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Full Version: Arslan Senki Chapter 1 Discussion Thread
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The first chapter is already out! smile.gif

I liked the setting of the story and the characters. Itíll be interesting to see how young Arslan will grow to be a king, now he's just a little kid who has to learn a lot about the world. I guess the boy who kidnapped him will appear again later in the story.

Iím looking forward to reading the next chapter! Itís great to read an adventure manga from Arakawa again. ^^
I like the prologue chapter, and now I remember the long wait we had with FMA manga till we get the next chapter each month. biggrin.gif
AA battery
The other kid (the one that ran away) kept reminding me of Al XD
Anomia Grey
*emerges after a couple of years of Walking the Earth*

Oh gosh, this is adorable! The scenery and medieval clothes are amazing, there's so much loving detail put into Arslan's embroidered robe, I'm completely floored.

And can we talk about how insanely adorable Arslan is? A lot of people pointed out how similiar he is to Ed visually, but he's so much softer visually speaking...

Also, interesting that we've got an aggressive expansionist state that antagonizes areas with a strong religious identity, and a hero who is to begin with aligned with this state, like in FMA. I know it's an adaptation of a novel, but I'd be curious how much input Arakawa's had on the writing.
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