends on the person, individually.
I have one no one could agree with.


Gah.. It was painful to type that. blink.gif
Omakase Shimasu
Sorry~ but who was Leo again...? biggrin.gif;; I honestly can't remember...
I don't remember Leo either...
I knew y'all would say that. xD

Leo was Rick's brother. The two Isbal kids.
Omakase Shimasu
For a minute there I thought you meant Armstrong, but... Leo? Leo, Le---

O.O NOOO~ I don't agree! How in the world did you come up with that anyway??
I came with that by thinking which pairing no one would ever agree with. xD
Omakase Shimasu
Of course. rolleyes.gif Silly me.

But I guess I would be biased, since I didn't like either of them that much. biggrin.gif;; They were... annoying.
Well.... I don't agree with any pairing in which the younger one is under 16 (well too much anyway) and the older one pretty much and adult. So ArcherxLeo doesn't work for me tongue.gif .
ick. pedophilia is disgusting. XP
Yup! I feel sorry for those guys... If they go to prison... they're sooo doomed. Or so I've heard.
I draw the line when it comes to pedophilia, necrophilia and that... with animals..
Although with pedophilia I'm not so strict... it depends on the situation.
Omakase Shimasu
I draw the line when it comes to sex. (Hmm, doesn't pedophilia mean sex is involved though...?) No harm with a little bit of fluff between them, nope. biggrin.gif

Necrophilia though... Hmmm, that largely depends on the character, I think. blink.gif I could name a few characters who could be considered whacko enough to do it. -.-

Uh... animals... ^^;; No comment.
QUOTE(Omakase Shimasu @ Dec 22 2004, 09:31 AM)
Uh... animals... ^^;; No comment.

That brings back bad memories... I mean, HOW in the world can people come up with Black HayatexRoy!?!? *bangs head on the nearest wall*
Kase: oh yeah... "fluff" isn't that bad... if I know what you mean tongue.gif
Oooh.... what whacko characters are you talking about? tongue.gif Sorry, I'm curious..

I actually can understand how people would think of Black Hayate and Roy... There were moments tongue.gif Seems like there is no limit to how people can interpret situations. Not that I think it's okay. I like Black Hayate and Roy to get along, but not that way. What disturbs me the most is Black HayatexRoy.
Urgh.. wouldn't have thought that people would consider Black Hayate to be such a dominating and perverted dog tongue.gif
Exactly... Roy is rarely the uke in any coupling...(I cannot bring myself to continue...) -__- I mean, I don't mind Black Hayate and Roy getting along either (afterall, a dog is a man's best friend), but intepreting their relationship that way? *shudders*


Sorry for the sudden outburst, but I don't think I can take this discussion any longer...-__-;;
looks like someone linke eminem in here!
Eminem? What? blink.gif
Urm, but anyway....sorry to continue the discussion, Kasumi... People really pair Roy that way? In that order? That's odd...
And Roy isn't the uke in any pairing! Roy is the ruling seme of the series! tongue.gif
*takes a deep breath and tries to calm down* Pairing Roy (or any other characters) with an animal is odd already. (Wait, no, that's worse than odd. A LOT worse)

Actually, that is not entirely true. In the japanese fandom, HawkeyexRoy is quite common. biggrin.gif (that is about the only NORMAL pairing where Roy is the uke.)
Heh... it's just odd. tongue.gif I'm of course not going to judge the shippers. they do what they like.... tongue.gif
What is NORMAL by the way? tongue.gif urm, but anyway.. I guess I could see RizaxRoy... at certain times.. but mainly it's RoyxRiza. Riza is a strong character, but I still think that she'll mostly be dominated by him tongue.gif .
Hehe, normal just means NOT pairing someone/something with DIFFERENT species. tongue.gif

I normally respect shippers of any kind as well, but that's taking it a bit too far...tongue.gif
Oh yeah! biggrin.gif It's just that some don't think pairing people with the same sex isn't normal either...
Hmm... different species, eh? What about Goku&Chi-Chi and Vegeta&Bulma from DBZ? tongue.gif Kidding. I get what you mean. For me NORMAl is true and love from both sides biggrin.gif Okay, not necessarily both sides.. but in certain situations it must be that way tongue.gif
Sorry about my "normal" comment if it was misleading. wink.gif
Oh no, no! It wasn't misleading... biggrin.gif I totally get your point! biggrin.gif (which is pretty good for me tongue.gif )
Omakase Shimasu
<Merged Fma Shipping-pairings, Everthing's allowed" thread with the following 5 pages of posts to " Mad Pairings!" thread. Continuities of the posts are checked and confirmed that the post continuities will survive the merge. 02/24/07 ~Tombow>

Somehow the topic about possible shipping-pairings came up in other threads, so I decided it should have its own thread to fully discuss the topic. biggrin.gif

Like I said in the topic description, everything goes; hetero, shonen-ai and shoujo-ai couples, so it would be extremely appreciated if everybody could keep an open-mind in here. The fresh air would do everybody good too. tongue.gif

And as for the ones who don't know what the heck I'm talking about, a shipping-pairing is basically your OTP (your One True Pairing) - the one pairing you support all the way. It's in this thread, we'll eventually come up with suitable names for every pairing. Hopefully.

>_> Hmm, something sounds off in here... Am I forgetting something? blink.gif
You created the thread! wink.gif *cheers*
Hmm... OTP? One true pairing? but, but... I like so many! wink.gif
Okay.. that would be *sighs'* RoyxRiza, part of a militaryshipping wink.gif.
but I can't think of any good name...
dedicationshipping or commitmentshipping because they so committed/dedicated to their goals.. Roy to become Führer and Riza to protect him at all costs.
Here's something for laughs:
Really? blink.gif That's you OTP?
Well... at least it's funny. Not that I'm mocking it or anything...
No.. that's not my OTP, I just wanted to post it for laughs. blink.gif

My OTP's are RoyxRiza and EdxWinry. >>
Can I have more than one OTP? xD If not, then it's just RoyxRiza. ^^
Omakase Shimasu
@Kihaku: biggrin.gif That's why these shipper pairings are kinda silly for most people since they don't ship a particular pairing, they ship a particular someone. wink.gif Like me and Ed.

@Ailuro: Great contribution. laugh.gif How on earth are we gonna name that pairing??

Oh yes, I also thought about categorizing pairings, like somebody else suggested. Like Alchemist couples belong in the Alchemist shipping section and Military couples belong solely in the Military Shipping section etc. etc. (Neutral and Sin would be a couple of the etceteras). National Alchemists who work in the military... can go both ways? blink.gif In any case, this is to keep tings as organized as possible once we make the official list. biggrin.gif
Ailuro: Yeah, I know tongue.gif You didn't think of a name though tongue.gif

Kase: So I can name more right? RussellxEd! In alchemist shipping and hotblondshipping tongue.gif See I haven't thought of anything else yet. tongue.gif
Official list? Hmm.. Of what? You mean the categories? Military shipping, Alchemist shipping, National Alchemist shipping, Sin shipping?
Omakase Shimasu
Yep, official list. biggrin.gif I hope we'll be able to get as far as an official list. It would look something like this:



Neutral-shipping: (normal humans tongue.gif)


Etc. etc. Um, but I'm a bit thrown off about the whole 'cross-breed'-shipping. biggrin.gif;; For example, a National Alchemist goes with a Sin or a Military-wo/man goes with a Neutral. Hmmm... Maybe these categories aren't all that handy.
Kihaku, Sin-shipping would be like...EnvyxWrath.^__^ Whcih is a really good pairing. One of my favorites. And Ailuro, that's hilarious!! LMAO.

*noticed ranking* Woot! *transmutes sex* Yeah, that's right. I just transmuted an an action! What now?! tongue.gif (Technically in this sense it's a subject...but not a noun...I guess. XD)
My OTP is EdWin happy.gif. EdWin . . . well, in Pokemon, I give "shipping" names, but here . . . I just call the pairings by their first names, and mix it together, kinda like Digimon, but a little bit different . . .
You should put up some of the ones mentioned on the other thread~. And gunshipping sounds pretty good for Havoc/Hawkeye. I wouldn't be able to think of anything better. XD;;
I'm not sure what you're talking about... XD
het, non-het, and etc. sounds like more orgnaized catergories. But then again, I'm not sure what's going on. XD

One True Pairing? blink.gif I have none... There's way too many to choose from. And I have actually renewed my love for EdxRiza. yes Ed's first. XD -shrugs- if I have to pair Ed with a female, it'd be Riza. unless Envy counts. l0l but in the anime he was a male though... XD
Queen of the dammed
Definately Roy/Riza... though Ed/Winry is up there too... biggrin.gif
Omakase Shimasu
Well, the purpose of this thread was discussing and coming up with suitable names for the pairings. biggrin.gif;;

Yes, I should porbably list all the ones from that other thread, but I forgot! %.%
Ya want names, huh? I remember thinking up shipping names for RK pairings once. Hmm. This could be difficult.

Envy/Wrath- SharedFashionShipping. biggrin.gif (Okay, that one is a joke tongue.gif)

Roy/Riza... OfficeShipping? GunShipping sounds good, but that was suggested for Riza/Havoc too.
Havoc/Fury- PuppyShipping. (C'mon! That's gotta work!)
Broche/Ross- Partnershipping
RoyEd-RabidFangirlShipping XP

Roy/Riza is generally referred to as RoyAi, right? How about Ai-Shipping?

Envy/Ed- ScornShipping
Envy/Lust- TalonShipping
Greed/Envy- GrudgeShipping
Envy/Wrath- (Can't quite think of one... I'll try.)
Greed/Kimbley- BombShipping

And some random-

Hughes/Gracia- PerfectShipping o(^.^)o
Ed/Psiren- SquishyShipping (XD)
Ed/Russel- Hmm... CloneShipping? Naw. LetterShipping. ('Coz we all know it was a love letter. tongue.gif)
Ed/Winry- WrenchShipping <3
Al/Winry- SweetShipping?
Omakase Shimasu
Adorable~ Especially the Lettershipping, because it was obvious from the start. X3

laugh.gif FashionSenseShipping, although it was a joke, it comes awfully close to the truth. wink.gif

Great job! Although couldn't Officeshipping also mean Hughes and Sciezka or Falman and Sciezka?
Falman and Sheska... Why not memoryshipping? Or something along the lines of that? Afterall, Falman memorized an entire dictionary, while Sheska remembers EVERYTHING she reads. wink.gif
Ooh, that's true.

Hmm. Fury/Shezka would be wallflowershipping. happy.gif
Or nerdshipping. tongue.gif Sorry I couldn't resist.
Ooh... what about the fact that they both wear glasses?

Isn't Envy/Ed sadisticshipping or sadoshipping? tongue.gif
Envy/Wrath SharedFashionshipping sounds actually good in my opinion. biggrin.gif
I think Bombshipping would fit Scar/Kimbley quite well.. since they both like to make thing explode.. tongue.gif
Lettershpping for Russell/Ed sounds good! wink.gif
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