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Full Version: Deviant Art And Other Online Gallery Accounts
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An alternate account because my last one sucked. Watch it get horribly neglected.
mine is:

i dont have good stuff D: and theres almost just sonic-related drawings...T_T
Alchemist of Rock
Here's my suckish DA. I'll put some more on tomorrow. stitchface.png
Innocent-malice <--not alot on there...I should have alot more by January
My DA account:

Click here if you dare

Mostly FMA, though there is some other stuff...
Deviantart has started something called "Collections". I think it's a quite a nice feature becuse it allows users to order their galleries and favorites galleries into themes. I just finished organizing all the FMA fanart in my favorites gallery into one spot. scroll down to "Favourites"
my deviantART page is

but actually you can find more of my art on my website ... , click "Art" .. you will see fan art / painting / design etc ... smile.gif
OMG!!! O.o I watched all this 8 pages of dA accounts... x_x, you want to check out mine? biggrin.gif Surprisingly, I'm vidramidra at deviantART. smile.gif
I are watchiing you all hope this thread isnt too dead

im Iheartexploding

mines 587% kimblee related but theres sprinklings of others in there as well
WOOT WOOT! I have a DA account!!!! laugh.gif omg omg omg here it is!!! biggrin.gif


WOOT WOOT! xD sept I can't figure out how to put links on here.... oh maybe I already did... anyways... GO FMA!!! WOOT!!! WRATH ROCKS AND YEH!!!!!!
I don't know why the hell I bothered to create an online photography gallery, but I really couldn't resist. I'm really intimidated by some of the incredible photographers out there, but at least I'm learning a thing or two from their work. I would kill to be able to do photo-manipulation though-everyone seems to like that. Come in and have a looksy if you desire. If you leave a message or comment, I shall surely check out your gallery- I love leaving comments.

i hope this thread aint too dead

le gasp

I have a deviantart D: not much FMA stuff on there yet.. tho ill get to it @u@

D: holla
My DevArt account...n_n
QUOTE(Blue_Piece @ Sep 7 2008, 11:22 PM) *
My DevArt account...n_n

Hey I just watched your account! my sn on there is TropicalxLondon.... you're art is amazing.... biggrin.gif

my deviant art, i'm sure I posted it before but here goes again....

My Da moonless-dawn

See you there~~

My deviantArt!! It's chock full of anime goodness, if ya'll are interested. biggrin.gif
i have two an original account and a club one. on my original one has alot of randome art and i just started posting alot of FMA art work. the second one supports different clubs. i just started it a few days ago so its still under construction but you can still join. the more clubs i support the more lively it'll get. ^-^

original ->

club ->

see yeah there! ^-^
my DA is
take a look.
dA -->
@jiji and Rannika: nice work biggrin.gif I added both of you to my watchlist ^^

While I'm at it, mine as well do some self promotion: ME! please visit smile.gif
I thought I knew you from somewhere. Now I know biggrin.gif tnx
My first post. :P

tappi-tee's deviantArt gallery

I DO have a few FMA fanarts, too. My old account has even more (but old) FMA.

I took alot of my FMA stuff down a few weeks ago, though. P:
heres mine~~
<Program Note>

@spikeville - Your post was taken out. Please stop making spam-offtopic postings.
My deviantART!!
Here's mine!! biggrin.gif

There's a few FMA fanworks in my gallery. biggrin.gif I'll make some more as soon as I get the inspiration ~
Here's my dA! biggrin.gif
Zii \o/
I only have one FMA fanart, and it's yonks old. I do desperately want to do that theme again one day though *u*

I have a couple of FMA fanarts... *coughs*

Actually most of my fanarts are for FMA, some for Naruto, Yugioh... etc etc.
Woot! Here's my deviant, hope you enjoy! XDXD
My Deviant!
Here's my dA gallery:

THQ gallery

Here's mine:

Katya Martin
my humble account:

There isn't very much recent Fullmetal stuff on there... the stuff that's up isn't very good, but I've got some new things in the works that will hopefully go up soon.
No dA, but Elfwood. It's not very good, compared to you guys, but I have lots of FMA-art coming, it's my new year-promise smile.gif
Southern Rain
I have my DA here. I've just recently made a lot of FM sketchdumps... but mostly OCs XD
Jealous Rogo


Please be kind T_T

I also apologise for the low quality ahead lol
Katya Martin
Southern Rain and Jealous Rogo, your stuff's really good!
hagane no shimo

me needs a good manga artist to draw ma story.
Hey guyz! biggrin.gif Nana-chan here!! I love FMA Brotherhood! Simply love it! So I made some great AMV's for it. I don't use crapy programs so I think my vids are pretty good. PLEASE go and watch them!! You won't waste your time...and if you do...sue me! tongue.gif Kiss ya! Here's the link to my channel! Happy watchin'! wub.gif
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*w* Mine is!
I have some "Fan-Girl" stuff on it:
von Hohenheim
Well, considering the majority of my works are not FMA-related, I suppose I'll just post my DA link here:
Forsaken Love
Heres mine
Here's mine:
Feel free to stay a while a stare in horror at my terrible art. Theres a huge gap between my art work where I have a bunch of new stuff I did in the past few months and then the rest is like from two years ago. Huge difference in quality but hopefully things should be improving now that I have a tablet that is actually pressure sensetive instead of drawing one uniform line.
Here is mine: :'D
Lately I've been mainly uploading my comic, but there's other stuff in the gallery xDD

This is my DA page. smile.gif
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