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Full Version: Ed Or Roy? Which One Would You Rather....
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& I'm exactly like Zachelle-san ^o^ Like guys who're taller than me (and hopefully older than me). But Ed is an exception. >w< -drools-

Hold yourself together, Chiisana >_>
Winter Phantom
Edward.^-^ Roy belongs to Riza....But he's still hot.[spoiler]The eyepatch makes him hotter in the movie.Same goes for the mature Ed[/spoiler]
ED is so gonna win...hands down
Mustang's too old for me...haha;; Besides, I prefer Ed anyways >-<
Amethyst Sunset
Can't I vote both? XD

I voted for Ed, because not only is he closer to my age (and soon I'll be the same age as Munich!Ed), but also because I feel a lot of his pains. Not the human transmutation and the alchemy stuff, of course, but being a big brother, in the same way that I'm a big sister. We both have one younger sibling we look out for, we both hate being treated like kids or being forced into a little box, and we both want to use our talents (whatever mine are XD) for good. I guess it's because I relate with him more.

Of course, if I had my way I'd vote for both Roy and Ed. I <3 them both. Especially when they're arguing. XDDDDD

Ed: Hah, I have more fangirls than you do, Mustang!
Roy: That's what you think, shrimp!
Roy: *points and laughs*
Argh! Do I have to choose?

Ed and Roy embody two different personality stereotypes that I like in anime guys. On one hand you have determined self-sacrificial Ed, who will stop at nothing to accomplish his goal, which is to save someone he loves. He's young and inexperienced, but unafraid to make mistakes and learn from them. He grows up and makes for himself a set of rigid principles which he stands by.

On the other hand, you have (seemingly) carefree Roy, without a worry in the world. Nothing's going to bother him, or so you think. Under all that bravado, he's a man who, like Ed, would give anything for those he loves, just that he doesn't show it. He's seen the world and experienced sorrow's sharp sting, and has chosen that he will never hurt anyone precious to him, which is why he chooses to mask his pain with obnoxiousness.

Hard to choose, but I took Ed. I love a good bildungsroman protagonist. tongue.gif Though it was a tough choice; I love a good psychological victim of war too.
damit cant decide like em both!!!

Curse myself

(null vote)
Roy all the way! Duh! tongue.gif

Ed is the main protagonist and that's why I never liked him that much. He's okay, though, but definitely not better than Mustang.
Roy all the way! Duh! tongue.gif

Ed is the main protagonist and that's why I never liked him that much. He's okay, though, but definitely not better than Mustang.

Eh O-O?? You don't like Ed because he's the main character? Elaborate, please...
gunslinger alchemist
both ><
Ed'll definitly win !
Let's see...
Always prefered guys with dark mostly long hair... But those golden eyes... and when I started to like
short people??? Guess it happened BEFORE I have seen FMA.

Now seriously.
I can't think either of them could be my lover. Mustung's so old for me. Not that real love needs age limits... But Roy is older than me by his attitude as well. Ed... I just don't think I want go out with so angsty guy. If I did I'd probably get to great depression. And I understand, that that I used to view on the screen could have nothing in common with reality if Ed were real person. I even can
hardly imagine him in romance relationships.

But who is better I like is other question. Surely, Ed. Don't know...Mustung's just not that type I like. Don't know how but I was captivated by Ed since several first minutes of anime... smile.gif
i would love to fall in love with roy b/c he is so mysterious and hott!!!!!! i love roy!!! tongue.gif
I go with Ed on this one ^^
I voted for Roy! He's my favorite after all! biggrin.gif Though Ed is my 2nd fave character so this was a tough poll! crybaby.gif
That One Dude
Meh? Ed. Short guy. Shorter temper. Cute all over. 'Sides, Roy's already got Riza. *runs away from crazed fangirls*
edo little kid
I like Ed more

then roy
Ed, hes more fun to watch and sometimes Roy just seems devoid of emotions...dont kill me, I said sometimes.
lol Mustang > Ed...
Death Awakens
If I was a girl .... I would go for Roy. But as of now, Riza has my heart.
Celeste Nayamashii
While I love both, Ed without a shadow of a doubt and not just because he's hot (that's an added bonus wink.gif), but his personality is striking and I love his tender heart. He shows a good display of emotion which is something else that pulls me into his character and sometimes it seems as though Roy is devoid of it. I like Roy, but it's Edward all the way for me.
Ooh, Ed, of course.

Like what Rockbell83 said, he's just got that tender heart that makes my insides melt. <3
Edward. Kawaii ne.
Little Washu
I chose Roy. It's actually because Roy shows less emotion. It sorta gives his character more depth, in a sense.
If you like Ed he's ok.If you like Roy he's ok to.If you like someone different you are CRAZY!!! sleep.gif I'm telling the truth those

are the only cute guys.

Now if you are a boy Winry or Rose. biggrin.gif rolleyes.gif ph34r.gif

Do do do dododo dododododo i'm a shark.
...this is in the wrong section....
yeah, it is....
Wrong place. Sorry, bud...

...But, next time, read the damn forum title. This is the Roleplay Community; not Character Discussion.

Besides, I believe someone else opened a thread like this in there already.

<Thread merged ~ Tombow>
I will have to say Edward. Because he is funny, has a fiery personality, and would leap in front of Winry to protect her from Scar Gosh, that is so Romantic. I will marry you Edward Elric, Yes I Do!
Forsaken Love
edwaaaaaard! i loooove him! i never really liked roy that much *is shot*
Red Kitty
*transforms into fangirl mode*

- Funny, great personality in general
- Looks awesomely hawt with his hair down <333
- We see lots of topless shots of him happy.gif
- All round hot-ness
- Ed has his tender moments as well - he can be emotional at times
- Same age as me

- Can be annoyingly stubborn (although that's kinda sweet)
- Can be immature, reminding me a lot of a certain male sibling of mine...
- Can be too emotional, too angsty at times for me
- Height *is shot*

- Great personality again, funny in different ways
- He someone has managed to be as hot as/nearly as hot as Ed without any topless shots or anything revealing
- Dark-haired guys <3 (not as much as long hair guys, but oh well)
- Keeps a cool head most of the time
- Shows he cares about his friends and his values (in the manga at least - like they said, 'green root'), and can be sweetly naive or stupid about it at times, but without be overbearing or angsty.

- Waaay too old for me. Double my age DX
- No hot topless shots (what goes on beneath his military uniform I wonder?)
- Can be a little too cold at times.

To be honest, it was an even split. I prefer Roy's personality, even if he is apparently 'cold' (he just hides it better, imo), because Ed can come off as a little out of control of emotions. I think they both have their emotional caring sides (well, in the manga at least, which is what I'm basing it on). Also Ed seems a little generic at times. But Ed is generally hotter.

Ah, who cares, I'll just pick Roy.
Forsaken Love
^ what about during the roy vs lust fight i seem to remember topless roy shots there XD
I've always been an Ed fangirl <3 laugh.gif To be honest, I never found Mustang to be that great, dunno why though XD *is shot*
Forsaken Love
^ lol kat-chan we will be *shot* together XD
At the outset I would like to say that Winry belongs to Edward, and Riza belongs to Roy. [my opinion wub.gif]
I really like Ed, I think he is really cool and amazing and ... Roy is fine, but for me Ed is better... [I will be probably *shot* too XD]
And I really love Ed, but I'm an EdxWin fan and I think they both are beautiful XD
Forsaken Love
^ ooo i totally agree edwin and royai FTW!
Edward xD
I like Roy also but i think Ed is more awesome than him and younger *LOL
I'm Edward fangirl and I'm proud of it biggrin.gif
They're like the same person personality wise, the only thing that's different is their exterior. How... dull.

Excuse my lack of consideration and... thought. But I tried to sum up my decision in one or two sentences and realised I cant make a decision because they do the same things, they act the same way, they "care very mcuh for their loved ones" and all that, they act goofy then all of a sudden turn on that serious face that fangirls collapse over and in the end--

eh. One's taller. One has a metal arm. One gets more screentime than the other. Therefore the one with more screentime is more popular: Ed.

And thus, Ed is better "because he's just so cool".
I chose Roy...I've never been an Ed fangirl. I like his character, but I mean he's my little brother's age lol...I just can't see him in a romantic sense.
I think my choice is obvious - ROY.
QUOTE (JELEE @ Sep 3 2009, 02:32 PM) *
They're like the same person personality wise, the only thing that's different is their exterior. How... dull.

Seriously?! Personally they seem so different - Roy's more mature and a lot more calm, amongst other things. Yeah, they both care about their loved ones, but they do it in different ways, Roy seems to want to keep the people he cares about nearby; he asked Riza, perhaps the person he cares most about to stay by him, whereas Ed asked Winry to go to another country when things started getting dangerous. Just my personal opinion. smile.gif

Anyhow, back to the subject at hand - I'd probably go for Ed, as he's one of my favorite characters. But, like Womie said, Winry goes much better with Ed and Riza with Roy than anyone else. Once again, just my personal opinion tongue.gif
edo little kid
I'm Ed's fangirl 4ever <33333
also , I'm Roy's fangirl too <3
but still , I love Ed moreeeeee ->.<-
ROY!!!! I love him! I've sort of out-grown my love for Ed. Opened my horizons, maybe~~!
Roy, for more reasons than one, but mainly because I feel like a perv thinking about Ed that way.
I love Mustang more.
Damn! It's hard to choose just one of them. Indeed, I have to admit I love Roy, but... I think I love Ed even more. So it's Ed for me.
QUOTE (Causmicfire @ Sep 4 2009, 02:47 AM) *
Roy, for more reasons than one, but mainly because I feel like a perv thinking about Ed that way.

Lol, your post made me laugh XD I guess age is a factor, huh?
I love them both. Is that allowed? Ed is my OC's love interest. But Roy is her brother. So I love them both.
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