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Full Version: Ed Or Roy? Which One Would You Rather....
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I'm sure you could toughen him up one way or another. >D
Roy's Fire
Aww poopie! Roy is losing! Pull on their baby!
"Pull on their baby"? O_O
QUOTE(Quistis88 @ Dec 28 2004, 12:09 AM)
"Pull on their baby"?  O_O

what, quisty, you don't pull on other people's babies when you're losing?
suuuure...i uh...tug on infants all the time... O_o??
Roy's Fire: But doesn't that mean less competition? tongue.gif(I mean that he's "losing")
There aren't any babies to pull . . . unsure.gif

Er, not that I would.
Okay... This whole... "Pull on their baby" must have been a misunderstanding.. What I think was meant to be said was: "Hold on their baby". Now that I'm done lmao over this whole... *burts out laughing* laugh.gif Baby thing. If Roy fans are going to go low enough to pull babies, then i think we should just call the whole thing a tie. *lmao* Just kidding about the Roy fans... And the tie. GO EDWARD GO! WOHOO! tongue.gif
Or s/he was probably saying, "Pull in there, baby!"

EDIT: There. tongue.gif
He? Sound more like what a she would say tongue.gif But yeah, I agree with that sentence. There and their are easy to mix up wink.gif *suddenly got an image of pulling on babies* I hate my mind at times tongue.gif
water_alchemist voting for ed... laugh.gif
i kno i already voted but i'll express my feelings again...YAY FOR ED!!!!!
Shinsei Kage
Hmm. As for who I find more attractive, I'd say Roy. But as for who I'd want to be my lover? Er, definitely Ed. The age difference between Roy and I is far too large for my tastes (even though I still like him better than Ed..). Plus, Roy belongs with Riza anyway! X3

Yeah, so, I voted Ed. Ed is a lot like me, and we have a lot of the same views/opinions/etc. Plus, we're near the same age (he's 17[or was it 18?]--cause of the movie--and I'm almost 16) so there would be no problems there.
Ed's my pick! <3
roy roy roy!!!
QUOTE(miss_neko @ Jan 9 2005, 02:03 PM)
roy roy roy!!!

Yay! *cheers for Taisa*
Queen of the dammed
I NULL vote. I cna't stand Roy or Ed not being tie!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!
But they're almost tie! ohmy.gif biggrin.gif
0_0 this is intense.
Life to the Dead
Roy roxxors!! he's my favorite character (and a pyro ^.^)
Queen of the dammed
Arrg, still not tied. >.<
Dancing Alchemist
I pick Ed because I like him more than Mustang (And is much cuter biggrin.gif ).
white dragon knight
It's closer than I thought it would be. Roy is great...but he's no Ed!
Fullmetal Fangirl

*waves Roy flag high*

And don't you deny it!

Mustang-Taisa 4EVA! tongue.gif
Ed all the way for me!
Ed is #1!! yay!! Ed's winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Celestial Shadow
Oh wow...Ed and Roy...Ed and Roy are both cuties/hotties but Ed...Ed just has something about him I'm totally in love with. He's quick tempered (actually a plus in my opinion), smart, sweet, and he's even got that whole dark side to him...He can be all "angsty" sometimes and I just find that incredibly attractive about him tongue.gif

Roy is cocky(somewhat a plus),cool, smart, clever, and has a real eye for the ladies. But no one can compare to Ed's hotness and overall attractiveness, physically and mentally.

So I say Ed.
Fullmetal Fangirl
*Replaces the word "Ed" with "Roy"*
Queen of the dammed
*Nods in agreement* Definately. Also, he's TALLER. (of course Ed does grow in the manga...)
AA battery
Ed Ed Ed! for he is Al's Nii-san XD

...I mean Roy. wink.gif
ED!! Sorry, Roy, you're still my 2nd fave. But go Ed!
Celestial Shadow
I love Roy...But sorry I must say Ed as I said before sad.gif
Toughest choice ever... but I'm going with Ed. happy.gif
I would choose ed! Darn need to register tho. lol. I'd choose ed because if you become his family you become his life. Look at Al, all Ed is doing throughout the whole show is trying to make sure he'll get his brothers body back. too bad he hasn't seen his results. Also, Roy is too much of a womenizer. No offense out there. I could never be with someone where I'm afraid to turn my back for a second. Plus, he's perfect for Riza.

Plus, how could you not love ed? The show is named after him afterall! tongue.gif I wonder y evryone mentioned leaving roy to riza but not ed to winry. lol! biggrin.gif
Fullmetal Fangirl
I'm voting Edward !!!!! tongue.gif
I Like Roy more than Ed but just because his character is complex. He's hard on Ed but he is also protecting him alot from the "higher ups". Plus Im a Pyro-Nero tongue.gif
Kitty Cat
no need to say.. ED!!!!!
I chose Ed (well, he's cuter also xDD!!) .. Also, I can 'feel' what Ed feels more.. same views and everything (especially about shortness.. I hate being called short )
QUOTE(Ed's_Girl @ Dec 5 2004, 11:06 PM)
smile.gif Ed'll win this one!!

Can I say both? I like both of them really,
Fullmetal Fangirl
In just about every anime...everyone seems to go for the main character...BUT...theres ALWAYs someone hotter than him!

QUOTE(Udon @ Dec 6 2004, 01:13 PM)
If I were gay, I'd choose Ed.  laugh.gif

so you can pull on that long ponytail of his laugh.gif

moves slowly away from Udon
Roy-- Although I cannot agree more that he's for Riza, my vote goes to Mustang cos he's DEFINITELY HOTTER. he's taller, and I like flame
Ed-- Nay, too short. And I don't like guys with pony-tails biggrin.gif
Mustang is my man, no one can deny me my rights of my ROY!!! NO ONE! Only Ed, Armstrong, Riza, and a few choice others can. tongue.gif

I LOVE MUSTANG!! ( but I love someone else in FMA more happy.gif )
I have this thing for blond guys, and for guys with ponytails... >_<
(my bf hates me for liking edo so much T_T... since he's dark and short hair =X )
Oh, and I dun care about him being short, I'm pretty short as well (And I'm 21, hahahaha), so it's not a problem XD

Roy? Too manly for me... XD;;;;;
I voted for Ed, in the bigining of the series Ed did look hot, but roy did, now (in the movie pics) Ed looks soo hot and mature, i like him, Roy looks soo hot too with the eye patch, but i prefer Ed...
Well Duh! Ed's the coolest man
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