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Full Version: Which Anime Series Do You Think Are Boring?
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just wanted to know everyone ^^,we all have some that we still love but they've either become repetive or just plain fizzeled out laugh.gif
Out of all honesty - Rave Master
Honestly, Gundam is getting real boring to me right now. But I haven't given up on it yet, I'll keep downloading untill it becomes interesting again.... *crosses fingers*
Hmm... I found Wolf's Rain and .hack//sign to be pretty boring in various parts, but I liked them anyway, because of the story or characters. It's just that they were a little too slow paced in my opinion.
Pokémon got repetetive in my opinion. Anything new seemed to be the same as before, but just a little altered and I just can't stand Team Rocket always doing the same stunts! Sailor Moon???? Practically every episode is the same...
I found Digimon boring after the first two seasons. I stoped watching it after that.
Pokemon. I used to be a huge fact i still buy the games but the show just needs to die.
Shinsei Kage
Hmm...I find Inuyasha to be repetetive, and pretty boring sometimes. I'm not much of an Inuyasha fan anyway, though. XD
chimeras cry
I think (not to offend anyone who likes these)that lupin lll and even inuyasha a little.dont get me wrong i love inu but its repetative. smile.gif
Sailor Moon....

A series of adrogynous people named after stones attacks city, Damien is killed/posessed/unconcious, Sailor Moon powrs up....

over and over and over and over and over and over again...... dry.gif
samurai deeper friggin' kyo. I couldnt finish watching that for the life of me -__-

@Jessin *gasp!* sailor moon! i totally wanted to be her!...actually i wanted to be Jupiter but...ok i guess it is wicked repetitive and the monsters are really dumb... unsure.gif
I haven't seen Sailor Moon...but I don't really intend to, either...

I thought the RG Veda OAV was kind of dull...I forced myself to watch through the tape, though...
DBZ, nothing but constipated yelling. inuyasha, he is constantley rescuing that dumb girl from pretty much the same demon each time. gundam wing, it just sucks. pretty much all the anime that cartoon network shows (non adult swim, of course). oh, and Blue gender and Big O wore out thier welcome fast.
that was me, btw. i forgot to login.
i'd have to say... salior moon.
i watched 2 episodes and never want to watch it ever again!
it took you 2 episodes? wow, took me about 30 seconds.
QUOTE(love_me_destroyer @ Dec 29 2004, 12:58 PM)
it took you 2 episodes? wow, took me about 30 seconds.

heh heh..luky it took you 30 seconds...i decided to give the show another chance...but after the 2nd episode i said no way this show sucks...
alchemistgirl zero
Digimon after the first three seasons, Pokemon, recently Rave Master, Duel Masters, that HORRID Sailor Moon dub, and Tenchi Muyo! after the first two seasons.
Tenchi Muyo! is like a cockroach. mad.gif Every time you think it's over, they come up with a new series or manga. It's kind of boring now.
I like Vision of Escaflowne, but in the middle, it gets to be sorta like, you don't really want to sit through all of this, but your sorta have to. They should have shortened it more, imo. And as opposed to other series that get boring or drag at times, they usually have great characters or humor to keep your interest, which Esca has neither of. I still love Escaflowne, but my love is almost entirely musical and visual.

Fushigi Yuugi is a hot/cold thing for me. (Having only read the manga and seen a few episodes of the anime...) For the first few volumes I thought it was just the most sappy contrived godawful thing I'd read, and then onceI got used to it, it got really awesome and cool. Then, it got uber uber awesome. Then, a cool character died. Then, it was semi intriguing for a while, until it started dragging along, and it tried to capture sympathy by killing off some characters that I really didn't care about in the first place. Then, it dragged more, and that's where I left off. sleep.gif

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Detective Conan gets boring after eps 250...and some inuyasha eps was boring too...
inuyasha is just so repetitive.
Detecitve Conan is more lol(every eps some guy gets murdered...and they catches another guy, and over and over again)
all dectective shows are repetitive. thats how it works.
Pokemon when are they going to get different enemies? I can't really say anything about Saliormoon because it was the first anime I ever watched and it pulled me into the wonderful world of Anime. Yes it gets stupid very stupid but it's over. DBZ I cannot stress that enough.
i would have to say FLCL was boring
but i still watch it cause i want to find
out what will happen next. i also though
it was a little strange too. i have seen all
of FLCL but the last one. sad.gif
it makes me sad cause i missed it
QUOTE(Nizuko @ Jan 4 2005, 05:52 PM)
i would have to say FLCL was boring
but i still watch it cause i want to find
out what will happen next. i also though
it was a little strange too. i have seen all
of FLCL but the last one.  sad.gif 
it makes me sad cause i missed it

I thought it was boring too, as well as stupid! I thought Another boring one is DBZ, just because they should have just ended the series. They should have stopped there, but oh no they had to come out with GT. What a bunch of crap!
Kute Mymy
hmmm i think inyuasha dry.gif i jus` don`t get the show... so yeah i watched the 5 min. of the first eps. with my cuz `nd i couldn`t go on watchin` it huh.gif LOL! o well..
Dragon Drive!!! In my anime club, we would vote for what anime to watch. I brought FMA (This was before it was licensed), Peacemaker Kurogane, Hikaru no Go, but people voted for Dragon Drive because they had no idea what the anime I brought were. So when we could have been watching FMA, we instead watched this Pokemon wannabe thing with this little dragon that I hated because it was the only reason people wanted to watch Dragon Drive. And after that was Galaxy Angel which I so hated!!!

Well, those anime weren't that boring... It just... The people in my anime club!!!

Ok, most bored anime. Witch Hunter Robin? I like witches, I like the style of the animation, it's just that the people have no expression whatsoever! They just have this bored looking face all the time so you feel bored. Then their talking just goes on and on... Don't get me wrong. Most of the time I like it when the characters talk because that's when the plot is explained but when they just talk about things you don't care about... And those scene with just people staring or someone walking? Should we be entertained by that? Maybe I have to watch a little more episodes of it, but so far this is my impression of the series.
Inuyasha is my first choice.

Then comes Sailor Moon, because of the time it took to round everyone up and actually do something productive in terms of kicking villain behinds.

Digimon got boring after a season and a half.

Pokémon . . . hmm, not so sure. But the fact that I stopped watching it before the fad was even over might be an indication of its repetitiveness. Actually, the fad still isn't over. Oh, well. If I recall correctly, here in North America, there seemed to be a gap between the first outbreak and the quiet comeback.
anothere show i did not like was
Case Close
errrrrrrrrrr i hated that show mad.gif
i rather watch FLCL than Case Close
that show took the place of a show i was watching
and i like that show they took off sad.gif

maybe i am not a mystry solving person
i will never know
Case Closed was cool at first, i only started watching it once it got to AS. But after the first five episodes, it got real repetitive, him solving a new case each episode, blah blah blah! dry.gif
i could never flow with Case Close
every time i watch it
i would end up falling
asleep while the episode
was on. if i fall asleep while
watching the show, i know it
is not for me. oh and i fell
asleep more than once so i
was not tired when it came on
telepika: ooh.. Dragon Drive is really great actually! Definitely nothing like Pokémon.. (which yes, is very repetitive)
It has only 38 episodes and it really gets better towards the end. (The start wasn't as promising as it could have been) it has some really good characters and character stories.. although I wished that they would have been depicted more...
There was maybe too much action? Don't know.... I have to admit though that Reiji's "Shinseiber" cry was heard a little too often...
Hmmm... Maybe Dragon Drive wasn't that bad. I just got mad at it because we watched the same episodes over and over and over... (Don't ask why.) And we could have been watching FMA instead, but then FMA got a reputation for being boring so no one wanted to see it... Now they think FMA's the best thing in the world. People are so fickle!!!

Case Closed was good. Not great, but entertaining. I liked trying to solve those mysteries. And its not repetitive. Ok, him solving a case every episode is repetitive but the situation is different in every episode: the clues, the plot, and reasoning behind solving each mystery... Think of how hard it would be to think of a new mystery to solve every episode!!! I think they deserve at least some credit. And the "Sealed room trick" was cool!!!
yea case close should get some credit
i think it would be hard to make a mystry
in each episode, but they did. i did stay
awake for a few episodes and i too tried to
solve the mystries
ended up making my head hurt cause i was
not getting very far
case close is definitly cute...i havent seen that many episodes but it pretty good...but its always the same a case comes up and conan solves it
case closed=crappy verison of detective conan
Omakase Shimasu
Hmm, I've never gotten bored with an anime before. biggrin.gif Only got... irritated, I guess.

Wah, I love mystery anime/manga! Ayatsuri Sakon~ Yami no Matsuei (one arc, but, oh well)~ Unfortunately I don't know anymore~ Matantei Loki Ragnarok?

sad.gif Case Closed/Detective Conan/whatever never got aired in the Netherlands... So unfair.
now Detective Conan
is very good
i like that one
The most boring waste of time anime I could ever think of:
Sailor Moon. I pity the rent-a-villians in each episode.
Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex. I just watch the intro and turn it off.
Trigun/Cowboy Bebop. Only if you watched every episode 25 times.
Wolf's Rain. Just very dull.
Watching Zoro from One Piece do anything but fight. What? He's a boring character.
No offernce to anyone who like these but I think these are boring
1. Gundam seed
2. wolf rain
3. Heat guy J
thats mainly it for me...
Joy to suffering
sadly I have to admit that towards the ending seasons, InuYasha does get a bit repetative. & they stopped airing Sailor Moon a long time ago, so I dunno how that spanned out, but it was getting a bit boring, last episode I saw.
Oh heres another anime thats getting way too repetative... you may know what I am talking about... pokemon *yuk*
Joy to suffering
argh. they totally killed pokemon. It was awesome back with the original 151. then they slaughtered it. sad.gif
exacly what i said... it got way the hell to repetative... go to gym... get badge, repeat.
In no particular order...

1. Ranma 1/2
2. Slam Dunk
3. Sailor Moon
4. Doraemon
5. Ghost in The Shell (It's not that I don't like it but it takes almost all of my concentration just to understand the storyline)
6. DBZ

...besides that there really isn't any Anime which I remember as boring.
Le Monkey
pokemaon and duel masters they are both cr*p
they sure are... dual masters espetially.
Ranma 1/2 was boring! Well not the first few episodes (Those were hilarious), but the later episodes... All races and weird contests related to martial arts. blink.gif
OOh I loved Ranma 1/2 ! wink.gif It was the only anime series I watched when I was in Germany.. okay I watched Pokémon too tongue.gif I really regret not watching anything else, because there were so many choices... I wasn't an anime fan at that time (I just learnt the word) I tried watching DB and DBZ... but the fighting was sooo boring in my opinion... I couldn't understand why everyone liked it. (And everyone hated me for not liking it, and dissed Digimon tongue.gif Okay not everyone, just this one guy)
Later I became a fan.. How wierd tongue.gif
i have to agree wiht kitoky, rave master was horrible in everyway and boring as all hell

now that i have read more peoples choices, there are alot of boring shows that just shouldn't be on t.v. how the heck are they making money off of these shows??? they should be banned and locked away for all eternity exp: rave master, duel master, pokemon etc.
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