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Full Version: Chapter 37 Regular Discussion Thread For First Time Readers (and Others) (With Lots Of Small Off Topic Talks)
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First time FMA manga readers, please post your thoughts and discussions on chapter 37 here. smile.gif

For info about the "Reading Reference", go to page 16.

Chapter 37 transcripts (courtesy of Michiyo-) posted here.

~ Shonen Gangan August Issue, Shock for all Riza fans..~

Whew... looks like Riza is in extreme danger in this issue.... hope that gluttony that fat bastard dont do what he likes most with riza... >_<;;
RAW coming as soon as I find one wink.gif
Short "Preview" can be found above...
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<Edited by Michiyo- on Feb. 13, 2011>
Thanks for posting the most recent scans!
Finally I get to see something in Japanese... The results of the character poll was interesting too. Arakawa makes good comments as always. I'm not too sure exactly how story is progressing in the manga (I've read only up to ch.34) but the ending of this month's Gangan sure looked intense. Do you usually have raws up initially?
Chibi Viki
waaaah! rolfkaese, thanks for the info!!!

Elizabeth is riza's real first name?! well, that's what roy called her anyway (see scan 03). and what happened to her was inconclusive so maybe she kicked gluttony's butt! but if gluttony DOES kill her, I will go to japan and kick arakawa-sensei's butt as vengeance! hehehe...

but she's a tough chick... she can handle him... i hope waaaaah, elizabeth hawkeye! T-T
LOL Elizabeth Hawkeye !!! then the real name of her is really liza hawkeye O_O;; damn... chibi viki, mind if u can roughly translate the pages for me so i can edit them and more people can understand it? would be great =D
QUOTE (Chibi Viki @ Jul 11 2004, 05:49 PM)
but if gluttony DOES kill her, I will go to japan and kick arakawa-sensei's butt as vengeance! hehehe...

I'm sure you will need some help with that wink.gif

but maybe lust will stop him? lets pray...
Those scans were part of the end of the chapter, right? OMG...that means we have to wait ANOTHER month before we know what happens???
QUOTE (Kasumi @ Jul 12 2004, 02:37 AM)
Those scans were part of the end of the chapter, right? OMG...that means we have to wait ANOTHER month before we know what happens???

er.... i am about to throw myself from the window... life sucks
Chibi Viki
QUOTE (RolfKaese @ Jul 11 2004, 07:03 PM)
mind if u can roughly translate the pages for me so i can edit them and more people can understand it? would be great =D

ok, sounds fun happy.gif

(but my accuracy rate is pretty low... i just know some basics n.n;; )
yaya, y dun u translate it chibi viki!!^^

btw, in scan 3, i dun fink the one who lie down was Hawkeye, coz the clothing was different....
aww, dont get yourself down chibi viki, you are way better than me who cant read any damn thing (well one thing i was able to read... the age of alphonse in chapter 26/27).
QUOTE (Riza_Hawkeye @ Jul 12 2004, 07:43 AM)
yaya, y dun u translate it chibi viki!!^^

btw, in scan 3, i dun fink the one who lie down was Hawkeye, coz the clothing was different....

That is supposed to be Roy's envisioning of Hughes' death scene.
yes, thats hughes. he just remembered what happened to hughes, so he dont want to loose hawkeye, too.
*sigh* love is great.
Er... there's nothing much to translate from the scans from the end of the chap. I'll translate the character poll instead. P = page number, F = frame

Character poll:
Ed: It's boring to make an announcement in an ordinary way. I thought we could use a little change.
Winry: Wrong. You're so getting this wrong!
(Last result for your interest: 1. Ed, 2. Mustang, 3. Al, 4. Hughes, 5. Hawkeye, 6. Armstrong, 7. Havoc, 8. Winry, 9. Envy, 10. Master Izumi; 11. Black Hayate, Scar, and Arakawa)
Ed: Hey Winry, your rank went up.
Roy: It's the moment of truth, Fullmetal!!!
I settled for the second place last time but this time won't be the same!!! And I've been on a lot lately.
Winry: Holy... Look at the great margin... Not even close to be a match...

The Poll Result with Arakawa's Comments
1st Place: Edward, 7273 votes
As always his popularity is totally off the chart. It makes me happy that the protagonist/hero made it for the top.

2nd Place: Col. Mustang, 2752 votes
Complete loss to Ed once again!!

3rd Place: 1st Lt. Hawkeye, 1086 votes
Let's make the tail wag the dog! Take down the Colonel!

4th Place: Alphonse, 991 votes
Go Alphonse. Totally go.

5th Place: Envy, 921 votes
What!? Why ranking so high!?

6th Place: Brig. Gen. Hughes, 720 votes
Men leave names after death. Deep-rooted popularity, indeed.

7th Place: Winry, 693 votes
She's not too far behind Hughes.

8th Place: Major Armstrong, 525 votes
I'd like to personally give him blocks of 10000 votes.

9th Place: 2nd Lt. Havoc, 492 votes
Dumped by a GF, failing the match-making, getting a new GF like THAT and ranking lower in the poll... talk about misfortunes.

10th Place: Master Izumi, 271 votes
10th she may be, but she still made it for the Top Ten like last time. It sure is like her.

F11 (Scar staring at the poll result. 11th this time is Greed)

Yoki: Are you concerned?
Chibi Viki

couldn't read that far... Nao does it better...
wow thank you ~
hm... if i look over it, we are plenty much people here...
how about we found a translation group? would be interesting i think... X3
Chibi Viki
yeah, that's a good idea smile.gif
hm... i could always do some editing xDD heheh
Chibi Viki
... and we could help you with the grammar, we could proof read for you, maliza.

but let's keep this thread clean, guys, and, as much as possible, attach fanfics and fanart by links instead of actually posting them here (i'm having a hard time loading graphics heavy pages n.n;;)
well I think I make a thread where people who are interested in founding a group could post and then we'll how how the feedback is, and then decide what to do.
Chibi Viki
Ooops! my bad!

Roy wasn't calling Riza, 'Elizabeth' because it was her first name... 'Elizabeth' is just a code name for her...

sorry, i didn't see the whole chapter until Rolfkaese posted it on the 'translators group' thread...

heheh...Elizabeth sounds like a name for old ppl, Riza is much better
so I'm happy and sad at the same time xD
for me i fink "Elizabeth" suit riza when she is not tiring her hair ^^...anyway riza suit both....
Chibi Viki
drat... i wanted the name 'elizabeth' for riza... it sounded very sophisticated. i kinda imagined that she came from a rich family like armstrong, only hers is a failing kind and that she's the last member of her family... heh, pretty strange, huh?

i'm supposed to write a fanfic about it (since i've already introduced the idea in my first fma fanfic and a lot of people liked the idea) but my muses fail me. oh well, don't mind my drabble smile.gif
Chibi Viki
YAY! YAY! chap 37 scanlation up... here's the link:

(hehehe, can't wait to see chap 38) XD
damn... man i'm slow sleep.gif
well , chapter 38 i will scanlated again, 37 was bad luck, i didnt have any time to do it >.<
Chibi Viki
chap 38 comes out in august, right? or is it november? XS
november? huh?
Oh! X_X I can't wait for chapter 38! Riza-chan ;___; *holds her butcher knife* Sorry...just...really emotional o_o
Is there a place that allows you to download them? sad.gif Or only view them, like animesource? sad.gif

Because I like downloads. u_u
oh well.. just save each page XD
Chibi Viki
this site offer manga scanlation for download (see media section)... but they're rather slow. So far, they're still in chapter 25 (or was that 26). *sigh* I know they didn't want to spoil us so they're trying to time the release of the scanlation with th current anime episode, but now it's really behind schedule.

i'm happy someone like evil genuis is doing the scanlation, but the truth is, the 1st few scanlations and's were better than his. There are a lot of typos and some are dialogue are not accurately translated.

I hope, though, that Tokyopop will pick FMA up WHEN IT'S FINISHED *glares at funimation*
QUOTE(Maliza @ Jul 23 2004, 01:10 AM)
oh well.. just save each page XD

thats what i do too x3
btw. hi maliza =D
hi XD *mega flood*
Um... just a small question...

When is Chapter 38 going to come out? because i'm not japanese and i dont understand any of the magazines and i have to idea how to get news all the way from canada...
unknown2(to be registered soon)
Well,I'm not japanese but I live in japan and can read jap so I'm very sure when its gonna come out and its not a rumor or lie.

The next chappie will be released in Sept's issue of GanGan which is schedule to be in stores august 12, thursday (jpn)
again one of the lucky people who sit at the source of our life XP
Chibi Viki
hey, that's about 2 weeks from now... agh, the waiting is killing me!

Pleeeease don't kill Riza and/or Lanfan, Arakawa-sensei!!! T_T
unknown2(to be registered)
Yes I really really will kill Gluttony if he kills Riza. ph34r.gif On the otherhand, if Roy comes and sees Riza ALMOST dead, he might spill so inner, deeper feelings for her that he did not notice. biggrin.gif

I wonder what does Lanfan mean about how many ppl are in Envy.....most be important coz Envy seems to be very angry about it.
Maybe it is like the anime? ya know, the whole eating the Philosopher's Stone bit?
or maybe lan fan meant in that way that envy can change to so much appearances that she wonders how many are in him and who is the real one... woah what a confusing sentence(?) i made
Chibi Viki
i was thinking of the same thing, Rolfkaese... that's what Lanfan meant when she said there were more than 20 people when she was sensing envy...
RoyxRiza BigFan
envy= the chameleon (spider man villain) cool.gif
or like some aliens who needs to absorb the people to look like them...
OR envy is a homunculus who was created of the sacrifice of many humans? in the manga it isnt said that homunculus are created due to human transmutation.
Chibi Viki
yeah, in the manga they sound more like they used to be a part of the 'father'... my point: look what happened to Greed in chap 31. That was nasty! But I liked it better that way, it was darker and made one ask the question: "What is Ed and Al really up against?!"

It were as if it was trying to imply that the homonculous are the 'sins' of the 'father'...

.... the manga is still better than the anime for me as of now.
of course! the manga is the actual and correct story.The anime changed too much from the original.

Why does Envy gets so mad when Lan Fan finds out that ther are more than one in him?Must be his weak point...
Chibi Viki
actually, according to the translation, Envy was angry at Lanfan because envy didn't really want to fight. But since Lanfan found envy, guess envy had no choice.
Really?...Yes that is more likely but still Envy wont get that angry now would he?When he confronted Ed for the first time, yes he was upset but not so angry.

Damn these scanlations!I cant restrain myself from reading it!Now when I buy the manga, everything will be boring!
lol XP
Chibi Viki
hehe, I'll still buy 'em. I really like the story of the manga. Especially chapter 30+...
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