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Full Version: Alchemy Power Of Use?
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i just thought about this,and wondered how ppl would use their alchemy,if
they had powers like that.btw,if there a post like this already tell me wink.gif .
Anyway,if i had the kind of alchemy i needed,I would steal games from every store
.That would be awesome!but then again thats just a visual i had im mind.
Le Monkey
you could also not get put in jail for doin that! biggrin.gif
Yeah,that would be great,not get in jail. cool.gif
Be specific. How would you steal those games?
well,I dont really know how to explain it.
Then how would you use it for your own advantage?
for me i would just entertain people(easy way to get money).
I would take the carbon from a tree and turn it into diamonds(diamonds are made of compressed carbon) smile.gif that is, if i could.
I probably wouldn’t use it to steal anything or make anything to make money. I’d probably join the police force and use it to help people, and he's right the eyes in the bush picture do follow you. unsure.gif
QUOTE(alchemist_master @ Dec 12 2004, 08:53 PM)
I would take the carbon from a tree and turn it into diamonds(diamonds are made of compressed carbon) smile.gif that is, if i could.

I'm pretty sure you can. smile.gif If you have enough carbon, you won't ever have to work again. laugh.gif
Tsutomu Saishuu
I would use Alchemy to make the ultimate pizza AND cookie.
For nothing can beat a pizza and a cookie not even the diamonds can.
cool.gif A diamond last forever but historical figures last even longer. cool.gif
Tsutomu Saishuu
QUOTE(al_the_armor_alchemist @ Dec 17 2004, 11:51 PM)
cool.gif A diamond last forever but historical figures last even longer. cool.gif

Hey, you forgot that a cookie and a pizza lasts longer then both of those things combined.
um isn't this thread basically the same as the "if you were a state alchemist" thread?
Tsutomu Saishuu
QUOTE(hitokiri @ Dec 18 2004, 12:08 AM)
um isn't this thread basically the same as the "if you were a state alchemist" thread?

Well then, I guess I never really thought of that. XD
i wonder how many people whould hire a hitman that can make fire apear from his hand. ph34r.gif (or any thing destructive really, lightning would be cool too)

on the realistic side id just use it as a job probably, a magician whose tricks cant be figured out etc
That could work but to be a magician you might want to learn how to do it without a transmutation circle.
i have seen the truth and the truth consumes me tongue.gif
Another way you could make diamonds is get 40-pound CO2 tank (it what they use to refill the smaller CO2 tanks) you could make some pretty good diamonds with that.
If you want to know how to do alchemy ask my friend Reekou the Dragon Alchemist. She's a natural. Here's what she said to me "When you want to do Alchemy you place your hands together and clear your mind of everything, then think of what thing you want to transmutate, with the item in front of you, then place your hands on it and think hard on what you want it to transmutate into. some times it takes a few seconds, minutes, hours, or days. but the alchemy always happens later."
Wait that's Me!!! laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
My post may contain spoilers - read at own risk.

You wanna know what I'd do if I were to be able to be an Alchemist?!


I would go travel to the far island of Dublich, beg Izumi-sensei to accept me as her apprentice. Endure harsh Alchemist training then go home, get some cool fake body parts, go to become a National Alchemist on a hi-jacked train, show off my cool pocket watch, go in search for the Philosopher's Stone, encounter near death experiences, go back home to get my fake arms and legs repaired, go back to the place I was last, try on the cool military outfit and marvel myself in it, search hi and low for any information relating to the Philosopher's Stone, I come upon the red water that turns into the fake Philosopher's Stone, come upon a very religious man who is going after me for no reason , run away from the very religious man who is going after me for no reason but only to run into freaky artificially made human who says that I can make the Philosopher's Stone and ponder where the heck they got THAT idea from, run away from them, come to a dead end by asking myself, "Why am I looking for the Philosopher's Stone?"
I dont think just because alchemy may be possable doesn't mean the Philosopher's Stone exists.
Yeah...I know ^^;;
if i had alchemy powers i would use them for a lot of things but i would mainly use them to help people out......cya all soon......
Oh sure, converting elements into wealth would be nice:

I'd create so much gold and pump it into the market to create rampant and uncontrolled inflation to destabalize the world economy. Thus making gold a not-so-unique form of wealth.

I would just keep buying up stocks and bonds just to screw up the economy. Banks would have insane amounts of money to invest and stock prices would keeping going up and up and up. People would all be like: "Where the hell is all this gold coming from?" All because I'd just hand gold out to random people out on the street.

The American dollar would be so devalued that we'd rack a huge trade deficit! Watch as the world economy unravels at the seams.

I'd then transmute diamonds and destroy the DeBeers near-monopoly on diamonds. Those guys have enough stockpiled to bring prices on diamonds as low as $20. Diamond will then lose their mystique because it (really) is the most common gemstone. I will destroy the damn-fool romantic notions that women have associated with diamonds, that has presisted longer than it should have.

Diamonds will seem like they are forever, because you'll be dead by the time they turn into a chunk of graphite.
I dont know, being able to create wealth would be kinda nice, but you would have to remember that it would not be able to continue. After a while, the government will notice that there is much more of this one substance that they try so hard to control in a country. This will throw off the hole economy because now almost everyone (whoever is helped) will be getting somewhat rich off of that product. When everyone has this product, it will loose all value, due to lack of rarity, so everyone will go back to there old life styles. So, in the end, the only thing that will be done is that many companies will go out of business, because the product that they once sold for money, will now be found everywhere (for example, a company which sells diamonds will be out of business because everyone will have diamonds). It will take many years for companies to gain control over what is being created, and this may result in them killing you, so you will not create anymore of what the want to sell. This is already happening, though. There are enough diamonds in the world right now that everyone on the planet could have two cups of them, but because of companies hoarding them, diamonds seem to be a very rare and very expensive item.
So the alchemy I would have would have to be something useful, and could benefit many people. Possibly growing plants extremely quickly, so that there will always be enough oxygen in the air, and the amount of carbon dioxide in the air would decrease rapidly.
Use it to scare my little brother. XD Other things too, but I would probably be thrown in jail for it.. then escape.. etc. Don't mind me.
Philosopher's Stone
Like I said in the last thread:

I'd probably master the alchemy of compressing a large amount of matter into the smallest space possible to form a pinpoint black hole. Then I'd watch it gather mass and laugh madly whilst the local people, flora and fauna got sucked in.

The world would slowly decay as the large disturbance of air wreaks havoc on the global ecology and on climatic patterns. Light from the sun will be drawn in to the sheer gravity of the hole, and the world would slowly be plunged into darkness. Entire civilizations shall suffer as the end-times draw nigh. I'd watch the other Alchemists' futile attempts to contain the raging vortex, only to be drawn in themselves.

At first I'd just tramsmute the matter back into their decompressed state to control the hole's growth and prolong the suffering of the world-at-large. But at some point, after people caught on, I'd just create many black holes all around the globe and allow them to grow exponentially larger. The world would then be torn asunder between many conflicting gravity wells of unimaginable strength. The final merging of all the blackholes collapsing on each other would create a shockwave that will irradiate thousands of worlds for lightyears in all directions, destroying any delicate chemical balance of a "cradle of life".

Thus my legacy would live on in the way I have shaped the natural history of the universe. I will have played God, even if only for an instant
I have no clue what I would do if I could use alchemy. I'd probably join a rebel group and try to take down the government. It would be fun to see most of the country just fall to pieces and watch how the people would react.

That's not a bad idea Philosopher's Stone. Show the people that there in no God in this world that will protect them from harm. Show the people that what nature created can be easily distroyed by man. I can imagine the people going insane with the fact that they are all doomed and are helpless to stop it.
Oh no...I'm not a nihilist, atheist or an anarchist by any means. I'm an agnostic. I don't particularly care if God considers me to be significant enough to be worthy of attention. And really, arguing about the existence of God is redundancy itself. There are so many ways that I could explain God, but it still wouldn't be anything more than circular logic that is impossible back it up.

I just happen to like conflict and complexity in life, like a bloody steak.
Hmm. What would I do if I had alchemic powers. I would probably walk around like your every day person, helping out where it was appropriate. I don't care much for wealth or fame, just you know, your day to day things. I'd probably love to expiriment with it to my own interests, create stuff useful to me, and to help others. That'd be more of my prime focus; to help without being taken advantage of.
I'd use it to take over the world. I'll admit this is wrong and evil, but thats just what I'd do. And I'd make my science teacher watch as I performed alchemiy over and over intil she died from the illogical-ness of it all.
Mustang's Apprentice
Just lure all the people I hate into a dark alley............

And I'd use it for REVENGE!!!!!
Blade Alchemist
I'd use alchemy for just about anything. I would also use it to get revenge on the people I hate.
Well, I would use my alchemy to scare all the fools who believed I was weak, if any did say that. dry.gif
Ronaldo Rodregez
I'd make and raise humanculi.
I would first go to some far away land where they have never heard or witnessed Alchemy. Then I would show off my maraculous power which would make people come from all over the land to witness. I would then tell them that if they were good and obeyed my rules, then they will go to a "magical" place after they die. This will allow them to not fear death, so they will do incredibly stupid things to do my bidding. Of course, none of this would be true, but how would they be able to say I am a fraud when I am giving them everything they've ever wanted?
Envy's lil' miniskirt
What would I use alchemy for?

Death and distruction baby!

(too tired to elaborate, sorry)
kaidensu doesnt want to log in r
if i had alchemiy powers, SPOILER ALERT(highlight if you dare to look) i would bring hughes back to life!!!!! and then take him to Alisia and say Happy Huhnuka! ..or however you spell it......
sorry...i forgot to make the color yellow instead of grey.... *hides in corner and waits for somone to get mad at her*
Me? I'll use it to make lots of money so I don't have to pass school >_>
lol, you could live the life of the Beverly Hillbillies
alchemistgirl zero
If I had alchemic powers, I'd be in trouble very often...more than usual. ^^

Zero: Okay, here we go! *clap*
Roy: ZERO!!!
Zero: ^^ ...oops.
I would start my own military from the permission of the government ahhahha like in the show ya noe...state alchemist ahhaha...i want to find out like the REAL transmutation seal nd the other ones like blood sing nd homonculi<---(wrong spelling)
Timber Alchemist
I'd use it to make high quality wooden furniture
well i would use alchemy to just i dont know use it?? hahaah.... Im only in 9th grade and im like soo interested ive already bought books in the internet about alchemy, from the philosophers stone, and the alchemic symbols..its pretty interesting reading helps but some are in roman and that i need to learn or get a linguistic teacher to help.. ahahhaha i know its off the thread but ya know gotta share the knowledge
If I could use Alchemy I would be using it constantly to help people. I mean, I could become some sort of super hero...though if I couldn't do what Ed does, then I would have to know how to draw transmutation circles rather quickly... unsure.gif
i would make sure nobody harms the one i loves smile.gif
dragon of chaos
I would bring back my sister's boyfriend......
Black Sakura
Heh.. I would simply use alchemy in way that no other can. For example, is it possible to great one exists with only using the basic ingredients for an adult human body? I believe the answer is no. But I would carry more research about it and see if it really is possible to resurrect people from the dead. ^_~ (Note: That probably didn’t make any sense… I apologize for all the puny minded people out there)
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