I've really missed writing fanfiction, and I'm toying with the idea of writing some more obscure ships. I first want to see how people react to the ones I put in the poll (spoiler: I'm planning on using at least one of them in my fic - before you give me odd looks for the implied paedophilia in some of these posts, I had grown-up versions of the characters in mind tongue.gif).

But I'm also really curious about what other odd/crack/crazy/not-completely-crazy-but-just-unlikely pairings might have slipped past my radar, and that people would like to read more fics about. It's actually the last category that I'm interested in most: pairings that seem really counter-intuitive, but on some level make a strange kind of sense.

Also, I haven't been following the FF.net FMA section at all for the past few years, so PLEASE let me know if there's been a, say, huge upsurge in Armstrong/Garfield fics lately that's kind of covered most things I'd have to say about this pairing.