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Full Version: Can't remember an episode! please help?
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I remember something of brotherhood, that winry is in her hotel room (hotel? i think so) and opens the door and takes ed's hand but can't remember wich episode is! >< and i really want to see it again sad.gif thanks atm <3
A Pierrot's Aria
Hi deevit!

I can't for the life in me remember which episode that is. laugh.gif I hope someone can help you out soon!

Also, this thread will be moved to the FMA:B Anime Content Q&A thread later, since questions such as this should be asked there. But if anyone knows the answer, please post it here! biggrin.gif
If I remember correctly, it should be episode 16 or 17.
thank you very much, both! and sorry if i posted it here, im new so i dont know how are things here. best of my wishes alchemists pals smile.gif
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