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Full Version: video thank-you from Arakawa to Silver Spoon fans
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Merlyn LeRoy
But you only get to see her hands:
Thank you, Merlyn LeRoy! But, the link is not working for me. sad.gif
Could you double check if the link is working? Thank you! hug.gif
Merlyn LeRoy
It works for me, but I had to trick whatever is changing "c r u n c h y r o l l" to "zombo" by using a bit of HTML.

The URL is this, just remove the two spaces:
http:// www.crunchy
That worked, Thank you!! I love it!!! biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
That's a brilliant video. biggrin.gif Thanks for sharing --it was awesome to see her drawing!

I take it that the whole crunchy roll/zombo thing like that irritating random/curious thing that used to happen? >_>
Come to think of it, I have never seen/watched Arakawa-sensei doing actual drawing till now.

Watching that was pretty awesome! biggrin.gif
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