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Full Version: Project Don't Forget Fanart Submissions
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A Pierrot's Aria
Would you like the chance for your FMA fanart to appear in Dearheart's Project Don't Forget video? (To see what Project Don't Forget is, please see the Project Don't Forget Thread!) If so, get your pencils sharpened, paints, markers, crayons at the ready, tablet plugged in and your art program opened! Submissions for Dearheart's Project Don't Forget video have already begun and we'd love for you to be able to take part!

All you need to do is create a piece of fanart which shows what you love about Fullmetal Alchemist --be that the characters, the lessons it has taught you, or a depiction of how the series has impacted you overall!

If you need some help getting started, you may like to take a look at the following prompts (which are very much optional!)
Prompts (optional): brotherhood, love, memories, family, friendship, life, journey

When you complete your piece, please submit it to this thread!

However, please be aware that entries will be incorporated into the video if possible -- there is a chance that not all of the entries will fit into the video. Therefore, those that don't feature in the video (as well as the ones that did) will still be shared with fellow fans, as Dearheart will post links to them at the end of the video! So don't be discouraged if your piece doesn't appear because either way you'll be contributing to a fantastic event with other FMA fans!

The deadline for fanart entries in this thread is September 24th!

Again, for more information on this project, please see the Project Don't Forget Thread!

- If any of your entries contain end of series spoilers, then please post it onto the thread as a link, (For example, if it's an image with end of series spoilers, upload it to an image hosting website and post the link on the thread) with an <end of series spoiler warning>
-Please keep your entries PG13. If there are entries we see as unfit for minors, we may have to remove the it!
-Don't submit pieces created by others!
-Pieces will also feature in the board's Don't Forget FMA album.
Sounds like a wonderful idea! I'd love to submit some of my art for such an amazing series! Sign me up! happy.gif Here's one now!

My friend asked me to give these. Those two are the ones why she loved FMA.
I'll submit something of my own, once I get to work.
The deadline is in three days, so if you have any fanart to contribute, don't wait too long!!

I like what you guys have given me here so far! (And don't worry, I've got tons of artists helping on deviantART too. What you see in this thread won't be ALL I'm using.)

Three days, people! Go go go!!! biggrin.gif
Here are some of my stuff ^^
I still want to submit... is it okay to contribute my fan art tomorrow?
Great work everybody! I also watched a few of the videos, amazing stories!
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