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Full Version: Which Is Better Wolf's Rain Or Bebop?
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I ask this question because I've recently seen some threads about WR. They are from the same creators so which is the better choice? I have to admit I like Bebop better but Wolf's Rain is a pretty good show, and I like how the ending wasn't all sappy.

That's tough...


*thinks some more*

*thinks a bit more*

I'd say Bebop...It has alot more genre than Wolf's Rain...

Cowboy Bebop is the best space anime - ever.
Yeah, definitley. Bebop also didn't have a sappy ending. Spike Vicious and Julia all died within one episode! what an ending. It would've been better if Jet snack-rificed Ein to the the gods while Faye does a a ritual dance in her birthday suit. But hey, that's just me. Just out of curiosity, when you buy series dvds, you can listen to the original japanese version right? I always here poeple say the japanese voices are better. I dunno I like some of our American voice actors
The Cowboy Bebop dub is good. One of the best dubs I've ever heard. The japanese voices rock also, and I watched the japanese ones first so I like them betta tongue.gif
Watch out for the spoiler there, Slashrose >__< that would totally ruin me if I hadn't already known that ^__^()
I like Cowboy Bebop better, but I've only seen a few episodes of WR so I don't have much to compare. But nothing can beat CB's rockin music, come on! From what I've seen of Wolf's Rain it's kinda slow, as opposed the the upbeat pace of CB. I'm an upbeat kind of person.
Bebop. I thought it was one of the best dubbed anime ever.
Wolf's Rain would only appeal to a particular group. Bebop, however, has appeal for almost all groups.

Also, Bebop is the number one anime for making people into anime fans. I have seen mroe poeple become card-carrying otakus just by watching Bebop.

And I'm not talking about the "LOL, gOKU cAN kICK eVERYONE'S aSS, ROFLMAO!!!!!111!!1!1!1!!!!1" fans.

No, I'm talking about anime fans who actually have class and taste (And an ounce of respect), who actually deeply consider and critique the anime's they like.
bebop. i can't stand WR, i just don't get it. wolves, people, transformation..... whatever....
Yeah, for me, Bebop just seems more realistic, and therefore, more appealing.
Bebop for me. I particularly like the way it was handled by Bones. The scenes, shots, camera angles and music made it more like a TV-series, which might have fit such a genre better, but since it was done by one of the best animation companies out there, yummaaaay~

The music was the best part of it, I felt. And the characters are interesting on their own. I've seen only half of Wolf's Rain, and didn't feel like watching the rest 'cos the characters didn't seem that different or... outstanding. Though I have to admit Bones did a GREAT job with the wolf animations.
Le Monkey
BB for me
QUOTE(hitokiri @ Dec 15 2004, 01:19 AM)
bebop. i can't stand WR, i just don't get it. wolves, people, transformation..... whatever....

I didn't really get the trasitions between wolves and humans. That show was really wierd. I didn't really like it when they showed the wolves talking either. How did the humans communicate to wolves? How come some people could tell they were wolves but some could only see humans? That show is very confusing...
WOW... hmmm

I wo...



I like... mostly...

Cowboy bebop
Ok, since no one else will stand up for it,I will. So far, Wolf's Rain is my favorite of the two animes. I have only gotten about halfway through each series, but Cowboy Bebop for some reason just can't seem to hold my attention for the entire twenty minute episode. On the other hand (or paw), Wolf's Rain has managed to completely ensnare my mind. While I was trying to watch that inane episode of Bebop with the ancient freezer food attacking people, I became so bored that I had to stop in the middle and go rewatch the latest episode of Wolf's Rain instead. Also, while I won't even consider wasting my money on a CB manga, I bought the WR manga as soon as it hit shelves. Perhaps I'm just a hypocritical anti-human freak, but I think there needs to be more wonderful shows like Wolf's Rain on T.V.

P.S. Thanks ever so much for telling me what happened in CB. Even if it isn't my absolute favorite show, I still didn't need some idiot blurting out the end without even warning me.

.gnimoc si erutuf ehT Are you ready?
Tsutomu Saishuu
Yeah, Wolf's Rain is somewhat better in my opinion. It has a nice storyline, and of course always seems to keep you addicted to it. Well, thats not a really good reason because Cowboy Bebop pretty much falls into that category of reasons too. I guess I shall go with this reason then, "WOLF'S RAIN IS BETTER THAN COWBOY BEBOP, SO HAH!". Try and beat that reason.
cowboy bebop has really cool fight scenes i think they are better than WR
bebop, it was my gatewat drug. wolf rain has good ideas tho.
Bebop, Cowboy Bebop.

Cowboy Bebop rocks my friends

Why you ask? Ein, Edward & Ein.

Without them that show would be almost nothing.

And with that I leave you this quote:

"Satalite from days of old show me your access code!''

Agent Paper
Cowboy Bebop was also about the only good dub in the world. Every other dub, just pretty much sucked. I can't judge FMA exactly yet though. Bebop, because it had good dubbing, and Ein was awesome. most of the characters were, but
Fire Alchemist
uhhh...I like both...It's too hard to choose...
Its very close but I choose Wolf's Rain because I like Tsume and the conflicts are better. They are both pretty deep though..oh jeez. So hard to choose. I pick both! hehe!
QUOTE(Fire Alchemist @ Dec 20 2004, 01:37 PM)
uhhh...I like both...It's too hard to choose...

I agree. I can't make up my mind. I stay up late to watch them. Maybe that explains why I'm always tired at school.
chimeras cry
Wolfs rain is better,it has more action/romance,plus it has more violence and a better theme.bebops good cause of spike but i like wofs rain wink.gif
Definately Cowboy Bebop.
I also believe that it is the best anime show on adult swim.
I mean don't get me wrong, Fullmetal Alchemist is definately a good show but Cowboy Bebop is a classic.

Wolf's Rain is a pretty good show.
When I saw the first few episodes I did not really get into it all that much and did not like it. But I did get into it in the middle of the series and I thought the ending was okay. They could have been a little more creative.

One of my favorite parts of Wolf's Rain is when they are in the woods and everyone is lost and confused. An Owl pop's up and can talk. This reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. The Wolf's being Alice, while the Owl being the cat.

My favorite episode of Cowboy Bebop is actually the first session. I believe the title is called, "The Red Eye," or something along the lines of that. But either way it is my favorite episode of the series.

Not only does the show make it better than Wolf's Rain but also the theme song and the opening theme. I mean you just gotta admire that. I tried reading some of the words when I could and the only thing I could make out was:

Finally theres an anime show. . .

And the rest I could not tell. What I also like about each character is the background [the history] of each character. Spikes eyes and Julia, Jet and his metal arm, and Faye who owes the federal goverment alot of money after being frozen for 50 years. Truly all of these people wore mean't to meet.
Haha, I agree. The fact that all the main characters have their own weird issues makes you really wonder how in the world they ever came together in the first place. ^_^ And that's the fun of the series~!
Bebop , but i've been really getting into Wolf's Rain lately. It's really not that hard to follow and the music is great. But, it was great in bebop too. There both really good anime's in my opinion.

i would have to say wr it has alot of twists and turns that make you want to keep watching
Bebob: Awsome music, complex/interesting characters, Spike (yes, I'm am shallow, but he's gorgeous), beautiful shots/lighting/scenery.

WR: Great fight scenes.

Winner: Bebob all the way
neither,i hate both...
Wolf's rain, because in a world of anime that contains super saiyans, monster cards, pokeballs, computer chip dogs, crazy 13 year old orphen super hackers, space bounty hunters, and exploding ravens, I think Wolfs/humans are most belivable. It wasn't like the other animes where in the end everyone comes back to life somehow and lives happily ever after, they all died, everything seemed very true.

Of course that happened in Bebop too. I used to loove bebop, but the way people talk about it, all...the...time....makes it prettttty old, outdated, overrated. I still love it, as someone said earlier, its a classic, but its lost its shine, and glimmer to me.

Plus I love the characters in wolf's rain, they were all very different. A happy one, and angry one, and funny one, and a calm one. Wolf's rain all the way.
i like wolf's rain better than bb for some reason
Bebop. I never really got into Wolfs Rain or understood it, im sure it's good though if I gave it time. wink.gif
Yay! no one got mad at me for the rant I posted last time!

Double yay! A lot more people have said Wolf's rain is the best! You people totally rock!

Oh, and super-special shout out to LordGohan: If you don't like either series, why the *beeeep* did you post here? Go to *beeeeeeeep*.

And to Jaganshi: Awesome Hiei pic!

To anyone who opposes WR: If I want your opinion, I'll give it to you!

Just remember people: Wolf's Rain Rocks!

.gnimoc si erutuf ehT Are you ready?
Roy's Fire
Ahh no question for me! I love Spike and Ms. Valetine but... I gotta say Wolf's Rain. I love the whole concept of it. The fact that they are trying to fight for something that's theirs facing all the odds and defeating any enemy. That's saying something because on the Saturday run I hardly watched WR and when I read that it was taking Detective Conan's place I was heated. Now a days I don't miss an episode of Wolf's Rain. Hige kind reminds me of Spike. Must be the hair happy.gif Wolf Rain is kind of confusing. Most of the time if I don't understand it I ask my best friend Stephanie. (She loves the show to death) I understand it more now though. As far as music is concerned Stray is awsooooome! I looove Yokko Kanno. But the jazzy feel of The Real Folk Blues is amazing.Majority wins though. I read an anime magzine and Cowboy Bebop was the 4th greatest anime next to InuYasha. Not sure which was 2nd but Gravion was 1st. Wolf's Rain was like 13th place. sad.gif Oh well! They both rock! laugh.gif
well, WR definitley has better animation but it gets so sentimental. so i'd say Bebop
QUOTE(Amur @ Dec 27 2004, 10:05 PM)
Yay! no one got mad at me for the rant I posted last time!

Double yay! A lot more people have said Wolf's rain is the best! You people totally rock!

Oh, and super-special shout out to LordGohan: If you don't like either series, why the *beeeep* did you post here? Go to *beeeeeeeep*.

And to Jaganshi: Awesome Hiei pic!

To anyone who opposes WR: If I want your opinion, I'll give it to you!

Just remember people: Wolf's Rain Rocks!  

.gnimoc si erutuf ehT  Are you ready?

hey do you mind reducing your font? or at least changing the color? its really annoying.
I also like wolf rain, but I still like cowboy bebop more!
wolf rain all the way there is more action and it isnt one of those slow shoes like cb even when tehy are trieing to lay things out for u it is exciting also wolfs kick ass laugh.gif
id definately say Wolf's Rain probly just becuz fantasy things draw my attention...when they fight, its not with guns or swords, they bite and scratch...its unique! i agree with shrunima...wolves do kick i definately agree with Amur..WOLF'S RAIN ROCKS!~!~ biggrin.gif
i like them both. i still like to watch bebop, id probally cry again if i saw spike die... *pout* but i was obsessed with wr when it came out. blink.gif
@nanayamiyugi: you double posted
....didn't this thread die a long time ago? Well, since its back....I'll say it one more time.

Wolf's Rain is better.
i really like wr better but bebop is still good
cowboy bebop rules the highway betwwen thw two
wolf's rain is much better but cowboy bebop is interesting
Wolf's question about it. The storyline is great, and I always wanted to watch the next Episode right after one played. I havent seen the entire series, but it's still awesome biggrin.gif
Cowboy bebop!!!
It is so cool!!! They need a sequil!!!
I have absolutely no idea what beebop is but from what I've read, I definitely would choose Wolf's Rain. I don't know why, but I found the ended really sad and wanted to watch more after it ended. The wolves were so pretty and had so much pride!!!. I don't mean to gush but I found it really good even though I only watched the last ten or so episodes laugh.gif tongue.gif cool.gif
i like Cowboy Bebop better. i don't know why, but i do. maybe because it was probably the first "real" anime i got into (besides Pokemon)
i so love wolf's rain. its the greatest. i cried a few times. i think they should play it again so i can watch the whole thing completely. everyone should watch it.
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