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Full Version: What Anime Has Done For You
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This thread is largely influenced by the Project Don't Forget Testimonials, But covers all anime.

Ask yourself this : What has anime done for me?

My answer:
I have gained a lot of life lessons through anime. Especially through Full Metal. Like for instance, Scar's Story. Scar influenced me the most from all of the anime characters out there because I could related to him in ways that a lot of people can't. His story taught me to help break stereotypes, and not to carry blind hate around, or it will lead to more hate.

But I have also learned from anime like Bleach, Like the "Never give up" attitude of Ichigo, and how him or the rest of his friends never lose hope throughout all that they do, and all there trials. Almost every anime out there has a good base to learn from behind it, and I want to hear your stories about it!
Well, watching anime has inspired me to create my own cartoon or Manga. I really like watching anime beacause it makes me want to try harder and push myslf until Im at the top (with my drawings, that is.)I would love to thank the people who made these Manga's and/or Anime's because they inspired me: FMA, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball, DBZ, Ultimate Muscle, Etc, etc, etc. I hope that one day my cartoon, grapic novel, manga whatever you want to call it will be talked about on this very website. I may be 16 years old but I have BIG DREAMS! and nothing is going to stop me from making my grapic novel or whatever you want to call it.
Anime always sparked my imagination and I think is a great medium to tell some amazing stories. I only like FMA, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Death Note, and one or two others I'm forgetting, but the variety of the stories are another reason for it being a great thing.
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