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Full Version: Video ads promoting Vol 4 of Silver Spoon
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Merlyn LeRoy
A series of ads promoting volume 4 of Silver Spoon:

EDIT: if you're going to change c r u n c h y r o l l to z o m b o, it won't woik.
Thank you, Merlyn LeRoy! Unfortunately, the link is not working at the moment. This sounds great, and I would love to see the video.
Could you check it out? Thank you! happy.gif
linda K
Oh, looks like Amber1003 said something about that: biggrin.gif

EDIT: I FOUND THEM! (It's YouTube. Hope they don't delete them!) smile.gif : HERE
Thank you, Linda K for finding those! happy.gif
Gahaha, I love the video! The video is taken using the actual high school students who are in the real-life Ag school that is the model of the school in the Siver Spoon, and then they depict/enact the scenes taken from Silver Spoon manga panels and made live-action version of them, then the video shows the corresponding panel from Silver Spoon manga, and then says, at the end of the video, that Silver Spoon vol 4 is coming.
It's very nicely done, as the depicted scenes are just like corresponding manga panels, the acting look very natural, and they are funny! laugh.gif Also, this makes me realize how much potential Silver Spoon has, as a potential/possible anime series or even a live-action series! I think it could make a very funny but nice & touching drama series! I would watch it if they make one. biggrin.gif
Merlyn LeRoy
(this page intentionally left zombo)
linda K
I love the idea of a live-action series! Silver Spoon it's real in so many ways. happy.gif
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