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Full Version: Dream Carnival From Bandai ( Japan Release Only)
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<Editing and addint to the thread title "From Bandai (Japan release only)." 03/16/07 ~Tombow>

does anyone have details for this game? anything apart from the stuff on magic box would do. like charcters or stages what so ever. even thought DC's release date is closer, there seems to be for news on fma2.
Yami no neko
If you go here and get it translated through You should be able to find out some new stuff
Omakase Shimasu
I'm not sure, but I thought had some interesting tidbits as well. unsure.gif Not quite sure, though...
i finally saw it on display in Toronto. didn't get to see the whole intro but it starts off with the song "Undo".

plays a bit like that Naruto game on the ps2.
yeah the intro is undo with first scenes from anime, then from the game.
According to someone on - which, I'll grant, doesn't come as a terribly high recommendation, but whatever - says that the game includes these characters:

Roy Mustang

Supposedly, he also saw (as enemies, and therefore potentially as playable characters) Bradley, Izumi, and Greed. Maybe Wrath, too.
Chibi Viki
Rolfie has played this game... he says it's a bit too fast.
Apparently the AI sucks.

Archdandy D/Led it and told me that when he used Roy and Hughes to battle, he kicked lots of ass and just thought that he was naturally good. Then when he went through w/Edward, Roy was like a hugh pushover and so was Hughes.
hm... so far i managed all of the story mission, might be because i set difficulty to 1, lifes to 2 and time for a round to 1min xD
2 bradley fights I won with timeout biggrin.gif

but its really funny the game, i hate it that i dont understand anything, the pictures are just too funny...

Al gets hugged by catherine because he likes the armor and he is soooo strong, much stronger than her brother... <3
Queen of the dammed
I bet Havoc would not be very pleased biggrin.gif
hey rolfkaese~ i saw from other chinese forum (yeah...chinese again^^"") that they got a huge royx riza stuff in it...and they also said that if you have finish the story mode of both of them got to see a um....clip having roy and riza out on a date together and roy is trying to tell riza that he like her...but somehow got ruin up by that correct?

barry appears and interrupt them, but then !!! lots of fangirls appear which scream after riza-chaa~aan! then she has to escape and roy stands there depressed <3 as i said, great game for royxriza fans biggrin.gif
this game is definitely a fan-game. and thats cool ^^
argh~ i want to play~
Chibi Viki
waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! i wanna play it too! ^^

drat, and i'm so lousy with fighting games.... >.<
well, its not that complicated. you can always open a list for battle commands ^^
I wanna play it too! Ok, truthfully, I didn't want to play it, but RoyxRiza changes everything... happy.gif
Chibi Viki
i suck at fighting games.... but for RoyxRiza's sake, i will... PRACTICE!!!! bwahahahaha... since bandai is its developer and i heard it's quite similar to narutomate hero that i have...

but i'm really surprised that they have an ending like that, hehehehe... makes the game more exciting to play....
QUOTE(Kasumi @ Aug 27 2004, 03:27 PM)
I wanna play it too! Ok, truthfully, I didn't want to play it, but RoyxRiza changes everything...  happy.gif

same... now I want it so bad... but theres no way I will ever get to play ps2 games...

gah... poor people suffer

*cries in her corner*
QUOTE(Chibi Viki @ Aug 27 2004, 03:50 PM)
i suck at fighting games.... but for RoyxRiza's sake, i will... PRACTICE!!!! bwahahahaha... since bandai is its developer and i heard it's quite similar to narutomate hero that i have...

but i'm really surprised that they have an ending like that, hehehehe... makes the game more exciting to play....

Similar to Naruto: Narutimate Hero? That's good, 'cause the controls were easy. (now that I think about it, the graphics were really similar as well.)

I saw the demo at a game shop today... But sadly, I didn't get it, because I just recently got Suikoden IV... Wonder if I can sneak the game into the house without my family members noticing...*sighs* probably not...
Chibi Viki
well, if not the controls, then the graphics are similar and gameplay style to narutomate hero.

bah! i couldn't even get through this one. i always survive fighting games by button mashing sad.gif
bah! i couldn't even get through this one. i always survive fighting games by button mashing sad.gif

Are you referring to Narutimett Hero (what is the correct spelling anyway?) or Dream Carnival?
Chibi Viki
let me rephrase that... i couldn't even get through narutomate hero. i always survive most fighting games by button mashing ^^

that's what i meant... sorry, i was sleepy when i posted this. it was almost 4am here when i did... happy.gif;;
Ah, I see now. Heh, you're not the only one, I never got through Narutomate Hero either...Hated most of the missions...
mmm if someone knows how to get izumi,greed,envy and pride, plz tell me here :>
Chibi Viki
YAY! Finally got to play this game today! ^^

I finished Mustang and Hawkeye's scenario and I'm VERY VERY HAPPY! ^^ RxR fans will love this! ^________________^

Ok... review time. I colored them in yellow so that i won't spoil anyone who doesn't want to....

game interface is cute but lacks interactivity... and woud've been better if they added some more goodies happy.gif

controls are easy... combo moves are easy... but special moves are still a mystery to me (like how to get that "mini-skirt" attack thing)... environment interface is also similar to narutomate heroes, but gameplay is different.

battle mode (in scenario mode) is done by pairs. so it's you and your AI partner. You can command your partner to come with you or perform combo attack with you but other than that, he does things on his own. There are 3 rounds, but it's non stop. meaning, each party has 3 rounds. If one of the characters die, 1 round is taken from the that team. if the other is defeat, then another round is gone. then if one of them dies again, they finally lose.

it's also very frantic and fast paced. while a character prepares to do a special move (you know, with all the posing and stuff), the actual game play is displayed in a small screen. you can still move around giving you a chance to get out of that place and save your butt from the attack... OR attack the character strong enough to disable his special attack.

characters include:
- Ed
- Al
- Mustang
- hawkeye
- Armstrong
- Hughes

- Winry
- Izumi
- Greed
- Lust
- Gluttony
- Scar
- Pride

menu include:
- scenario mode
- battle mode
- practice mode
- item mode (still don't know how this works though)
- game setting
- omake

Graphics is okay... Cell-shaded and look very close to anime. controls are a bit jerky though and the frantic pace gets me confused at times... those special attack poses are distracting, I tell you. AI is... pretty stupid. sometimes, your opponent's partner will do nothing to help his buddy.

The battles in the scenario mode are pretty easy... until you get to pride who fights solo! yeah, you da man, pride! :,3

he's pretty tough, but if you're a long range character, he'll be pretty easy. just stay in one place, shoot him before he gets to his swords, wait for him to get up a bit, and shoot him again. keep at this pace and you'll get through just fine. took me lss than an hour to figure this out.

as I said before... I suck at fighting games. so, it means that this title is pretty easy... that or there's a difficulty mode there somewhere that I ignore to change.
Chibi Viki
Sorry to double post, but thisi s quite long...

scenario mode summaries:

ahehe, actually, here the scoop:

there's currently a festival in Central. Ed and Al joined the battle contest to win a cat house for all the cats in Al's armor to live in... more like an adoption center. Scar saw one of the kitties and fell in love with it. :,3 Winry & Ed story unlocked;

Mustang joined the tournament to spent time with Hawkeye. In the end, they have a date. But Barry butts in, and soon, Riza's fans came running after her. Hehehe, she's more popular than Roy now (since she reached #1 Heroine in the female anime characters top ten of newtype and animedia biggrin.gif ) Lust & gluttony story unlocked, Lust unlocked

Hughes and Armstrong joined to spread Love! hehe, their mission title has "Love" in it. The end just had Hughes leaving Sheska to get to his daughter.

Lust and gluttony joined because gluttony wanted to eat (Chisa? there's a particular food he wanted to eat). Anyway, in the end, they were given a banquet. the script went something like:

Gluttony: *eating a fork*

Lust: Ara ara, that's a fork...

Gluttony: *eating a plate*

Lust: Ara ara, that's a plate...

gluttony: *eating the table*

Lust: Ara ara, that's a table...

Gluttony: *eating...?

Lust: Ara ara, that's the fuhrer

Bradley: Hahahaha! don't worry about it!

Gluttony unlocked

Winry and Ed's story... upon hearing about the tournament in Central, the two, leaving Al behind, join the tournament to get the money to buy new parts for Ed's automail upgrade... in the end, Winry turns his automail into... *remembers paninya in ep 26* Winry unlocked; Al & Greed's story unlocked

Al and Greed's story... is more like Al's story with Greed just helping him out. Al is sulking that he was left behind. So greed convinced him to join the tournament and get what they want. al wants a girlfriend. In the end, Greed didn't want anything, but Al, since Armstrong heard he wanted a girlfriend, is intorduced to Catherine Elle Armstrong who instantly falls in love with him! Uh-oh, hope Havoc doesn't find out that a kid has bested him in the women department ^^;;
aaaaah arigatou for summing up things viki :>
Viki, how many hours have you devoted to that game ever since I gave it to you? laugh.gif
Chibi Viki
not too many since the battles are pretty easy, especially when I'm up against someone with winry... (sorry rolfie ^^;;)

haha, she keeps getting herself and her partner killed with her bombs. one time, she was paired with Bradley. I barely went near her (roy and Riza) since i was busy looking for items. Lo and behold, she set some bombs, didn't leave for cover, and, along with Bradley, got damaged by the bombs that she set! hahaha, it was the easiest win against bradley ever!! she had herself and bradley nearly killed 2x... all i had to do was land a final blow on both and DONE!

the hardest to control, so far, is lust. her long range is unpredictable and her response to control are rather slow. my least favorite character to use is Winry (sorry rolfie)... only her attacks have the ability to damage her partner and herself. her physical offenses are weak and she had only a few combos compared to the others.

my chars so far: ed, al, riza, roy, hughes, armstrong, winry, scar, lust, gluttony... still don't know how to unlock the others.

btw, rolfie, the omake has 2 image galleries; one for game CG, and another for anime scenes in trading card format. another omake is the voices, and another is a player counter to see how long you've been playing.
;-; I wanna play this game so bad but I don't have a Japanese Ps2 ><
Ok, Greed is unlocked in Ultimate Halberd Mode + Ultimate Shield mode by using some combo item stuff. I'm very foggy on what that all means but it was posted at GameFAQs and my friend has unlocked him. Greed is the ultimate combo master apparently. Arch got like an 11 hit combo with Greed.

hmm, need more infos on the alchemy part of the game XD

so it means i have to play the me vs. com mode until i have plenty items and transmute like hell? lol
finally s rank and got pride and wrath
i know lots of ppl got bradley and wrath already but for those who dun have them.
get s-rank and you'll get eyepatch. fuse it wif army emblem and pride is yours.
wrath, you use silver watch (really common) and ouroboros symbol.
izumi took me a long time cuz i thought it was silver watch and alchemist emblem but actually it's alchemist emblem and alphonese's head. what a weird combination
Chibi Viki
ultimate halberd and ultimate shield mode?

ok, i'll just check gamefaqs then...

S-class? waaaah, I suck! I always end up with an E T_T
and i dont have the motivation to go on... only one special attack sucks.. >_>

gs4 is better biggrin.gif
Chibi Viki
i still want to see that mini skirt scene... btw, are there any new scenario modes unlocked by item collecting, or mode change, or anything aside from beating all scenario modes?
um... that i dunno ^^U
.......u guys got the game....but we don't someone use the DC or other things to record the part where roy and riza have a date?? plssssssssssssssssssss

How do i get rank S exactly? I keep playing it and keep getting rank E sad.gif do i really need turn the difficulty to 3 in order to get higher points, if its more difficult are there more items? cuz when i was gluttony i barely got any items from smashing stuff. And i need to achieve rank S in order to get rarer items, right?


once you get a E rank, save the file. and then go back to 1 player mode and click on the green button on the left middle of the character selection screen. it's to load the file. load it and play like 1-2 times and your rank will be D. as your rank gets higher, more items and better items appear. highest is SS.

You get items by breaking the boxes /transmuting the boxes.
the info about getting higher ranks is awesome, finally i can get all of the goodies ^_____^

oh and the hidden scenarios you get by transmuting Armstrong's Statue , an item found on rank A.
Chibi Viki
uhm... how do you transmute those boxes? i always end up smashing them ^^;;

hehehe, thanks for the info, rolfie! i have now found a reason to play this game again! :,3

*scampers off to play*
some characters can't use alchemy. so they smash it. if you press only circle wif a alchemsit character then it should transmutate though smashing it and transmutating it doesn't make a difference in the item.
just a little help. if you have problems getting alchemist emblem then keep pounding izumi from the start in the 1 player mode until she loses a star, then you should be the emblem. same wif ultimate sheild. kill greed and he should drop it. bradley drops a chesspiece at first then when you're S rank then he'll drop a eyepatch.
mmmh @_@

the cross serpent symbol i was unable to catch, the round was already over when i saw the item >_<;;

anyway, I'm now at Rank C (Ed & Al is my team :>)

so far i only unlocked Gluttony's and Riza's Voice menu and 10 or 20 Pictures :>

This night I will aim for Rank A and for Armstrong Statue, I want to see the special Scenarios ^^
get 2 armstrong statue and fuse them for 6th scenario and cow wif cow for 7th. greed has to be unlocked first i think. and then 6th and then 7th. if not in order, might not work.
Chibi Viki
could you guys please list down your item combinations and what you got? i'll put mine later since i'm just about to restart the game again and write down everything i get.

so far i just transmuted things which i had double, like coins, izumi's WC shoes, Riza's Rifle etc. or i transmuted them alone... the only combinations i used was .. dunno the english word, but i mean the media before the CDs became popular , vinyl discs from the 70s... ^^UU
and the player for it, with an old-styled "horn" or something... damn, have to put a dictionary beside my PC XD
Chibi Viki
you mean, a phonograph?

i've been transmuting items like crazy and getting bad results lately >_<

note to self, don't combine anything with Ed's notebook since it's bound to fail for some reason...
laugh.gif SO TRUE!!
Chibi Viki
so far i got lust's and riza's voiceovers, a few pics from the game and anime, player timer... and that's about it. i kept wondering why i was staying E rank when i sometimes finish with near perfect life bars.

hehe, i stuck to hawkeye and mustang, then Ed and Al... the character i least want to use is winry (sorry rolfie ^^;;)... her attacks tend to kill herself and her partner more...
i agree, she sucks badly T_T

hehe, royxriza... i should've known it ^^
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