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Full Version: Ed Or Roy? Which One Would You Rather....
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QUOTE(Keoni @ Mar 18 2006, 11:52 AM) [snapback]364805[/snapback]

I voted Roy, like duh! Whatīs wrong with playboys anyway smile.gif

Itīs not that I donīt like Ed.... I like Roy better tongue.gif

Haha, exactly! Roy is DEFINATELY hotter. Don't deny it! D:< I'm not saying that Ed's not hot though.
Edward!!! biggrin.gif
He is soooo hot! Roy too, it was a tough call, but I decided Ed cause he awesome! and I donīt like Royīs THE reason...XD
Roy of course =D. I can list as many reasons as I want, but mainly b/c *cough* Roy is very hot, physically and mentally (even if he's cold) and his fire abilities are very "hot" too XD. Go Roy!
(and even if he's a playboy. Playboys are cool ^^)
ROYROYROY! So easy a pick for me. He's hot in all ways. I like his personality, and looks and everything else. Plus he has his thats hot to....Plus he tryed to commit suicide which is hot (at least for him. Since he didn't go through with it thats good.)
Plus immagn...the Flame Alchemist heating thins up in the bedroom.....HOT.... wink.gif
QUOTE(Violet Alchemist @ Feb 18 2006, 03:50 PM) [snapback]351567[/snapback]

QUOTE(Melydragon @ Feb 17 2006, 09:07 PM) [snapback]351178[/snapback]

Even though Roy is hot, it kind of seems like a playboy to me.

Donīt kill me Roy-fans!! Itīs just my opinion!!!

dry.gif yeah...even as a roy fangirl, i have to admit that roy is a playboy.

a VERY VERY hot playboy.

QUOTE(RoyalRoyai @ Mar 22 2006, 04:20 PM) [snapback]367352[/snapback]

Roy of course =D. I can list as many reasons as I want, but mainly b/c *cough* Roy is very hot, physically and mentally (even if he's cold) and his fire abilities are very "hot" too XD. Go Roy!
(and even if he's a playboy. Playboys are cool ^^)

i nko he's a playboy, but still... i love him. hes so amazing...ah... even though he belongs with Riza, i ca dream, right?
I love Roy Mustang He's the best one wub.gif

aww, those are so cute!! i want to steal him...

i can't believe Ed's winning... i heart him to death, but roy is better...
Edward Elric's REAL Girlfriend
I voted Ed cause Well Ya cause my list is like:

1.Edward Elric
2.A Real Dude
3.Roy Mustang
Edward's grl 15
Edward !!!!!!!!!!I <3 Edward biggrin.gif
I think I'll just have to accept the fact that their are more Ed-fangirls dry.gif
* sighs
Ohw well, I can live with that smile.gif I do think Ed is really cute, as in adorable.
*likes Roy way more than Ed though wub.gif
I love Roy b/c he is so cool and hot!!!! In my opinion...............but I would choose Roy over Edward but you never know.......I like both either way!!!!
I love Edward! wub.gif He's so cool! But I also like Roy...he would be a awesome person to look up my eyes.
^^ Me, too. I choose Roy, but I like Ed, too. biggrin.gif

@amru - Those are cute Roy pics!! smile.gif

Edward! W00t! I am a loyal Risembool Ranger and would never join the Miniskirts and Roy Mustang! Never! (though I must admit chibi Roy is adorable ^.^)
Roy Mustang He's owned by ME wub.gif laugh.gif and all my reasons why have been said up there~ XD

*I can't believe that Ed's winning..*
Sailor Starlight
I chose Roy for numerous reasons.

1) His age is closer to mine than Edo's.
2) He's very attractive, in my point of view.
3) He's quite stubborn with doing paperwork (as am I).
4) Somewhat, I believe he could handle an intelligent conversation without the words; mini skirt, shrimp, shorty, b!@#^.. Okay, now I might be pushing it a bit too much. XD!
5) He'd make a spontanious lover. ^^;
6) He could finanually support a family, easily.
7) If the children get the majority of his genes (or however you spell it), they'll be very cute kids. happy.gif
8) Um.. Let me see, he's Roy Mustang?!

Woo.. I'm in quite the thinking mood today. XP

But you know, I'd pick Edo hands down if I was 15.. But alas, if I picked Edo now, that would be.. kinda wrong as our age differences would be pretty large-ish. xP
ROY! Eds more popular so he'll probly win (not to mention hes the main character) but Roy is so much hotter!
I'll always be on Roy's side!!!
Ed's the coolest wub.gif
Hm....This is a hard question! ohmy.gif

But..I Choose Roy..XD but I still think Ed is


But If I got to choose, ROY YES! XD cool.gif
Ed got my vote, b/c I kinda understand him being a big sis and all, though i haven't had my limbs torn off. mellow.gif
Ed all the way! He has everything a girl could ask for, where as Roy, well he is hot, but in my opinion he is kind of boring. I just love funny guys like Ed! because guys like him can always put a smile on your face no matter what. Now do not get me wrong I like Roy a lot, but he will always come second to Ed.
I choose neither of them..they're both kinda irritating with there attitudes...
I would totally have to say Ed

but I lyke Al the best biggrin.gif tongue.gif
from a romantic perspective ed
from a friendly perspective roy
but i'd like to make out with both of them biggrin.gif
QUOTE(slayeralchemist @ Sep 13 2006, 05:26 PM) [snapback]446093[/snapback]

...where as Roy, well he is hot, but in my opinion he is kind of boring.


I voted for Ed. I have kind of motherly love for him. wub.gif
Sin Of Envy
Why Roy of course! We could try miniskirts-together!
I'm sure he have nice legs hehe.....
Yeah! Be sure biggrin.gif (what would Envy think about his miniskirts idea? happy.gif )
Sin Of Envy
QUOTE(nataliel @ Sep 29 2006, 05:45 PM) [snapback]452876[/snapback]

Yeah! Be sure biggrin.gif (what would Envy think about his miniskirts idea? happy.gif )

*looks at the picture* OMG RONVY! ohmy.gif [RoyXEnvy] biggrin.gif *squee*
He's looking forward for one to try....
QUOTE(Ed's_Girl @ Dec 6 2004, 01:06 AM) [snapback]49324[/snapback]

smile.gif Ed'll win this one!!

Ed will win because he's the main character. But I love them both! tongue.gif
Reta McClain
This was easy one. Everyone gotta love Edward Elric, Hagane/Chibi no Renkinjutsushi wub.gif

I'm not saying that Roy is bad looking, not at all. I just like boys more my age, with long, blond hair...

*cough cough* Only minus in Ed is his lack of heigh. (I'm 30 centimeters taller if he takes his boots off ph34r.gif )
Mustang! Hes the most awsome, crazy and the plain best! VOTE MUSTANG!
Ed. biggrin.gif

-extreme fangirl-
And we're the same height.
Im bisexual so Eds my choice
Roy for me. X3 I love his appearance and his personality.
It was a little difficult for me to choose, but I chose Ed biggrin.gif
the hawkeyed alchemist
wub.gif roy all the way! he should be known as the full metal hottie wub.gif
QUOTE(Udon @ Dec 6 2004, 01:27 PM) [snapback]49639[/snapback]
QUOTE(-Zhou Yu- @ Dec 6 2004, 02:21 PM)
QUOTE(Udon @ Dec 6 2004, 02:13 PM)
If I were gay, I'd choose Ed.  laugh.gif

You mean if you were a girl?

If I were a girl, I'd wanna be a lesbian wink.gif

I'm bi, anyway. Ed is hot....but I'm secretly obsessed with Lust....oh bad.
._. Okee?

Uh, I think I already posted this on here,
but Ed.
Roy looks similar to so many other anime characters,
although he has a unique and funny personality.
Or many he doesn't.
And I just like Ed better.


Elicia For Fuhrer!
-Sprints away-
~Wolven Alchemist~
Ed! That was an easy choice for me... XD
(most likely due to an Ed obsession)
But there is someone else at top of my list.
Triss Hawkeye
Out of the two....

They are both hot, they both have so many funny and quirky characteristics...

They are both excellent alchemists and both rivals...



....I think I'll go with Ed, purely for the reason that he's closer to my age! laugh.gif
Kitty Chow
omg, I voted for Ed, he is the hottest FMA character there is!! ^^
Edward of course happy.gif Roy always seocnd after Edward >w<
Indignant Judgment
Edward is so much better than Mustang happy.gif
Ed, Ed, Ed. There's no doubt in my mind. I like Ed better.
I have to say Roy for me, I'm too much of a pyro
Even though I like both, I picked Ed. smile.gif
I guess I'll go with the short blondie.


I like Ed more, but as far as dating goes, I might pick Roy. I'm like Winry; I like boys taller than me. Sorry Ed! happy.gif
Ed definitely! Though have to agree that I also like boys taller than me. Ed is an exception to that though tongue.gif
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