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Full Version: SPOILER Sacred Star of Milos movie - CEl and Scene
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I'm not sure where can I post these scans
If it cause problem for the other reader , May Tombow pleasehelp me to redirect this post
Thank you so much smile.gif


I've bought the Monthly Magazine ---- Monthly Anime Style
inside there had some great cel and original artwork of the movie
and also some more scenes that we didn't saw before

Here are my sharing



That's all of my sharing hope you all like it smile.gif
His Name is Unknown
QUOTE (hilary @ Oct 4 2011, 12:44 PM) *
That's all of my sharing hope you all like it smile.gif

Oh, wow! Thank you so much, Hilary! These cells went a long way toward satisfying my curiosity about Sacred Star. I mean, for whatever reason, there has been a massive information drought since the Japanese premier, and frankly, the prospect of having to wait months for a stateside release with no new information was driving me a bit crazy. But enough of the negative - new material has arrived, and I feel compelled to comment:

Firstly, these cells are fantastic - they hint at some intriguing spoilers and the art is all top notch. In particular, the unique blend of Ghibli-esque character art and FMA-1 tone and style has really grown on me. It's getting to the point where I now favor the 'Milos look' to Brotherhood's brighter, pastel aesthetic. Furthermore, some of those climactic sequences depicted in the second color collage are stunning, with detailed and dynamic alchemy and bold lighting highlighting what I'm sure will be some memorable displays of quality animation.

Secondly, Julia strikes me as a dynamic and fully realized character. Even if some fans are determined to cry 'filler,' I find the outline of her story as revealed thusfar to be quite moving, as well as a perfect thematic complement to the tragedy of the brother's own past. If the rumors concerning her status as a platonic love interest for Alphonse prove accurate, I will be one very happy fan. By my estimation, Julia is already far better suited, in both concept and characterization, for Al than Mei Chan ever was. In fact, while I'm on the subject, I simply must take a moment to express my distaste. Though words alone cannot convey my hatred for that character, I will say that Mei's silly shonen antics, comedic invincibility, and cardboard cut out backstory are like a cancer to my enjoyment of the franchise, and one made all the more unbearable by her voice actresses. In a cruel twist of fate, both Japanese and English VAs arouse within me a deeply inappropriate desire to slam my head into a pulpy froth against the nearest wall. If this movie accomplishes nothing more than to supply Alphonse with a proper love interest, I will consider it a resounding success.
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