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Full Version: Hi New Person W/drawings
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Hi I just joined and is some fanart I've made*its old though
I'm very good at drawing fanart sad.gif
Riza Babe
wow thats good fanart
ka...kawaii!!! i love your chibi eds those are adorable!!! XD
@lime_chan_the_wannabe_alchemist: happy.gif I love the way you draw your chibi's! Edward looks so cute wub.gif ! He's also got that trade mark smile on his face biggrin.gif . Make more chibi's please!
DarkWater Alchemist
Don't say you can't draw, not everyone would be able to draw chibi's like you did. They're so cute ! smile.gif
They are cute ^__^ Now try to expand and draw other people or Ed in different positions!
OMG! Cute-ness!! (I had to type it out instead of agreeiing, just to be redundant.)
Don't say you can't draw. You definitely can.happy.gif As suggested, try different poses. If what you're having trouble with is full-size people, post some art and I'll help to the best of my ability.
Lady Battousai

This is the best...of the best cuteness I've ever seen! Chibi-licious.

Do more more and more!!!!!!!! if you don't mind that is...
Waa... they are adorable XD
Wow, the Ed chibis are adorable! I like the way you shaded the eyes! laugh.gif

Can you draw a Wrath chibi, too? <--also a fan of Wrath and Envy... laugh.gif
ya, looks good, lime chan
Rena Elric
those are really good!
alchemist x
hey guys im a newb and i wanna know how to get the picture mabob on the left corner of the post
QUOTE(alchemist x @ Jan 12 2005, 07:48 PM)
hey guys im a newb and i wanna know how to get the picture mabob on the left corner of the post

Are you talking about the avatar? I'd try and explain it to you, but I might just cause more confusion rather then help. You should go to the technical support part of the forum and ask there. You'd have a better chance of getting the right directions by the right people smile.gif .
Member with avatar trouble, please click this link.
Its so cute >_<!!
What can you say?????
It's C.U.T.E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wanna eat Ed tongue.gif
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