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Full Version: Hughes (spoilers) In Episode 25
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<Editing the thread title to add "in Episode 25" to the thread title, then moving the thread from FMA Character discussion forum to FMA Anime American Audience sub-forum where all "Houghes in episode 25" threads are being collected currently. 02/23/07 ~Tombow>

FYI: This topic is all about spoilers & from the Fansub version, so I'm not going to spoiler tag any of it - you've been warned!

I just wanted to post about Hughes. He really was one of my top 3 favorite characters from the series. I especially loved how he would talk about his daughter all the time. I am a father and have a daughter, so I could relate very well. I always show my pictures to people and talk about her all the time.

When I saw episode 25, I was shocked. I could barely take it. My daughter is 4 just like Hughes daghter and when Hughes daughter asked "why are they burying daddy," my heart broke sad.gif .

What a great character. Not only for the time he was around, but afterwards, you can see how other characters were affected by him. And then obviously the frustration with the cover-up of his death, etc...
Major Armstrong
Hughes is one of my favorite characters. He's very funny and they built him up very well in the story line. It's a shame that they killed him half way through the series.
DarkWater Alchemist
Hughes is the greates dad you can imagine, and such a good person. I loved him, I think that I'll cry the next time I watch ep 25 again. It's also wonderful that as a father you can identify with him, and that you don't think he's an idiot or something (I can't really imagine anyone does).

Hughes was also a very important supporter for Roy of course, and it's a shame het had to take all he discovered into his grave.

All tribute to Hughes-sama!
I'm now going through the series again with my wife. She's not into anime much, but has gotten into this one. I think I'll have the same reaction when I watch 25 again.

I loved the introduction Hughes did to the dual between Roy and Ed. That huge picture was awesome! Typical Hughes.
Hughes is one of my favourite characters too! (only Roy and Riza come first tongue.gif )
I liked his relaxed attitude, the hilarious part of him and especially his caring attitude and obsessiveness to his family and friends. He was just so great!
I couldn't actually even believe that he died. I was sure he would survive. A charácter like that couldn't just die! The funeral was devastating. Elysia's questions were very tragic and heart wrenching to me too...A guy like that...and he just... *sniff* I still can't get over the fact that the last thing he saw was the image of his wife shooting him! That's a reason why I voted Envy in the "most hated character poll". It was just horrible. But ep 25 was one of the turning points for me. After that I started getting more addicted to the series...

Wow arche! It must have been pretty affecting on you, when you can relate to him so well! I'm imagining you like Hughes already tongue.gif And I hope your wife realises too what a great series FMA is! biggrin.gif
i knowww! i was so sure he was gonna come back at some point, and be all like, "psyche!!" and then have this big exciting explanation of how he really survived but it was for everyone's protection that he remain 'dead'... T_T just seemed like something he would manage to pull off...

i nearly lost it with elysia and the, "mama, make them stop burying daddy!" scene...but i totally couldn't handle it when roy cried. just that single tear and the "oh, it's starting to rain..." lost it. totally lost it.

aaah! hughes!!! you will be missed forever! forget not the legacy you leave behind!! T_T
Ah, yes, the lovable huggable Hughes. For CLAMP fans out there, he was the Ichan of FMA, was a pretty durable alchemist and fighter, and took great pride in his family, particularly his newborn daughter. I was so sad when he died.

@Tokage: Indeed, that scene was most saddening. The most frustrating thing was that they never figured out why Hughes dies till the last ten episodes or so. sad.gif
DarkWater Alchemist
Even worse, you as the public DO know why he died, while the military don't, so you're really worried about what he had found out that made it necessary to be murdered. He was way too smart for his own good sad.gif
QUOTE(DarkWater Alchemist @ Dec 6 2004, 05:32 PM)
Even worse, you as the public DO know why he died, while the military don't, so you're really worried about what he had found out that made it necessary to be murdered. He was way too smart for his own good sad.gif

Yeah, that's why I got so angry at times with the people in the show mad.gif. My wife couldn't believe how emotional I got at this series and I'm not an emotional person. It was like a soap opera that I just had to watch!
I was so shocked when Hughes died. I didn't really expect it at all, I didn't think they could kill off...him. Not him. I seriously expected someone to show up and kill Envy, or at least buy Hughes time to get away. The scene with Roy really was touching. If it wasn't obvious enough just by the way they talked and the flashbacks and pictures, they were really close, despite Hughes annoying him and you can really see it when he cries, that this would have that much of an effect on him. Personally, I'd find it really great if Hughes shows up later in a Ross-esque death thing, though I doubt it since that's been done once already.

Yes, the giant billboard of Elysia was hilarious!!

"But first...*unviels* My daughter Elysia turns 3 this month! Isn't she cute?!"

LMAO at that one. Or...

"*runs out the door* Oh, and Shezka, you're fired!!"
I love everything about Hughes. I mean, who couldn't love him?

I'm an enthusiastic Hughes fangirl, and I don't just mean Maes. It's The whole family package that makes the awesomeness. (Heart!)

I really still wonder myself why I don't hate Envy. By all rights I should. Maybe' I've been seduced. (&^%*ing sexy miniskirt mad.gif )
I always loved how Hughes pesters Roy to get a wife laugh.gif

How many times has he been threatened by Roy with that fire through the phone lines? blink.gif
Queen of the dammed
WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! TTTTTTTTTOTTTTTTTTTT Reading this thread makes me wanna cry!!!!!! Hughes!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! TTTTTTTTTTTTTTOTTTTTTTTTTTT
Makes me feel even sadder when he really resembles my dad personality-wise and appearance wise....(Except for the stubble...)
Hughes IS one of my favourites!... He was so funny when he talked about his daughter and he was so cool at his own way rolleyes.gif BUT I haven't seen episodes 24 and 25 cause these don't work with me!!!! sad.gif so I saw episode 26 and I was terrifyed when they said that hughes was dead! WHY?? I can't figure it out why the makers did Hughes,one of the loving characters,DIE??? I'm mad cause he was so unic!
Queen of the dammed
Because Arakawa Killed him off, that's why..... I suppose this event makes Mustang strive for the position of Fuher even more....
tokage: The funeral was the one that opened my eys. I still kept on thinking: "What? he really died? But..."
Oh and that scene with Roy crying... I was kind of waiting for that..

dragonflame: Yeah, Roy &Hughes were close... basically that episode was mainly about their relationship. He was one of the guys who supported Roy becoming Fuhrer.. And those flashbacks that went through his head when he was dying proved his loyalty too. Despite his first words Roy was very effected by the death which was shown at the end when he even gave up his dream.
Yeah, Riza and Hughes were his two major supporters in my opinion. Yay for them!

Toby-Chan: Exactly! Yay to the Hughes family!

arche: Oh yes! I loved that bit about him! And how Roy always slammed the phone when they got to that part tongue.gif I really missed those phone calls.
Aww, Hughes wanted Roy to have a happy family like him biggrin.gif (And I know what he was hinting tongue.gif )

Queen: Hmm... yeah you're probably right. Also his death was bound to raise a lot of feelings and was vital for the plot... I suppose.
This series has a lot of really good themes in it. One of them is obviously the brotherly love between Al and Ed. That alone made the series amazing and pulled at me. But another really strong theme is friendship. The Hughes/Roy friendship is very strong. It resonates after Hughes death when even Hughes' wife mentions that Hughes would support Roy to the top (when Winry was visiting and looking at a picture of the two).

You always need to surround yourself with people who can lift you up somehow. It's almost in our nature to get down on ourselves or not fully realize our dreams. But those who have friends that can push you and show an almost unconditional support allow you to rise above the rest. That's what Roy needed and Hughes played a huge part in helping Roy realize part of his dream.
Hughes was always my favourite.wub.gif When he died I was sad for a whole week because I liked him so much. Just thinking about poor little Elysia-chan at the funeral made me feel like crying! I personally think that with the philosophers stone Ed and Al should bring him back to life! That would be the most awesome thing ever!!! wub.gif
What I also found sad was what he may have been thinking when he saw envy turn into his wife. Why do they have to pick the absolute worst guy to die? I mean.. He's the only main character with a family in the whole series. I know girls think Roy Mustang is really cute, but I'd personally rather Roy die than Hughes. It would be a more heroic death, and far less traumatizing. (Not saying Hughes death was not heroic)

Then again, the intent of this series is to be traumatizing.. so.. I guess they've done their job right unsure.gif
Queen of the dammed
But the series would hav an EVEN BIGGER hole if Roy died...
arche: Oh yes! I really love their friendship! I don't believe that Roy could have got so far if it wasn't for Hughes(and Riza of course). Hughes knew that too, because he mentioned that Roy needed supporters (the only one he was missing was a wife tongue.gif )

CVince: I wonder about that too...(Stupid Envy! He jus knew who to choose!) It was just horrible.. horrible *cries*
But Hughes's death was necessary for the series.. I guess... whilst Roy's... I mean... that just can't happen without Hughes dying too. I mean.. his main mission was to support Roy... and even after his death he would continue to support him...

Queen: Exactly! Although there's still the manga.... *gets horrible thoughts*
I don't think I'll ever get over Brigadier General Hughes' death...No one would guess that he would die. I definitely didn't see it coming...

During the funeral, I cried so hard both because of Elysia's questions, seeing Armstrong cry, seeing Roy shed a tear, and the sad music. *sobs*

I can't think about it now or I'll just start crying again.

Maes Hughes will forever be my favorite character.
yeah, seeing armstrong cry made my cry even harder....and elysia---ahhh. i was so disappointed that they killed off hughes, but it made the series that much better, you know? not in the sense that the series was better off without hughes, but his death gave hagaren a whole new depth and roy and new set of goals and a new resolve. as much as i love you, was necessary for you to die. sad.gif

not to mention it spawned a crapload of angsty fanfics, roy/riza ones included. i can't complain about the latter.
Queen of the dammed
Well, Hughes death places FMA in the higgest ranking anime.... The depth and the multi-dimentional plot...
Hughes' death was in true FMA fashion. It is an example of what defines the anime. If he didn't die, it probably wouldn't be the same. Death is part of life, which is what makes life so raw. FMA just artistically expresses life, which requires death & suffering of loved characters.
Hughes' death definitely surpasses the sadness of Nina's because we only knew Nina for 2 episode while we knew Hughes for 18 or so episodes...Nina's death was sad and horrific yes, and it showed us how dark the series can be for the first time but Hughes had alot more meaning to it.

I sometimes think, that in the episode "Farewell Ceremony", if Hughes saw Envy in his real form he would link it to the picture he observed in the book he was looking at and he might've survived to tell someone and the mystery would've been solved right there..
It definitely would've made the series alot more short and we don't want that...

Sorry, Hughes-san, but I agree with everyone, your death was necessary. *hugs Hughes plushie*
Hughes is the epitomy of fatherhood. I loved that about him.

BTW: Have I shown you a picture of my daughter yet? She's getting so big and loves to go with me to get bagels. She's also enjoying the winter snow and can't wait for Christmas.....I could go on forever smile.gif
He's the perfect father figure and I don't think many fathers are like that in the military.

*gets sad again*
QUOTE(Kihaku @ Dec 6 2004, 12:00 PM)
A guy like that...and he just... *sniff* I still can't get over the fact that the last thing he saw was the image of his wife shooting him! That's a reason why I voted Envy in the "most hated character poll". It was just horrible. But ep 25 was one of the turning points for me. After that I started getting more addicted to the series...

The manga and the anime were still nearly identical at this point, so the same thing happened. ALTHOUGH, in the anime, you know Hughes knew it wasn't his wife, but the way he acted was almost like he honestly thought it was her shooting him. In the manga, they made it obvious he knew it wasn't her.

from anime:
::changes into Hughes's wife::
Hughes: *gasp*

from manga:
::changes into Hughes's wife::
Hughes: "You asshole..."

QUOTE(xrninja @ Dec 22 2004, 06:20 PM)
yeah, seeing armstrong cry made my cry even harder

Roy crying hit me harder since he never truly shows any emotion, it just showed how much of an impact Hughes had on everyone and how close Hughes and Roy were as friends. When Roy put on the hat, I thought nothing of it, thinking he was just going to turn around and walk away. Then "It's starting to rain..." and they showed a single tear down his face not showing his eyes, it was done very well and very fitting. Not wanting to show much emotion but still wanting to...
Hughes was a GREAT guy and I still miss him so much. I actually miss him like I would miss a friend.

His absense is too obvious in the rest of the series.
arche: You want to show us the picture of your daughter? biggrin.gif I haven't seen it and would like to!

vegita625:Yeah, good point... But what makes it hard is the image . It doesn't matter that he knows. He just saw it. And he dies with that image in his head. *cries*
Yup, like I mentioned before Roy's words and that one tear really touched me....
That was the definite peak of all that sadness...
Here you go. I'm very proud of her. She's tons of fun smile.gif

Isn't she great?

As you can see, I can be just like Hughes. I typically am the one everywhere I go pulling out my pictures of her smile.gif.
QUOTE(arche @ Dec 23 2004, 07:35 PM)
Here you go. I'm very proud of her. She's tons of fun smile.gif

Isn't she great?

As you can see, I can be just like Hughes. I typically am the one everywhere I go pulling out my pictures of her smile.gif.

arche: ::pulls Kihaku by the hair down the hallways:: "Now you're gonna buy my daughter a gift for her birthday!"

Kihaku: "What?! When's her birthday? Wait, you're making me pay?"

arche: "In a couple months, but it's never too early! Come on, you want a gift too? here's her picture, isn't she great?!"

Kihaku: "WHAT?!"

arche: "Yea, that's an idea, a big stuffed teddy bear! Or maybe [et cetera]..."

Kihaku: "WHAT?!"
@ arche: digital photo attack! aah!! just kidding, your daughter's adorable happy.gif

@ vegita: laugh.gif i can see that. very clearly.
@Arche: Your daughter has such beautiful eyes. happy.gif
She does, arche. smile.gif She'll be a fine young lady someday.
Basically where everyone else said!

When's her birthday, arche?
In february.

She likes Hello Kitty smile.gif. You want to get that for her I know it tongue.gif.

Yep, kids do that to you.
laugh.gif Although scary... I see that image in my head too! My poor scalp...oh well, my hair needs to be cut tongue.gif

That picture is soo sweet! She seems like such a positive and happy girl, who'd brighten your day no matter what! So, he neme is Kaitlyn? I love that name too! biggrin.gif
Ah, her birthday is Februrary... a couple of months indeed biggrin.gif What date? So she's going to be 5???? Oh, I'd love to get her something to do with Hello Kitty! If that's possible....
She'll be 5 on the 17th of February.

Kids are the ones who make death and dying hard, though. When my wife had her miscarriage, I'll never forget coming home and having to tell my daughter (3 at the time) that her baby sister died. She kept asking when Kayleigh would be coming home. She would still talk about how her little sister Kayleigh was in "moma's tummy" after she had already died. Very difficult time. Now she still brings it up, but often says that her little sister is watching us from heaven with God. Or she'll say that her little sister is a fairy that comes in her heart sometimes to keep her friendly.

Little kids add a totally different dimension to death. I think that's why Hughes' funeral hit me when Elysa was talking about burying her father.
Wow arche, that's so sad!!! That must've been hard for Kaitlyn and you and your wife! *sniffs*
I remember the funeral now....*sobs* So sad...
So sad! sad.gif Even though the the baby wasn't even born and Kaitlyn was so young. At least she might forget it later??? Must be horrible to wait for something/someone with such enthusiasm (wow you even had name for her already!) And have it destroyed... The world is unfair *cries*
Of course it still hurts. She died in July and would have been born in December, so those months are hard for us. No matter how common miscarriages are, it's always hard. But that again is the appeal of this series and the fact that it can really impact people. The issues are real in the series.

So, even if you haven't experienced these things personally, you can learn to empathize and understand others. That's a very important part of human experience, to be able to identify with others. So, I enjoy being on this site because I know others, regardless of background, can identify with the common experience of watching this series.

My daughter will never forget the loss and I don't really want her too. I want her to grow up and appreciate her life. I will say, as happy as she looks in that picture, that's exactly the way she is. My daughter is incredibly happy and lively. She's also very aggressive, so I fear for her boyfriends - well, not really smile.gif.

Well, that was sappy tongue.gif.
Oh, that wasn't sappy at all!
yeah, you're right. I guess you can empathize and understand others. I wish I could anyway! I really feel (well I'm sensitive) for characters and people who go through horrible experiences.
Personally, if I had a daughter I wouldn't like her to have an experience like that when she's so young. I want her to understand the vale of life, but I don't think it's too late when she's older. I understand what you mean though!
ooh.. your daughter is aggressive already? Who knows how she'll run out to be biggrin.gif
She talks a lot about when she will be "grown up" at 21. She's planning on marrying Liam from her day care and live in a big house with a cat (we can't have a cat in our apartment sad.gif). I asked her what she wants to do when she grows up, she described a librarian, so now she knows that she wants to be a librarian smile.gif. It'll change, but it's funny to hear that from a 4 year old.

BTW: If you don't know much about librarians, a corporate librarian can make more than a lawyer and work a lot less (my brother was one).
She seems pretty grown-up for her age smile.gif
Of course the ideal job of a librarian will change... biggrin.gif
Librarians make more money that lawyers! blink.gif
Wow! biggrin.gif And I keep on telling people that I don't want be a librarian, because it's not an academic job and doesn't pay well wink.gif (people keep on telling me to become a librarian tongue.gif )
It can pay more. It depends on where you work of course. A corporate librarian is going to get paid the most. Academic librarians (i.e. schools, etc..) don't get nearly as much. My brother told me of a few lawyers that decided to go get their MLS because they couldn't stand law anymore, but didn't want a pay cut.
Interesting! smile.gif Although that's in the USA....
In Finland I doubt that would be the case! I have to check about it, although I don't think it will be my future job... probably something involving languages... I have to apply for university soon tongue.gif
Drat. I'm off topic, but since we're talking about librarians... Hughes had one (kind of) as his assistant wink.gif
She was the ultimate failed librarian smile.gif. Hughes was very nice to her. I loved his method of overtime pay - give a picture of his daughter tongue.gif.
Yeah, but he fired her wink.gif Okay... it was for her own good...
Scieska(however you spell her name) wasn't such a failure....She had great abilities and proved to be really helpful! She's very intelligent and special!
Oh, Hughes really knew how to reward a person! smile.gif
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