First off I apologize if I'm going over anything around said or posted, even my own questioning. There's a lot of info and posts to dig through and I have yet to see what I'm looking for.

As to scar's left arm tattoo, the reconstruction one, I understand that the tattoo/circle on his arm is for reconstruction alchemy but that's about it. What I'm curious to know is what is the translation of the worlds mean. "IGNIS E Colas" and "AQVA E Humar". Best I can figure it's partially Latin "The fire to serve" and "The Water from Human". That's not a clear translation of course and I've heard various other translations for his other arm. I keep getting asked what they mean and I'm at a bit of a loss. Is this clearly explained anywhere? I've heard it's a combination of latin, italian, and greek. But any help would come in handy. Getting kind of sick of the jokes about not knowing what I tattooed on myself.