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Full Version: Fanart Wallpaper
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I started this back in August, and I'd only seen up to the second season of the anime back the, so this was inspired by the second ending to an extent. No, it didn't take me this long to draw it; I just didn't have a lot of time to work on it. And it looks weird because I used a variety of styles.

...And it's not as weird as my last whim.

The dimensions are weird because I made it for my laptop, and it has a bit of a widescreen, but I can resize it since I kept all the original pictures. If you have a DA account, feel free to leave a comment; I'm a bit unknown there.
@Shiroi: I like your fanart! The effects you used were nice. I like the winter theme, too. I love the snow! laugh.gif *goes outside and jumps in a snow pile*
*applauds* wow, a wallpaper done entirely in fanart! nice work, you don't find too many WP artists who do their own work, without any screencaps or official artwork in their WP. your style is pretty good! the only thing i notcied was that the faces seem a little too round, but not so much that it takes away from the overall effect of the piece. i love the piece with the snowmen, that's too cute. nice work!

I made this one for another computer. It's 1024 x 768.
This one's based on the first ending. It's a bit cheap since I made it on a whim. >.> Only took me one day.
@Shiroi: Cool biggrin.gif ! I like the way you colored it. It looks really nice. Edward face looks a little bit different unsure.gif , but I still think you did a good job smile.gif . Better the the scribble artwork I come up with laugh.gif .
not bad not bad at all
wow there pretty good ^^
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