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cornmaster, wow, never heard of it ohmy.gif I`ll try to find and listen.

I love classic music with all my heart! wub.gif (playing piano and a little guitar, too)
I`m a big fan of Leo Brouwer`s guitar melodies; and also of Manuel de Falla (especially his "El Amor Brujo").
His Name is Unknown
My favorite classical pieces of all time are written by Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and Chopin.

Rachmaninov - Symphony No. 1 - First Movement

Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 4 & 6

Mozart - Requiem (especially Dies Irae and Lacrimosa)

Chopin - Piano Concerto No. 1 (so beautiful).

Anyway, other favorite composers include Liszt, Beethoven, Saint-Saens, and Elgar.

Vivialdi's The Four Seasons, Holst's The Planets, Chopin's Nocturne and Clair de Lune, and Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata....soothing and calming.
I love classical music. I compiled a classical music for beginners guide, which includes many of my favorites. However, as this is a just a beginner's guide it doesn't include all of my favorites. I also enjoy composers such as Sibelius, Dvorak, Chopin, Liszt, Wagner, Bruckner, and Prokofiev.
I like classical music a lot! I've developed a new appreciation for it too since I started playing pieces by Beethoven, Schuberg, Debussy and Chopin. Those are just to name a few. I don't like playing Bach because it's confusing and all over the place. I like listening to it sometimes. tongue.gif I also listen to Mozart when I'm studying or writing a paper. It helps me focus.
i like Bach, Beethoven and Mozart x3
i like both of em'..
coz their playin' is incredible for me! x3
okey here we go:
liszt- la campanella
beethovem- moonlight sonata
mozart- eine kleine nachtmusik
pachelbel- canon in D
wagner-under the double eagle
wieniawski-polonaise brillante

and many many others smile.gif I LOVE CLASSICAL MUSIC.
Lucky Lucy
I really like Chopin, especially Nocturne in E flat major Op. 9 No. 2 and Waltz in C sharp minor.
I also like Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy biggrin.gif
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