Happy New Year 2012!

Hope everyone is enjoying a great new year! Haven't been on the board for a while? Do you know that FMA has a new movie that was released in Japan last year, and then gradually becoming available in other selected countries?

Yes, the English subbed version of new FMA movie, "Fullmetal Alchemist: Sacred Star of Milos" is being released in selected theaters in the U.S. starting in January. The movie is said to contain some amazing action scenes for Ed and Al. (Some lucky selected countries in Asia have been getting the theatrical release of the movie starting last fall.)

The movie is for all FMA fans including fans of first FMA anime, second FMA anime, and FMA manga.

We'll be updating the "Milos" movie forum with updated info and the guide to the movie for anyone who would be interested in watching Ed and Al on the screen again.

Hope you can join discussions on this movie, and other various discussions on the board!
Hope to see you on the board again! biggrin.gif