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Full Version: What Is Your Greatest Fear?
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Due to a bad...... day I'm afraid of clowns, sleeping in the dark, and horror movies (although the whole point of those is to scare you....) I just don't like to be scared.
Sharingan Serpent
My teachers...they will haunt me for the rest of my life... ph34r.gif
That's funny! I think that goes for everyone...
Kitty Alchemist
I'm afriad of roaches. I can't stand those things.
That's no difficult question for me to answer. My greatest fear is death. You don't know when it will come and what will happen. You only know that you will die someday. What if there's just nothing? I'm very afraid of that *shivers*
Sharingan Serpent
Well I don't know what death is like....but there is one thing I life to the full and do everything you can before that faithful day will come happy.gif

Just forget about it and move on kay happy.gif
Cheez_n_ Maeve
My fears?

- really old and skinny people
- having the same faults as my mom
- crying. not of other people crying but of myself.
- helplessness
- Ants. they're gross and they eat my food.

The middle three are probably my greatest fears.
I've always had this horrible fear of walking on tooth floss at terribly high hieghts. ><
Used to dream about it as a kid.
I became like paralized when we had to do high-ropes.
I got up there and everything but when it came to crossing the rope I just stood there and clinged to the pole.
I really should've picked the bridge.

- death blink.gif
- no anime blink.gif ohmy.gif (my worst nightmare! no~!~!~!)
- not being able to watch the TV or use my computer(another worst nightmare!)
- bad dubbed anime(no! stay away~!~!~!~!~!!)
- crying. i think d last time i cried was when i watched d last ep of FMA(1 yr ago), i hope
not to cry anymore, but i do cry a liitle bit sometimes tho>.>
- getting in trouble blink.gif
- shcool, hw, teachers, etc. tongue.gif
- and spiders, that's why i'm always thinking "are there any in my room?" unsure.gif
injections, blood tests, horror movies, lizards... ahahaz... laugh.gif
im scared when i do badly for my exams, my parents will kill me lolx... hmmz... i always cry whenever i have to do a blood test... it was pure hell... i hate it...
The things that scare me the most in the world are:

- clowns
- horror movies (except Vampire flicks)
- and I am scared to death of being stangled. (I let no one touch my neck)
Agreed on the clowns and Horror (except Vampires ofcourse)
But above all I fear bugs. It's a phobia, I swear! *shudders
BloodHunter Alchemist
Why is it that most people are so afraid of death?? If I die, okay, I'll be reborn in another shape... Of course, it's a bit boring if I die as a 16-years old, but... I'm not afraid of death. Vampires are already dead, guess that's why I don't fear...

My greatest fears...

...too much sun (Vampire) tongue.gif
...spiders, worms and clowns
...dependence (I like to be independent)

can't come up with more right now... doesn't remember...
Ice Blizzard
Clowns,Barney, Most small and furry animals, blood test, Getting shots, rejections, Public embarrasment ....And death.... dry.gif
playing resident evil at night (seriously, I feel like something'll come up and grab me from behind if I walk down the hall after playing it), barney, teletubbies, stag beetles, spiders, and wood ticks
I fear death by drowning, or any other death that is painfully slow.
I mean, I'm really not afraid to die, it's just that I want it to happen fast, if it has to happen.
My greatest fears are...
-Extremely scary movies
-Small spaces
-Showing emotions(No I'm not a dude!)
Death is pretty scary.

But it's a path we all have to take.
- Shots. The thought of someone injecting me with a dead or almost-dead virus scares the hell out of me.

- Children in the dark. I've seen waaay too many movies with creepy kids in them. -shudders-

- Opening doors when I'm by myself. What? It's creepy, anything could be lurking outside.

- Everyone I care for abandoning me. That is the worst one.
Penelopa the Pegasus
Only two great fears. First one? Enthomophobia. Critical stadium. Whenever I see a bug flying around, I'm gettin really SICK. X____________x Wasps especially. But I have allergy so that one is explaned Xx
Second: It isin't something that I'm afraid OF, but I'm afraid ABOUT. About my dear, best friend. That I can lose him. I have no clue what would I do without him. He helped me a lot, always understood me and is close to me like no-one is. Everytime i'm gone on a vacation, I'm scared that this could be last time I do see him. sad.gif
Dying alone, going blind, my pets dying, my friends dying, cancer, and....bees.

Silly fears: Shots, terrible rollar coasters, costumed animals (Chuckie Cheese), being bit by an animal with rabies.
Um.... horror movies, sharp things, tanning beds, needles, and being strangled.
Master Kakashi
I dont really have any fears but not to fear anything is foolish.
To tell the truth I never get afraid,just eccedingly excited and happy.I don't remember anywhere in my life ever actually...fearing...anything....
I know it's stupid, but I'm afraid of heights.
My greatest fear? How will I die...I don't want to die burned....
Clowns. D:
ohmy.gif I had forgotten about that one. I hate clowns.....really do fear them so much sad.gif
Ice Blizzard
Taxes and Death sad.gif
HalfAsian Alchemist
Drowning, which is weird because I'm going to be a marine biologist... Oh, and dying a weird death like in Final Destination.
i hate bugs. ANY BUG, no matter how small, no matter how harmless. i hate them all. BESIDES BUTTERFLIES. they so pretty happy.gif
AND i hate heights. They scare me more than bugs.
and whats weird...i fear pain more than death >.<
Demon x
my fear is dying from being buried alive and needles that sting in un pleasent places in the body
serial killers blink.gif nd my pets or family dying
James James
Urgh, injections. Even seeing somebody getting one makes me feel a bit sick. And whenever I have to get one myself I freak out.

And wasps and bees. And pigeons. (One flew into me when I was younger. D:)
excessively small pitch dark places, being forgotten, losing my brother, going blind, and staying a failure.
I know it's stupid, but I'm afraid of heights.

Don't worry. So am I. tongue.gif
Sharingan Serpent
I'm afraid of Coffins now...
Spiders.. One of them bit me man!! It hurt so bad and it got swollen!!!
I was watching T.V. a few days ago and I felt something on my leg. I looked down and there was this gigantic hornet on me. I freaked out. It was on me for at least a minute one of my buddies said. They said they saw it on me and decided not to say anything. Now I'mk freaked of hornets.
Not being able to achieve my dreams, losing somebody I care about, and needles.
Roy Jr.
Spiders. They make me shudder so much. I especially hate the hairy ones.
I'm also afraid of very tight spaces.
Kal Rommel
I used to be terrified of spiders...but now that I know that I can squish them (I know it's inhumane! -bows in apology- ) I'm not as I'm very very very terrified of snakes. I hate them. I'm so afraid that I'm going to be bitten or something.
I actually have nightmares about snakes oO;
Another of my biggest fears is losing someone I love very much...and me not being's a terrifying thought...><...
Roy Mustard
Death. Or dying without anyone remembering you.
Or having some kind of disease or cancer that make you want to die, but can't.
I'm not very fond of spiders as well, blink.gif
Wrath V
I am afraid of deep water... I just can't move and I may drown... but it doesn't mean I can't go take a shower, it is just deep water.

And I am not afraid of insects nor animals; I think they are cute... my tarantula died and it is still cute.
Snakes and spiders, those two are really creepy.
I fear of...
and dying young.
Cutie Ed Lovr
Those dumb spiders!! I can't stand them! They are all crawly and ahh! I just hate them!!
I have a HUGE fear of spiders (my friend calls it EXTREME arachnaphobia laugh.gif ), and I'm afraid of skeletons and dead things, for some reason. I also have this new fear of being tickled blink.gif . I am also afraid of deadly diseases.
Failing a grade and having to repeat it, and antogonizing pain a la falling off the stairwell.
Everytime I go up stairs, I feel like pushing myself over, and get an odd feeling in my stomach. >> Sometimes I think I'm possessed or something.

Mabye dying alone, not being able to experience the wonders of life.
I recently obtained this extremely weird fear of that new song "gallery" by Mario Vasquez(is that how you spell it???) Anyway, I was singing it to myself this morning, and when I get to the part "in his gallery", I suddenly felt dizzy and I felt like I was going to faint. It was blink.gif ..... very very freaky. It was like it triggered some sort of terrible dream I had, or a memory I had a long long long long time ago in my (past?)life. Now I hate that song *shakes fist at radio* The same thing happened again the next time I sang it, but I got less and less dizzy as I sang it more and more times. It's weird and freaky wacko.gif .... and weird.... (don't laugh, though!!)
dark water is definetly my worst fear
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