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Full Version: Hohenheim and Envy
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Was the form Envy took to show Edward that his father was Hohenheim his actual pre-homunculus form? It's hard to believe that Hohenheim had been in the same body for that long when Dante had to switch bodies multiple times. He could have just had a similar body when he conceived Envy to give him the hair and eyes, but that also seems unlikely.
I had a theory that a skillful alchemist like Hohenheim could alter physical features, but that would not account for resemblance.

Hohenheim choose bodies with similar features like his old one.
Envy is lying. He wants to show Edward that he is his brother, and so altered his features to resemble what Edward would look like as an adult.

The second one is more in line to Anime1's portrayal of Envy as Edward's dark doppelganger, the person Edward almost became if he lacked Trisha, Al, and Winry in his life.
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