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Full Version: Silver Spoon Music, OP/ED discussions
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We have the OP/ED artists for the anime!

miwa will perform the opening song "Kiss You". (She sang the opening of the FMA MiloStar movie, "Chasing hearts".)

The ending song will be "Hello Especially" by Sukima Switch (they performed FMA Brotherhood'’s 3rd opening, "Golden Time Lover".)
The ending theme CD will be out on July 31.

There’'s a new CM with previews of the songs here.

I can’'t wait to watch the OP/ED and hear the full songs! ^^
I liked both the OP and ED. The OP song was nice, and the visuals were also good and funny.
Btw, the full song will be out on Sept. 4.

The BGM was good and the ED song is really catchy.

I found the cover of the ED single:

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