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Full Version: Scar Arm Tattoo
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I am thinking about getting Scars arm tattoo on my arm. I need a full version of his tattoo laid out just like it is in the Anime/Magna, And/or very good pictures of his arm completely stretched out so I can see how it lines up/where it is positioned on Scar's Arm.

I have a version of it, but I don't believe it is completely correct(Mainly because I don't see how the upper part matches up), so any help would be awesome!

Also, I would like the complete meaning behind every part of his tattoo, and how he gets power from it.

Thanks for helping out a noob!

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EDIT: Forgot picture

ETA: I found some more, But Im not really sure how they all fit together. Also I am looking for the FULL arm.

I'm not sure what version the finished tattoo is but it doesn't look like the layouts. :X

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ETA: The first in unfinished, And the second is poorly taken. Bare with me. Anyways back on topic.

To me, It seems everybody has a different version. I am looking for the complete arm version EXACTLY like Scar's. The second picture seems to be the best as far as accurate so far.

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ETA: Found a few more.

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Now I know for a fact they are incorrect! I was just watching "Envoy for the East" and they showed a good shot of it and his lettering is different!

A Pierrot's Aria
Hello, KelticWolf!

We have the I Got/am Getting FMA Tattoo On Me!, Post Pics of Your FMA Tattoo Here!! thread which deals with finding and sharing images of FMA related tattoos --whether they're reference pics for someone wanting to get a certain FMA tattoo or if they want to show off images of the tattoo they've got. (Scar's tattoo is quite a popular request on that thread!) So this thread shall be merged with the I Got/am Getting FMA Tattoo On Me!, Post Pics of Your FMA Tattoo Here!! shortly. happy.gif

(I also merged all of your posts; if occasions arise where you find more info to add, please edit your original post rather than double/triple/quadruple posting, as that is against the rules. ohmy.gif )
Ok, Thank you.
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