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Full Version: Live-Action Silver Spoon Film
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A Pierrot's Aria
Looks like there's going to be a live-action film! I sort of expected as much - I'm actually looking forward to it!
That's good news. Silver Spoon is the kind of series that can be adapted well into a live-action film, so I'm looking forward to it!
I knew it! biggrin.gif I mean, I agree with Michiyo- that SilverSpoon is very adaptable to live-action film. So far I'm happy with the anime, and looking forward to the live action filem. biggrin.gif
Found some pics of Hachiken and Mikage from the live-action film.

They look good, I canít wait to see the other characters! biggrin.gif
Source: Mangahelpers
Thank you Michiyo-! Looking good!
It says the movie will be released in Spring 2014. Looking forward to it. biggrin.gif
AA battery
I think the girl who will be playing Mikage looks nice~
Trailers for the live-action film:

Looks interesting, it will premire on March 7, 2014.
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