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Full Version: hiromu's other drawings
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I recently have been trying to find all of her sketchings of alphonse and edward older, and such, but i cannot find them anywhere now, it is as if they are gone. I love the fan art, but I loved seeing her rough sketches.

Thank you!

Welcome to our board, Thisisnotelizabethbush! Do you remember (or have some idea) where (which publication) these sketches are published in? We have bits & pieces of various sketches of FMA characters by Arakawa-sensei posted in our FMA manga forum as they get published in various books (FMA Chronicle, Perfect Guidebook, FMA Rough Sketch Gallery, etc.) like this, although I don't know which specific sketch you're looking for and hence I can't guide you to any specific thread... unsure.gif
the second link you put looks right. My best friend is starting to get into fma brotherhood, and I wanted to show her pictures of edward and al and I loved her rough sketches of them when they get older and such.

Thank you so much!
Are these what you're talking about Thisisnotelizabethbush, because this is what came to mind with your description (for Ed anyway). I have no idea which book they came from though, so I couldn't direct you to which album, so I uploaded my files. happy.gif
Those are from Hiromu Arakwa's Sketch Artbook biggrin.gif
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