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Full Version: AMVs/MMVs & Fan Music Activity Thread
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A Pierrot's Aria
Welcome to the AMVs/MMVs & Fan Music activity thread!

Here you can share with us your FMA AMVs/MMVs, as well as fan music (be this be your cover of a song from FMA or it's a song that has been inspired by FMA)! Or if you've done any type of fandub, please post it here!

If you need some help getting started, you may like to take a look at the following prompts (which are very much optional!)
Prompts (optional): brotherhood, love, memories, family, friendship, life, journey

Whether you're an old member or a new one, please don't be afraid to take part! This is for the run up to FMA Day (3rd October), and it would be great for us FMA fans to show what we love about FMA and celebrate with each other!

Rules/Points to keep in mind
- Keep it PG13 since we have minors who visit the board
- Submit your own work/don't claim work that isn't yours as your own. If you want to use fanart, please get permission from the original artist and give credit somewhere.
- AMVs/MMVs can be based on manga/brotherhood/anime-1. Official works and episodes from each series can be freely mixed
- If the video contains end of series spoilers, then post as a link with an <end of series spoiler warning>
- Will be submitted into Don't Forget FMA Album

Other Activity Threads:
Fanfics, Essays & General Prose
Fanarts, Fanworks & Cosplay

If you have any questions please post your question here and we'll get back to you ASAP!
I JUST finished this for the dA Risembool Rangers AMV contest, and I thought I'd pop in to share it real quick. smile.gif

Hohenheim's Lament: (Warning! Spoilers for the ending of Brotherhood!!)

Hohenheim and Trisha don't get enough love as a couple. Without them, EdWin wouldn't exist!!! TRISHENHEIM FTW. wub.gif I know the effects aren't super fancy, but I kinda made this in a hurry. And I wanted it to be simple. smile.gif Enjoy!
Here are some fandubs I did recently that I uploaded today. There are two English fandubs (Tobira No Mukou He and Rain) and a cover (Tobira No Mukou He). All three of them were done acapella.
I decided to finally do my drum cover of Vic Mignogna's song Nothing I Won't Give, which I feel is fitting for this. I hope you all enjoy it.
I don't know where to contribute my FST and this place seemed like it is...

Without Crowns ~ Royai FST

(the cover image belongs to my friend hayaaateuh over LJ)

I hope you'll like it!
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