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Full Version: Chapter 43 "Regular" Discussion Thread For First Time Readers (and Others)
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LOL!! *falls off the chair with laughter* Omg, that's so cool!! And so Ed!! *sits back on chair and hopes for more Star Wars fics* happy.gif
Ed: ^$&$$#%#^**&%&$^%$#%#$#^!!!!!!!!!! [Atomic blast ensues]Who are you calling so small that even Yoda misstook him for small and comfy seat!!!!!!!!

laugh.gif That was Great!
It's here It's here!!! Check out Anime-source
[[Blue runs off to read]]] biggrin.gif

Crawls back in crying...
Reading this while listening to the 2nd OST proved too traumatic...
Its so sad!!

As soon as more of you all have read it, please post your thoughts !
[blue crawls away in search of hankie]
Well, a guy I spoke to on LJ crossed-over FMA and the Star Wars universe...

It's kind of based od the extanded universe of Star Wars, so it's not Ed=Luke and Hohenheim=Anakin, and sometimes it doesn't fit, but as a Star Wars EU fan, I thought it was funny.

Ed = Jaina Solo
Al = Anakin Solo
Winry = Tahiri Veila
Roy = Wedge Antilles
Hawkeye = Iella Wessiri
Hughes = Tycho Celchu
Gracia = Winter
Havoc = Wes Janson
Fury = Hobbie Klivian
Hohenheim = Luke Skywalker
Dante = Leia Organa (i.e., not married to Han/Sloth. *pauses a moment* ZOMG DANTE/SLOTH. *dies*)
Pride = Kyp Durron
Lust = Danni Quee
Envy = Jacen Solo
Sloth = Han Solo
Wrath = Ben Skywalker (+ a few years)
Greed = Corran Horn
Scar = Ganner Rhysode
Izumi = Mara Jade Skywalker (which suggests Hohenheim/Izumi, which is also a "*dies*" kinda ship, lmao)

It's djcati who wrote this.
[blue abruptly stops crying] blink.gif

whoa...thats intricate. biggrin.gif So he wrote a full fanfic or did he just match up characters?
Unfortunatly, he just matched the characters. sad.gif
I can't see page 27 and 33 in anime-source!!! *wails*
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
I know!Whats up with that?Its like a blur or something blotting out the page.........
I can't see page 27 and 33 in anime-source!!! *wails*

No worries wink.gif
pg 27
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
Thanks Blueices,'s not those!! It's the ones AFTER those! I'm sorry, I must've gave the wrong pages! ;__;
oohhh...*sweat drop* blink.gif
hmmm, let's see...if it's still not working I can e-mail you the zip I made (just pm me) (too bad you can't pm attachments)

I'm happy to spread the FMA love around so if anyone is having chapter issues, I'll do my best biggrin.gif
QUOTE(SweetJanie @ Jan 10 2005, 02:55 PM)
Spoiler: (Click here to Display), that's that mean that Ed can't bring his bro back? NOOO!! Poor Aru.. .*cries*

Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

Anyone think when the whole FMA manga ends, the last panel will be Ed sitting against the wall in a straight-jacket in a padded cell, staring blankly and drooling, minus one leg and arm? laugh.gif
I couldn't see a couple of pages. Poor Edward an Al. When is Winry when you need her to cheer up Edward? XD
On Al...

Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

On hoenheim...

Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

Can I just say I have more respect for this Pinako then the one in the Anime? I loved this chapter because she was willing to help Ed ^__^
I agree, Pinako was amazing...all those scenes in the rain....(though I had to wait for each page to load...the emotion was intense)

Given what Ed now will he break this to Al? He might not want to tell him at all (it's just all too sad!)
All the pages at anime-source now seem to be fine now...

You said the pages after the two that were posted earlier, right?

Double page 28-29
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

page 34
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
Queen of the dammed
Oh my... the silver Alchemist.... Cool guy.......
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I know!!! This is really really bad...I keep thinking
"what will they possibly do now?!"

But then I realize that we have yet to learn so much from the manga.(I should try harder to not let random anime knowledge seep into my understanding of the manga) dry.gif
Still so many questions:
-When will we see the 7th homunculus? (Pride)
-How evil is Hohenheim??? (I'm assuming he's the father)
-What are the precious sacrifices for???? (will they make homunculus? or is it easier to make the philosopher's stone using state alchemists?)
-Will pride be the kid(wrath) from the anime or not? They introduced the person who yanked Ed's arm and leg...and I suspect he's not exactly the God he says he is...Alas I am also hoping for a bishie Pride, but who knows?
-What happened to Breda?!!

Ok that's enough panicking for now laugh.gif
Queen of the dammed
Gahhhh!!!!!! Forgot!!! What'll happen to Marco??? Or Havock!!!!!! So MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Bluices and Vegita625!! *hugs both*
But you know, at least I'm happy to know Ed won't give up!! Go Ed, GO!! tongue.gif
Thanks! I couldn't see the pages... I agree with Queenie the old guy was cool! I thought he was just some old guy who was going to go blastic with a gun or something.
Upon seeing The silver alchemist's look and appetite for violence, I suddenly thought of one memorable psycho from Cowboy Bebop
Its this insane killer from episode 20 Cowboy Bebop ::Pierrot Le Fou (I think those who have seen it will know who I mean...the episode is memorable for its weirdness) wink.gif
This Silver alchemist and that crazed penguin suited killer could be brothers biggrin.gif
I'm surprised Ed hasn't blown a head gasket yet over the revalations of Chapter 43. I know I would. The manga's starting to kind of represent college. You do a whole lot of work, lose just about everything in the process - from money to your soul XD - and in the end sometimes it's still not enough. Pinako may want to consider putting Ed on a suicide watch after those incidents. ;_;

Edward was emotionally getting punched.
what's going on with anime-source i can't see the pictures!!!!! mad.gif
ahhhH!!!! anime-source's manga server is doooown!!! nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Must be crazed fan over-load blink.gif It was going really slow even when I looked at it the other day
not sure, their front page sez maintenance or something
I just finished a huge re-read of the Manga (I'm searching for clues)

Something about ch42 really really bugged me. I think Hohenheim dropped the bomb that Ed and Al might have not made their mother with a purpose in mind...
(I'm rather sure that he knew that his son was listening)

The question is why? (If he was just really cruel and simply wanted Ed to suffer an emotional breakdown then thats one thing.. dry.gif .)
But what's his ultimate plan in doing this?...Does he want Ed to become more desperate in his search for the stone?
Does this have something to do with the fact that now both Ed and Al are confirmed Special Sacrifices?
Summoner Yuna
Frist of all: hello! this is my first post here ^.^

Well, this is getting even more exciting in every chapter!! At first I thought that the manga story will match the anime, with only some differences, but now the things are really different and I wonder what will arakawa-sensei do now rolleyes.gif

I really liked this Pinako, she isn't just standing around, she is really supporting Ed, and that scene under the rain was so touching

But I think there something a little weird...
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)

I didn't thought about the new lust, but that theories sound interesting. I'm really looking forward the next chapter tongue.gif

(surely this post is terribly bad written laugh.gif , I'm sorry, i'm not very good at english and i doing my best laugh.gif at least i hope you'll understand it...)
Holy cupcakes. Wonderful plot twist in this chapter!
hm...would holy cupcakes have heavenly sprinkles?
QUOTE(Summoner Yuna @ Jan 12 2005, 04:48 PM)
But I think there something a little weird...
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
Yoki said something about his "servant"... talking about...Scar??? since when is he his servant? when they were traveling together I'd had rather said that yoki was "kidnapped" as a driver by scar lol. anyway, probabily i misunderstood that panel, or yoki was just allucinating weird things xD

Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
Queen of the dammed
Yoki is out for REVENGE!!!!!!!!! And i wonder how Mei will react to the REAL Ed....

*Mei bumbs into Ed*
Ed: Sorry kid! *helps her up* What's your nane?
Mei: Mei, and this is my panda Mei-chan, what's yours?
Ed: Edward Elric. I'm a state Alchemist.
Mei: *image of hansone talll Ed shatters* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! My pince can't be so short!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mei's visions of Ed are hilarious. Well I am sure Ed will be happy that he has a fangirl and I think she is actually smaller than him biggrin.gif

I already asked this in the 43 Raw thread and I think it got overlooked. What do you think Pinako was thinking of about Al? It made me kind of nervous.
You mean the scene in the rain?
The first thought on that would be that she was really concerned that Ed was going to break down. Ed was going through so much in that scene....le sigh

As for Al...ah let me check...runs off for a second

Skips back:
You mean when she says:
"Then, that Al..." right?

I think she's thinking about all that Al has to suffer being in that body. It is in many ways a worse punishment than losing limbs. We saw how much he suffers from not beeing able to sleep or feel anything; he can't even try to live a normal life. I can't imagine what he goes through every night by himself...the thoughts which run through his mind must be very painful.
In the anime, I fondly remember the scene where Al says quite sadly and simply "I just want to be able to touch you"
It's one thing to have lost your body in nearly making your mom...It's quite another tragedy to have lost your body in trying to make something you have absolutely no clue about.

Random thought: Maybe its also a ref. to the fact that Al's soul might still be rejected from his body
There is a v2 at anime-source now. yeb corrected some of the speech for the front part but the pinako bit remained the same.
Queen of the dammed
Trust me, not being able to sleep is horrible.... alll the thoughts run through your head....most of them are horrible...(especialy when you got an exam the next day).... Pooor Aru....TTTOTTT
I thought the ending of this chapter was just to waste time...meh. But I think this means that Scar might come back in the storyline least we got to see the forgotten Mei.
*demands more roy moments in upcoming chapters!!!*

*joins tokage*

More Roy + his subordinates-related moments in the next chapter!
I really want to know who Pride is already!!!! (keeps praying for a bishie Pride who eerily looks like Hughes)
Queen of the dammed
No Please not Huges... (Poor Roy... sad.gif ) Ah yes!! MORE ROY!!!!!!!!!!!
ok, I'll modify that (he needs to be good looking like Hughes)

ok then, my greedy desires for 44:
2. More Roy moments (either w/ Havoc or Riza)
3. Ed contemplates telling Al?
4. Where Marco and Breda are...
*starts a "WE WANT ROY!" picket line with kasumi* laugh.gif

okay, tokage has been rolling this around on her brain for a long time now, and she thinks she has summoned the courage to bring it up and see if anyone else has been thinking the same thing... blue's mention of hughes reminded me...

does anyone else think that
Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
Full Metalloid Alchemist
So is chapter 43 the farthest scanlation we'll get due to Viz? If so that really really sucks. Viz will do bad things to this manga. ie sound effects , localization, lanuguage.etc
It better not be the last scan-lation we get. And I think people, including, will continue anyway.
If that chapter was the last due to Viz, I will start crying-not cool. T_T
Oh chapter 43 was incredible and I wonder why Hohenheim made sure Ed heard (yea, he had to know Ed was listening) him. Would he know that Ed would go make sure?

And Granny is awesome-she really cares.

Hmm...I wonder if Ed will tell Al, and I can't wait for the next chapter. ^^U

Oh, does anyone know of another site that would continue scanlations or any site that has translations?
Full Metalloid Alchemist
How much farther is the manga in Japan, chapterwise?
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