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Full Version: FMA "MiloStar" Blu-ray / DVD released day out!!:)
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I'm not sure where can I post this news
so I started a new topic if there cost any incontinent please help me to rediect this post
Today the official site of FMA Sacred Star of Milos Movie had add a new post about
the released day of Blu-ray / DVD

2011.10.02 钢の錬金术师 叹きの丘の圣なる星Blu-ray / DVD発売决定!

钢の錬金术师 叹きの丘の圣なる星 Blu-ray / DVD

初回版限定 豪华特典情报
荒川弘 描き下ろしボックス ( Arakawa's drawing box!!!)
小西贤一 描き下ろしディスクケース (movie character designer 's drawing--Disk case)
メイキング・ドキュメント映像 (Making document)
オーディオコメンタリー(Audio system co-men Tully)
キービジュアル・ピンナップ(Key visual pinup)
特制ブックレット (Special booklet)

And the price ,
[[Special Edition]]
Blu-ray¥ 8,925 / DVD ¥ 7,875

[[Normal version]]
Blu-ray¥ 5,040/ DVD ¥ 3,990

WEll, not a cheap price blink.gif

Also , there's a special commercial in the website too

here are some screen shot


You can preorder it here ;v;
S.F. Thunder
That is...perhaps the most expensive DVD I've seen, if I'm converting it correctly... xD;

So it comes out in February? Gahhh still a long wait D:
Thank you, hilary for the news! happy.gif

I thought that was a bit pricy too, but then I double-checked the price of limited edition FMA CoS movie DVD/BD, and they were in the similar price range. For anyone who'd like to get cheaper price without "limited edition" bonuses I assume they will have cheaper version later. And, as Archeia kindly reported above, Amazon JP is taking the pre-order for this limited edition FMA MiloStar movie DVD/BD for ¥6,605 with no shipping fee within Japan (Keep in mind that this one is in Japanese. ^^) biggrin.gif
QUOTE (JPPCouto @ Oct 2 2011, 02:57 PM) *
I didn't know where to put this, so I will put here. (Looks like Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos won big at the Burbank International Film Festival this past weekend). (you can see here too)

Thank you so much for bringing the awesome news, JPPCouto! I moved the post to FMA:MiloStar theater showing schedules/Film Festival info thread, and added my reply there. happy.gif
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