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Full Version: Deviant Art And Other Online Gallery Accounts
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I finally got a DA-account. I suspect there will be only FMA-fanart with VERY few exception.
I'm a DA gallery but my FMA-related artowrks are only a few for now, but please check it out!
THe link is in my signature. ^^

JaronLoch's Deviousness. x3

tee hee, not much in here.
I recently start drawing FMA fanarts, so here's my DeviantART and Pixiv if you want to check them out smile.gif I mostly draw the Xingese, and of course Coulomb, he needs more love.
My Deviantart page is below my sig... but I will post it here also :
I mostly draw Xenogears fanarts... but I think I will do more FMA art soon (my first fanarts were, IMO, a bit crappy... but I try my best to do better).

I mostly draw Royai.
Fullmetal Hippo
Nia Amakura
I draw a lot of FMA fan-art! biggrin.gif
I lean towards original work for my dA so I'll skip that tongue.gif

Most of my fandom-related works go straight to pixiv, though.
mellow.gif well ... my english is not perfect tongue.gif ... But who wants to take a look at my deviantart. The link is this:
Sometimes I make some new illustrations of the series, but I'm currently doing a ReMaker of fan arts I've ever done. because I bought a tablet.
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