I am only on Episode 7 of this series, and from what I've seen it is hilarious. One of its best qualities is it doesn't take itself to seriously. HOWEVER, This anime is by any means meant for everybody. If you don't like constant talk of boobs, and other immature things, and some swearing, then avoid this anime. Other than that, I highly recommend you watch it.

Basic Story:
Its about a bounty hunter/mercenary know as "Desert Punk", who has been nicknamed "The Demon of The Desert".. He is also a major pervert. He lives in a post apocalyptic waste land desert, where danger is around every turn and bad guys are hiding under every rock, and in every hole. During the series Desert Punk takes on several jobs, like debt collecting, guarding villages, and bounty hunting.

You can stream it on Netflix at the moment, but like I said.